Friday Skills & Drills


Friday Skills & Drills

Strength WOD:
10 x 3 @ 80-85% of 5RM 
(Add 5-10lbs from 4-13)

Skill Work:
3 Rounds NFT of:
Max Dead Hang Pull-Ups
Max Ring Dips

** If you’re working toward Pull-Ups or Dips, complete 8 each set.

Conditioning WOD:
AMRAP in 6 Minutes of:
30 Double Unders
20 Kettlebell Swings

You have to put in many, many, many tiny efforts that nobody sees or appreciates before you achieve anything worthwhile.
-Brian Tracy

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  1. mcohen

    I am throwing in an additional wod tomorrow, who wants to join me. 3 muscle ups on the minute for 10 minutes or failure. AVA, Jared, DLede I am counting on you guys joining me.

  2. Vikram

    Big Shirtless Mike: “V, I don’t ever want to hear you use the word ‘try.’ That’s the word your mother used after you failed.”

    Pretty damn wise. Big Mike = Yoda. Hence the 1.5 pood on the KBs. Thanks to Mike for always pushing and showing the way. Mark, my press partner – always a pleasure.

    85/13/6/2.5 (15 lbs heavier than 4/13)

    Love the 6 AM vibe. V necks, love and laughter. It’s a family.

    Coaches Lauren & Dave – fantastic.

  3. Adam Van Auken

    Press – 125 (up 10# from last time). Light weight!

    Dead Hang Pull-ups – 20-9-5
    Ring Dips – 13-9-5

    “Blackened” (AMRAP) – 2 Rounds + 3 dubs. Shoulders were so tired after strength work that DUs were not happening.

    We got headbands and V-necks ready for the metcon
    And we ain’t WOD’n till 6 in the mornin . . .

  4. mcohen

    Today could absolutely qualify as the best 6 a.m. class ever. Thank you to each and every one of you for showing up. 10×3 press on the minute and we are having a ball doing it.

    Only problem is the best part of my 3 day weekend is now behind me.

    Press: 115 lbs. Actually, this felt light today.
    Pullup/Dip: 21/20. The issue for me is muscle endurance, because I fall off a cliff after the first round.
    Metcon: 3 rounds, 23 Dubs. First time no pain in the calf.

    If anyone has issues of mobility. I have to recommend the Eqoscue Clinic. It is very cost effective and easy to do. It has helped Frank and I tremendously.

    For the first time in my experience at crossfit, I felt that I was easily getting the bar along the proper path, with my ears getting through on top.

    No doubt, mobility gives rise to strength gains.

  5. PJ

    100# / 14 (PR) / 9 / 3 DUs +4 swings w/ 2 pood. So many good things happening at CFM today.

    Have a great weekend everyone & a huge heartfelt thank you to our brothers & sisters in the armed forces.

  6. Markcon

    press: 105# ; last two rounds at 110#
    pull up/dip 11 /8
    metcon was essentially DU practice

    Heav V – your last two rounds were 90#
    great times at CFM

  7. Ben

    Subbed DL for press as the pushups in the warmup tweaked my shoulder again

    DL: 185#, same rep schme
    Pullups: 12-9-5 (up from 11-7-5 last time)
    GHDs for Ring Dips: 21-20-22

    Metcon: 3 Rounds (did 1 arm KB swings w/ 8 kg– felt a bit light)

    Enjoy your weekend, Jared!

  8. ERIC S.

    Great energy @ 6am with the V-neck crew! Great fast reps with Brad on the strict press.
    140lbs. 10×3

    I forget what I did for pullup and dips, I left my book at metropolis, if someone finds it can u please put it in the office. Thank u.

    Agree with Ava shoulders were toast for the double unders.

    4 rounds + 30 dbl @ 2 pood.

  9. Jared

    Mike, I would join, but I am off to New Orleans for my bachelor party is about 3 minutes.

    115 for 10×3
    13 pullups/21 dips
    3 rounds + double unders (1.5 pood)

    *all while wearing a V-neck and headband (thanks Katie and Sara)

    My 6am start date is next Wednesday!

