Strength WOD:
** Refer to May 13th

Conditioning WOD:
8 Rounds:
Easy Jog down to 3rd Avenue
Rest 30 Seconds
** Rest starts once the last person comes in.  Everyone rests and starts together.
** Score is slowest round.  But don’t sandbag… Push every round no matter what.

“Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it.”
– Eileen Caddy

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  1. Brooke


    Saturday night.

    7:30 p.m.

    215 E. 96th st. (Kim/Bialos party)

    Take elevator to ST floor.

    Rain or shine…there is an indoor space

    Bring food and/or drink

    Bring friends

    Bring frienemies

    Bring a V-neck

    Stay Thirsty!!!

  2. kpo17


    DL 5x 5 @ 230. Up 35 lbs from 3-28-12.

    Hill sprints – averaged about 40 seconds. Vikram you kept a mean pace and it was amazing to try and keep up with you.

    “All I have is my work ethic.” -Ray Lewis

  3. Vikram

    Great 6 AM V-neck turnout.

    Had big dreams to go heavy, but Coach D & Coach LoLo saved me from hurting myself (thank you!). Stayed at 125 and worked on form.

    Flexibility remains an issue for me. The literature on is pretty mixed on DLs too. A lot of people say it’s a good way to get hurt – so try to be conservative until your form is just right.

    Fun sprinting! KPO & Brad – awesome power. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

    Happy V-neck Fry-day. -Skinny

  4. Adam Van Auken

    DL – 325# X 5 touch and go. Had to break up last set into 4 + 1. I enjoyed working with Gargamel (aka Jared). Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, people.

    “For Whom the Bell Tolls” – I don’t my time but I’m pretty sure I was last. I enjoyed this though.

  5. Jared

    to clarify AVA’s comment, we are friends. His enemies are in the 7am class (close…as in close in work out times, not physical space).

  6. Ben

    Active rest day today

    Did some handstand holds and worked my way up to a new PR of 60 seconds.

    Then a couple mobility WODs, including an unbroken 10 minute squat hold.

    I’m disappointed that I’ll be away at my college reunion this weekend, but I’ll be sure to hydrate in solidarity on saturday night

  7. mcohen

    Deadlifts: 335 lbs. Up 20 from last time we did this.

    Sprints: My legs were jello. Between last night and this morning, I was done.

    Sorry to shut down Kpo’s playlist, but that noise had to go.

    Have a happy Friday all.

  8. rafael

    Deadlift – 365lbs

    Groin is back to 95%; felt strong throughout the sprints.

    Jason set up the tempo and Dave got us home

  9. jmiz

    Woke up early to come in this am…and could barely make it out of bed. Hella sore from yesterday’s sesh.

  10. EJ


    *For today’s WOD reference this link:

    **PERSONAL GYM EQUIPMENT if you’re interested in placing an order for

    – Wrist Wraps: offer wrist support when doing heavy lifts
    – Gymnast Grips: can help you from tearing your hands (high volume kipping will do that)
    – Jump ropes: always nice to have your own

    Please click on the below doodle poll, enter your name/email address. If there’s a large interest, I’ll place a bulk order. I’ll work on pricing once I know how many are interested.

    ***CF Yoga Class @ 74th Street (btw 2nd and 3rd)
    6:00 pm Sunday class and/or 6:45pm Monday class. Please email Nedra Lopez ([email protected]) and copy me ([email protected]) ASAP. Let her know you’re from CFM and interested in the class.

    ****Don’t miss Saturday’s epic party!!

  11. lauren

    Awesome awesome morning. I love Fridays.

    145 on the deads.
    Fast as I could on the sprints.

    Taking a rest day tomorrow to go hiking, but I will see you @ the party 🙂

  12. DT

    Heavy V murdered the name game this am. Threw some fire and flossed hard.

    Jay you’re right.. it was 255. 255×5

    I totally fucked up and wore a crew neck this am. Unaccecptable.

    Saturday’s gonna get weird. Marilina- Is it byob?

    @Ray Lewis/KPO- All he has is his work ethic, a couple felonies, cream & clear, and loose screws. But seriously he’s the man

  13. Jared

    I wanted to quickly announce that all morning people are going to destroy the pm people in beer pong. Anyone who attends one morning class per week is a morning person, btw.

