Friday, November 4th


Friday, November 4th

Heads Up! Our annual marathon party is this coming Sunday, after the morning workouts.
Come by for food, drink, and conversation.



10 Minute AMRAP:
25 Abmat Sit-Ups
5 Squat Clean, 175/115

Post load and rounds completed to Comments. For Rx+ use 205/135.

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  1. BAston

    Lower back work week 2

    Straight leg dead lift 3×8 @ 135#
    Reverse hyper: 2×20 with 15’s


    4+25 @ 135#

    Back has been sore lately, so kept things light so I could wod without pain this weekend.

  2. Death by:
    Pullups – 9+8
    Dips – 10+9
    Toes ta bah – 11+8
    – of the genus strictus species no kippimus
    (I can’t kip on my current pullup bar as it hangs from chains ie not rigid)

  3. Jennifer

    Deadlift 153# PR!

    Wod 5+27 @ 68 . Started at 63 but Matt added 10 lb…thought it was too easy for me. Thanks Matt…

  4. Melissa TruHero

    Deadlift 5: 223#
    Metcon: 3+28 (RX+) because Ashley ????haha. Thanks for pushing me. Still not thrilled about it ????

  5. Ashley Moduno

    Deadlifts to 203#
    Did RX+ for a full round then dropped to 125# on the last two cleans. 2+14 abyyyyysmal
    A few slow deficit ring dip work