Friday, October 20th


Friday, October 20th


15-12-9 reps for time of:
95/135-lb. power cleans
95/135-lb. thrusters

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30 Strict Pull-Ups

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  1. BAston

    10:13 @ 115#

    Wrist was bothering me during warm up, felt rough during wod. Time for a rest day.

    See everybody in a week, off to FL.

    Go Yankees!!

    1. Mickey

      30 pull-ups complete
      Make up yesterday’s run/row WOD:
      599m, 574m, 577m, 562m, 552m
      Total: 2,864 meters
      That was tough!

  2. Matt

    7:53 rx

    I got a little soft in the middle there, spent too much time catching my breath. Should be able to lift moderately heavy and breathe moderately heavy at the same time. Fun WOD.

    3×10 strict pull-ups, check

  3. LaurenMargaret

    7:35 @65

    30 strict pull-ups (25 with one medium band in sets of 5’s and 3’s, last 5 added thin red band)