Friday, September 2nd


Friday, September 2nd

Heads up, the gym will be closed on Monday for Labor Day.
You’ll likely need a rest day after Sunday anyway.


10 Minutes of Practice
Skin the Cat

Benchmark WOD!

20 minute AMRAP:

5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air squats

10 Pistols
15 Pull-ups

Compare to 11/17/16. Post rounds completed to Comments.

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  1. dtm

    8 rounds of:
    5 strict pull-ups w/ chain
    5 strict dips w/ chain
    30 second superman hold

    My lower back is FUBAR from deads the other day. I wanted to do back extensions but that felt terrible.

    Tabata beach muscles mash-up (16 rounds)
    Curls w/ 45# bar
    Hollow holds

  2. Melissa TruHero

    Back squat 3s
    Wu: 115(8)-135(5)-155(3)
    3s: 175-185-190-195-200 (old PR)

    Jumped in on Cindy at the 5 min mark
    10+13 Rx’d in 15 min (I guess I could have kept going)

  3. sassypants

    Squatapalooza: FS 5s then….

    Cindy: 14+15 reps rx’d
    (Still no muscle up, but the by-product is improved Cindy time. I’ll take it for now.)

    Good work Roberts! ????????

  4. johanna

    Mary: 4+19 Rx (first time, so PR)
    Tore my hand with 6 mins left and stopped. Probably would have gotten around 6 rounds because everything felt good, but didn’t want to make my hand worse.

    oh and i tried some skin the cats for the first time.