  14. Brett

    Quick question as I’m going to do the WOD elsewhere today. Last time we did this 5 x 5 DL routine we increased weight in each set. Reading the blog today it looks to me like everybody did the same weight in each set. Which one is it?

  15. bfarrel

    DL: :). Pulled out after re-tweaking my back from a couple weeks ago. Jumped too high, too fast in the warmup. Stupid move and I know better than that. If you can’t run with the Big Dog Cohen…

    Sprints: fun. I have no idea what any of my times were.

  16. dlede

    Thanks for posting that last link EJ

    The last time we did 5×5 was right before the strength cycle started so its a nice check point to see where you have come on deads

    DL: 345# (+10# from last time)

    A couple things for the PM sessions:
    – control your barbells, the bar on the way down back to the ground should be controlled, rather than just dropping it
    – make sure to pause at the bottom for a second to eliminate momentum and the bounce to build more strength

    Sprints: no time since its too hard to time each one but damn that was fun, thanks to the 7am crew for letting me sprint with you guys, was a great time

  17. Tommy

    DL: 255 5×5 (this was 90% of my 5RM from May 14th – 285lbs)

    Sprints with the 7am group were fun

  18. Benjammin

    Hey team,

    Looking for some flag football stars. Need a few girls and a few guys. League starts mid June. We have about half a team so far. Plays on Wednesday nights. email me if you are interested. (oh and you get a free shirt…)

    [email protected]

  19. kabset

    275 X 5 on the deadlifts. Felt fine and maybe 10-20 lbs light.

    Survived the sprints without having a heart attack – I am proud of that.

    Thanks to the 7am crew and esp Lauren for a great class.

  20. Kevin

    bah. did 5×5 deadlift yesterday in my gym. heavier than last time, but not too heavy, 225. felt good. i find i’m using my hamstrings much more after becoming more mobile. i’m going to skip out today, but do the conditioning stuff on my own.

  21. Brett

    Thanks EJ and AVA for clarification on weight. I got confused because it says to refer to May 13.

    Did the WOD at Globo Gym on 86th and Lex. Scraped my shins as usual on DL’s since I don’t wear high socks. Pointed at the girl working out next to me and shouted “Nobody makes me bleed my own blood….Nobody!!” Not sure why she gave me a funny look.

    225 lbs with a 1 second pause. Tried to lower the weight as controlled as possible.

    Did sprints on the hill on 91st between 2nd and 3rd. Great spot to run without having to dodge traffic and the weather was perfect. Ran alone and was so speedy I still came in last place.

  22. DT

    @Jared- Beer pong is $$$$$$. Morning v Night allll night babyyy.

    Now for old v young, there are serious additions to the young team in the form of KPO and BFarrel. Plus the old team is already old

  23. Frank

    Went to the park and did half of Angie. Was a good quick workout. I noticed that nobody on the pull up bars was close to locking out. I kept my mouth shut but it made me grateful for the standards I’ve learned at CFM.

  24. mcohen

    For all those addicted to sneakers as much as I am, Crossfit/Reebok just posted the new Nano’s.

    Gymbelle, they have pink ones, get your order in.

  25. vicnord

    DL – 135#
    38 seconds for the run – all of my runs fell between 35-38 seconds & while not fast, at least consistent. Probably need to run faster to get faster 🙂

  26. plugpilot

    Discretion being the better part of valor, after 1 rep at the DL warmup I realized that my lower back needed some more rest, so I went with weighted pull-ups.
    5×3 @ 20.4KG

    Hill sprints: 30 seconds

  27. EdG

    Deadlift: 185lbs.
    A little bit on the light side
    Next time go 205 or 225.
    5 rep max is 205.

    34 on Hill sprints. Thought we were only doing 3 sprints and went all out first 3 sprints which crushed me.

  28. tgray

    245#, up from 225 last time but failed on the last rep. weight was challenging but glad I tried it

    got sloppy near the end, really need to focus on keeping the lats engaged

    30 sec on the sprints

  29. Mike T

    Deadlift: 245lbs. Will go a little heavier next time. 5 rep max is 280lbs.

    E-Roc and EJ – Great tip about taking the deep breath before I’m set down at the bottom. I felt like it made a difference.

    34 on the hill sprints, but I only did 6 of them. Went all out on the first three to keep up with the pack. I sadly could not hang with the big boys/girls and finish. My cardio/endurance still sucks balls! Gtta work on that.

    Side note: Will never ever forget to bring water ever again!