Friday May 29th WOD


Friday May 29th WOD

I’ll be in the Park later this evening w/ my Rings for today’s Muscle Ups.  Please email me if you are interested in joining in for a practice session.

For 10 Minutes, practice/perform as many Hand Stand Push-ups (HSPU) as you can.  Don’t rush, this is technique practice. 
30 Muscle-Ups for Time

Scale muscle-ups from knees if required, or do jumping muscle-ups.  Or substitute 120 Pull-ups, 120 Dips for 30 Muscle-Ups.  Break into sets however you like.  Post thoughts and results to comments.

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  1. 14:20, decent range of motion, first time I’ve done this WOD. Good stuff, but sloowww. I am looking forward to attending a CrossFit Gymnastics Certification in early August to learn a great deal more about all of the gymnastic elements in CrossFit. Stay tuned, we’ll have to have a few special gymnastics sessions here with CF Metropolis. See everybody tomorrow.