Friday, September 9th


Friday, September 9th

Clear your calendars! This Friday we are meeting for drinks at The Weir at 7:30pm.
And on Sunday, EWOD + Yankees Game at 10:30am. Don’t miss out!


4 Sets for Max Effort
L-Sit Hold


For time:
1000 Meter Row
30 Power Snatches (95/65)
1000 Meter Row
30 Overhead Squats (95/65)
1000 Meter Row
30 Thrusters (95/65)

Courtesy of CrossFit New England.

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  1. BAston

    24:55 (Hang power snatch / OHS / Push press)

    My back is pretty sore from yesterdays deads, so wanted to be safe. It was also muggy AF in the gym. I think we started cranking the AC around 6:30am.

  2. patrick


    Surprisingly, not working out most of the summer I’m very much out of shape. Couldn’t hang with the Cardio in the sauna. I stopped during the Thrusters once the tunnel vision set in…lol. I’ll be slowly working my way back I guess.

  3. ERIC S.

    Next time we Oly lift… Something to think about.
    #3 is my favorite
    Master the lifts from the power, high hang then work your way down to the floor. This takes time. Prioritize! Crawl before you run.

  4. ERIC S.

    Warm up 3min frog pose then 3 rounds of 500m row 15 push ups
    Back squat 3×3 @75% 285
    Wod 5 rounds for time
    60 dubs
    10 strict pull ups (these were a shit show)
    10 bench press @155
    16:33 Rx’d

  5. jmiz

    CrossFit Ripped @ Weston, FL
    I will know it as the second hottest box I’ve ever worked out at

    8 min EMOM
    3 Squat cleans 135#

    50 wall balls 20#
    40 toes to bar
    30 deadlifts 225#
    20 box jumps 30″
    100 double unders

    Seemed like forever. Just couldn’t catch my breath in the heat 23:44.