Friday, May 20th


Friday, May 20th



Find a one rep max power clean.


For time:
1 Minute Handstand*
27 Hang Power Clean†, 135/93
1 Minute Handstand*

*Use a wall for balance if necessary.
†Any time you rest the bar on the ground before completing 27 reps, perform 10 burpees over the bar.

Post all loads, time to Comments.

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  1. dtm

    PC: 135-145-155-165-175-185(F-clean pull cause I got scurred)-185-190-195

    Pee Are…by at least 20# but possibly 25#

    9:30 Rx (8-9-7-4)
    HS unbroken and I was expecting to do at least 50 burpees but happy to settle for 30

    1. dtm

      Friday night r*n with GGFM H3

      Started at Whiskey Trader and had a budweiser before the start. The majority of the trail was in the park and all in I r*n just about 7 miles when it was supposed to be under 4 miles because the trail was sh!tty. No drink checks, finished at Reif’s Tavern, had a few yuelings and bailed.

  2. ERIC S.

    Front squats 3 reps
    3 rounds for time
    4 long metropolis hills
    40 ghd sit-ups
    30 one arm KB Russian swings 20kg
    3 Hills
    30 ghd sit-ups
    20 one arm KBS
    2 Hills
    20 ghd sit-ups
    10 one arm KBS

    20:08 was hoping for under 20 min but them hills yo!

  3. For time:
    2 rounds of:
    15 thrusters, 115
    30 swings, 24
    2 rounds of:
    15 power cleans, 115
    30 pistols, alternate
    – 10:39

  4. In Mexico for weekend – any good individual WODs or partner WODs ( w/ sunskipper) recommendations?

    Looks like the gear consists of Dumbbells (50lb) , treadmill , nautilus machines, and some preloaded curling EZ bars

    First person to recommend anything > 30 burpees is getting slapped

    1. chad

      My go-to hotel wod is
      500m run – 50 air squats – 50 push ups
      400m run – 40 air squats – 40 push ups
      300m run – 30 – 30
      200 – 20 – 20
      100 – 10 -10
      I know, I know it sucks but this was a Dave Castro Hotel Wod and he did it in 18:24


      DB thrusters at 25lbs each and burpees/pull ups


      max tequila shots nft

  5. steph_N

    Power clean #123 (pr)
    Wod: 8:20 rx, in sets of 9 so 20 burpees, handstands against wall trying to balance without it a little bit

  6. chad

    PC 95(3)-135(3)-165-185-195-200(f)
    6:40rx (freestanding attempt first 45 sec with a lot of assistance from Matt then 15 sec against the wall, 15-12 HPC, 30-15-15sec w/wall)

  7. Liz

    Belated April book club this Sunday at 7pm at DTUT. Purple Hibiscus! Bring a friend!

    Into Thin Air likely first week of June!

  8. ledbelly

    PC – 185-205-225-245-265-275(F) – 265 is where it started to be even remotely challenging

    WOD – 5:03 rx’d – made it to 20 before burpees

    First Handstand unbroken – these were a challenge