  10. dlede

    115# (up 10# and actually felt better and stronger today than last time)

    worked on strict, slow negative reps on pullups/dips

    3 rounds + 11 DU at 2 pood (friday met cons = too tired after the long week)

    nice work people

    see everyone tuesday!!

  11. BAston

    115 for 10×3. Felt fine til round 8, then a struggle. Might have bothered my neck again…. Sometimes people go through a rough patch…. And f*ck I can’t win lately.

    Thanks so much to Gym Belle, an awesome gym buddy….. And she let me play Keane the whole time. You’re the best.

  12. Melanie

    Good times at 6am…Great start to the weekend!

    Press @ 50lbs.. I didn’t have anything to really compare to because I haven’t been to a strict press workout. I probably could have tried 55lbs

    Metcon & Skill work were basically practice for everything that I can’t do.

  13. bfarrel

    Press: 135. Right weight.

    Pullups/Dips: 10/9. Weaksauce. Erocfitness/Tan Santa, thanks for the tips and towels. It’s good to know good people who bring good towels to sweaty people.

    Metcon: 3 rounds + 1 DU @ 2 pood. DUs weren’t flowing due to a lack of space but the KB swings made up for it.

    @ all the V-necks, I love you. This is too much fun.

    Bartender, keep the tab open…

  14. ERIC S.

    WOD #2 Going for a swim then a nice 10k run! (Still in my V-neck) Have a great time in New Orleans Jared!

  15. Amylynne

    not sure i will make it in tonight before i head out of town so did a quick WOD in my own gym (scroll to bottom for funny story)

    2 mile warmup: 14:39
    8 x 3 of bench press with 35 lb dumbells

    then 5 RFT of:
    30 sec breath hold (this did not work so well and apparently I suck)
    6 burpees
    9 KB swings (1 pood because that’s all i had)
    12 DUs (4/5 unbroken)
    (times as follows, with the 30 sec shit show of breath holding: 128.6-131.7-132.3-135.9-124.1)

    then 1 mi to finish it up: 6:30

    now for the funny story. i live in a building with a bunch of old people. but we have a nice little gym in the basement with treadmills, rowers, etc. anyway, it gets the job done when i just want to sprint. that being said, the treadmills are as old as the average age of my neighbors. so im running on my favorite oldie, and as of late it has started to sound like its about to take off. it doesnt matter if im running at a 7.5 or a 9.5. it is terrible. but i dont care. it’s a gym. so im 1.5 min into a 1 mi sprint that should take me no more than 6:30 and this “trainer” comes up to me (think UES mommy trainers who spend half their time stretching their clients and the other half of the time chatting and having them do all sorts of shit wrong), and starts asking me how long im going to be on the treadmill because he “can’t have a conversation” with his client. i don’t know if any of you have ever run with me. but im a bitch. every step is painful and if i dont constantly beat my last time, im pissed. well this “trainer” is in here, interrupting my real workout, so he and his “client” can have a gossip session. i smile, say “im running a quick mile” three times, and keep going.
    as im leaving the gym, it takes ALL i can do to not say “you know, you call yourself a trainer, yet you interrupt someone who is clearly pushing a workout so that you can “chat” with your client? why don’t you spend the time you can’t hear her showing her what a real shoulder press is, instead of the bullshit you were just doing? or go to the fucking coffee shop around the corner mother fucker, because this is a gym, and clearly, im the only one of us who belongs in it.”

  16. dlede

    love that shoulders just counted letters

    love that amylynne is a feisty little one

    keep the funny stories coming so that I am entertained on what could be a several hour bus ride

  17. Brett

    Ok, obviously it is time for an inter”V”ention. I guess I’ll have to take the lead…

    Do any of you know the collective group that causes en masse exits from popular bars within minutes of them entering?

    A group that walks down the street in matching shirts and gets laughed at as they pass?

    The group that probably gets on their blog dicussing what color shirts they are going to wear the next day so they all match, complimenting each other about how cool they are?

    Who is this bunch of tools that terrorize our environment?…Why of course I’m talking about the group known as Zog Sports!

