Friday, November 11th


Friday, November 11th


Power Clean


4 rounds for time:
Run 400m
8 Deadlift, 155/225

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  1. BAston

    Hey everybody, Sally & I have to go out to Long Island for part of the day tomorrow to do some wedding prep. Would anyone be interested in hanging out with Lord Olivier of Bigglyshire (aka “Ollie”) for a few hours? We were hoping to have someone take him out to the dog park or Central park for a bit. Maybe something like 11-2pm? If anyone is interested, hit me up at brian . aston 17 @ gmail . com or ping me on FB. Thanks!

  2. Kim

    Power Cleans
    133 – 133(f) – 123 – 123 – 123
    I was so blinded by my love of power cleans that I really thought I could handle 133 across. Till next time!


  3. JoJo

    Power Clean 5×3 115-120-120-115-115
    Dropped to #115 not getting full hip extension
    11:44 #155 (500meter row)
    Thanks Katie for all your weight tips and my landing.
    Accessory work: 5×3 muscle up transition progression

  4. Matt

    Also C2B FPP Day 5 – 5 5 4 3 2

    Time to clear the lost and found! Grab your stuff this weekend, because it’s getting donated on Monday!

  5. dtm

    Friday Night FHIX!

    Highlighted by this gem of a metcon:

    6 Round EMOM @24kg
    6 KB Russian Swings
    6 KB Thrusters
    6 Burpees

    This was a joy through 4 rounds and then it got spicy. As a “beep test” I think getting to 10 rounds would be tough or at least very miserable.

  6. Rekas

    Power cleans @ 115#

    Guys. I have a hard time counting sometimes and I did 9 DL for each round instead of 8. Sigh.
    12:09rx and then some.