Friday, September 16th


Friday, September 16th


5 x 20 Second Hold


Find a 1-rep-max hang power clean.

Post results to comments.

Cash Out

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:
30 KB Swing, 24/16
30 Abmat Sit-Up

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  1. patrick

    Power Cleans: 155 (3) – 175 (2) – 185 – 195 – 215 (f) – 210
    CashOut: ended up being closer to 20/20

    Was very hesitant about heavier weights on cleans. I had 215 up and just bailed. I’ll work back into these slowly until I’m confident in my wrist

  2. BAston

    Back Squat 3’s, moderate weight.

    Back and shoulders not feeling too great this morning so avoided cleans, off to LI tonight so 2 rest days on tap.

  3. JLee

    Hang Power Cleans up to 165#
    Same description as Patrick except @ 175. Gotta get under it faster, bit deeper.

    EMOM started @ 30 per then quickly scaled to “however many reps I could get to by :50”

  4. ERIC S.

    Hang squat clean & jerk
    225, 235,245, 255,260,265!
    Wod 3 rounds
    5 clean & push jerks 155
    15 cal row
    20 ghd sit-ups
    7:40 rx

  5. Crossfit Praha Round #2!!

    Supposed to be for time but wasnt for time because I didnt have space with all the other athletes

    5 Rounds
    5 Power Snatches #115
    5 OHS at #115
    30 DUs

    Pros: Dubs unbroken all five times…wha chaaaa!!
    Cons: PSNs felt good but having a problem with grip (no hand wraps). Went to the chalk a lot (yes I made a mess off the chalk and left a trail right to my workout station.
    Also, gave Shanna’s Trop tank and my CF River North tank as part of an exchange. Head Coach Dora was ecstatic, and hung it right next to CF Kabul/Afghanistan. I said Spanish Harlem is a lot like Afghanistan, she didnt laugh.

  6. jmiz

    205# – PR of any sort…and i had a lot more in the tank.

    20/25 (started ripping)

    totally doable.

  7. Matt

    225#, should’ve put on 10 more # to chase Seda, research fail
    Impossible EMOM: Possible, Rx’d, barely

    First WOD letting myself hit it at 100%. Feeling solid.

  8. Kim

    @Matty- you be careful!!

    Got a couple of bridges in there

    Hang Power Clean: 148#

    Started at 25 KBS dropped to 20 after that round, rx weight
    20 ab mat situps

  9. Denise

    118#, spent more time on fixing my form instead of really going for a 1RM.

    EMOM at 30 KBS Rx / 20 sit ups.
    for the first and last round, I did 25 sit ups (barely)

  10. Melanie

    118 hpc

    8 rounds rx’d
    Thought we were done after that so I stopped and missed time for last KB – 20; sit-ups – 30