    Dudes, you are coming dangerously close to resembling this bunch of misfits. (I’m keeping my fingers crossed none of you are Zoggers. Say it ain’t so, Giacomo!)

    Now I understand the draw of the v-neck for KPO, Jared and bfarrel. They are going through puberty, and between the voice changes and hormones, they are a bit confused.

    And I understand the allure of this for Jansen. He works for the military, and is used to being a robot following others. The section of his brain dedicated to creating unique thoughts and ideas dissolved years ago due to neglect and lack of use.

    But Eroc, you are the person I am really disappointed in. I expected you to be the elder voice of reason; the pillar of maturity guiding these lads….

    Actually, what am I thinking??? I just realized the pair of socks I wore to yesterday’s WOD is older than the date you brought to my bbq last week! But I digress…

    To sum it up. I have to say that when I read the v-neck posts, and see all of you similarly attired, what comes to mind is:

    Disclaimer: the views posted above do not necessarily reflect the ideas of crossfit metropolis management. They are the views of the genius writing the post. And if any of you ask the management if the author (genius) of this blog post is both angry and serious, you have obviously never met said brilliant, charming, handsome, and humble author (genius) in person.

    Enjoy the holiday weekend. Let’s go Devils!

  18. sassypants

    wow Brett. that was a very ballsy post. i would be careful of talking shit about Gentle Giant Janny (aka The Hulk). As you can see from his 400# deadlift photo, when you see his face getting red and veins popping, you’d better start running.

  19. BAston

    Jared, I started sleeveless Sunday ages ago and it was cheesy…. I say we try ELove gets AC weekdays…..

  20. kpo17

    Brett- just let it happen man. Embrace the V. Use its power to get strong baby.

    Errbody who plans to enter the pmidg v neck gauntlet wod tonight should feel inclined to grab some post WOD nutrition. Kinsale’s it is!

  21. Brett

    Sassy – I have to admit I did look at the photo a few times before posting about Jansen (maybe should have looked closer?). But I just know that kids from White Bear Lake Minnesota are raised to be gentle and respectful to their elders.

    Wait, isn’t Ryan Carter, center for the Devils and friend of Jansen from White Bear Lake also??? Isn’t he one of the better, tougher, meaner fighters in the NHL???

    And isn’t Jansen going to the Devils game tonight??? He knows where I am sitting at the game. He knows what bar I am going to before the game….

    What do you think it would cost to hire a few private security guards for tonight?

    Did my WOD at Globo gym aka NYSC

    105 lb presses.

    16 pu and 24 regular dips (no rings

    Amrap – no jump rope so subbed 250 meter row. 1.5 pood. 2 rounds even.

  22. maddyl

    This blog is too funny today!!!

    On a more serious note

    We can lay on the beach because of The guys who stormed them we can wear vnecks 😉 because of the guys who went to Vietnam and this country will remain land of the free so long as it is home of the brave. Thanks to those serving our country and have served before.

  23. PMidg

    145# (up 10# from 4-13)
    4+8DUs @ 2.0
    Death by muscle-up: 5+2, really need to work on stringing those

  24. EJ

    CFM Yoga Classes @ Remorca Fitness (74th Street, btw 2nd and 3rd)

    This studio is offering CFM athletes a class designed just for us! If you’re interested, please e-mail Nedra (info listed below) by Sunday.

    $20: 1st time drop in
    $250: 10-Pack Cross Fit Yoga $250 ($25/class) – expiration is at the end of this year.

    She also teaches in the Hamptons, so if you’ll be there often, I’m sure you can inquire if the package can be applied for studios there.

    Contact info for Nedra:
    Mobile: 720-548-8232
    Email: [email protected]

  25. Alicia

    Smileys on the maxes
    2 flat – du practice for a min, 1.5 pood kb

    Drinks Pre wod = horror

    Sass owned that 1.5 pood…OWNED

  26. sassypants

    Pullups: 6 (PR)

    RIng Dips: practice with half red band held as slack as possible

    Press: 65#

    Metcon: 3rounds + 6 dubs rx’d? (1.5 pood)

    *did round 1 in under 1 minute, then the rope started fucking with my hair and whipped myself in the eye, badly. those with long hair–how do you tie it so it’s not so fucking annoying?!

  27. sassypants

    yup, clear slash mark on the cornea where my hair whipped it.
    tip: don’t put visine on a corneal abrasion

    so far, i have not gone a day this week without some sort of stupid self-induced injury. fml.

    happy memorial day all.

  28. Kim

    Press: 65lbs. Felt like a good weight.

    Pullups/Ring Dips – 2 dead hangs (PR) and negatives for the ring dips.

    Metcon: 2rounds + a few DU’s. Couldn’t string the DU’s together tonight so i spent lots of time fighting through that.

    Great to meet lots of new people tonight!

  29. vicnord

    Press: 62#
    5 pull ups 8 ring holds
    Metcon: 2+20 need more consistency w/DUs 16kg KB

    A big shout out to Patrick who did an admirable job of riding herd on a really large group, getting all the work in, warm up too & had time to come around and give excellent pointers on everyone’s presses!

    Happy Weekend, Happy Memorial Day!!

  30. nicola

    Press: sets 1-5 @ 45#, 6-10 @50#

    Pullups: 1 dead hang (PR!!), bunch o’ negatives
    Negative dips

    Metcon: 2 rds + some DUs.

    Same question as Sass…WTF do I do with my hair? It kept snagging the rope when I finally found some sort of groove on the dubs.

  31. LB

    Sets 1-5 at 65#, 6-10 at 70#
    Jumping pullups, rind dip work
    3 rnds, 90 singles, 1 pood

    Great coaching Patrick!

  32. Xan

    So I’m officially back, and it feels awesome.

    Did 95 for the presses, but definitely should’ve gone heavier. Maybe 105 or even 110. Forgot my log and couldn’t remember my 5RM.

    Got 19 pull ups and 12 ring dips.

    Got 3 round + 11 double unders using a 1.5 pood KB.

    On a separate note, is anyone interested in doing Murph on memorial day? Not sure if anyone was planning on doing this already, but I’m definitely gonna hit it. Was also wondering if anyone knows a good place to do it that has a nice mile course and a pull up bar…. Lemme know.

  33. maddyl

    62# press
    Jumping pull ups

    2+25 single jumps
    16kg for kb/90 singles

    Thanks to a great partner Vicky for encouraging my kb weight!
    First time doing 16kg
    Patrick thanks for great coaching!
    Lots of people- you held it down!
    I appreciate you coming over and giving personal pointers with such a large crowd .

  34. Frank

    Did this wod at home

    95# was a little light but I’m still rehabbing.
    13 / 7/ 6 pull ups
    4/5/4 dips. Those dips were deep, but shit, I should be able to do more
    Metcon – not sure how many rounds… my 4 year old kept saying “mommy, daddy can’t jump rope good”

  35. 55# for the press

    did the 8 x 8 negatives for the (jumping) pullups and ring dips

    3 + 25 DU for metcon

    I don’t understand the hair situation – I have long hair in a pony tail and it’s never a problem w/ the rope – not sure what’s going on there, maybe a lower pony? sorry ladies!

    Fun meeting lots of new folks (at least new to me) this evening! Happy Memorial Day – see you all in 2 weeks! Off to SF for vacation 🙂

  36. rafael

    10 x 3 – 135lbs

    Skill Work:
    3 Rounds NFT of:
    Max Dead Hang Pull-Ups 22-15-11
    Max Ring Dips 11-15-10

    Conditioning WOD: 3 Rounds +2
    AMRAP in 6 Minutes of:
    30 Double Unders
    20 Kettlebell Swings

  37. nprofita

    Press: 115
    Pullups 12 / 6 / 3
    Dips 16 / 9
    Met on 2rds + 30+7

    And the devils are in the cup. Smooches, haters.

  38. kpo17


    15 GHD situps on the minute, every minute, for 10 minutes.

    13 pullups, 10 dips.

    6min AMRAP 30 DUs, 8 Pushups. 6 rds + 8 pushups