Warm-Up of the Week #1:
1.  400m Run
2 x 10 of Each:  (8 Minute Cap):
–  Arm Circles,  Across & Backs,  Leg Swings, Walking Lunges with a Twist, Back Extensions, Wall Squats
Spend 3 Minutes on Handstand or HSPU practice.  –  Kick up & support practice, partner assisted negatives or HSPU’s or Strict Reps of HSPUs to get in volume.


Strength WOD:
Front Squat

Find a new 3 Rep Max.  Come in with a plan for your warm-up and work sets.

Conditioning WOD:
2 Rounds, 10 Minutes Cap
50 Wall Ball Shots
50 Push-Ups

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  1. PJ

    (1) 105,115,125,135,135. Wading back in.
    (2) 10 pushups into second round. WBs were ok, but I smoked myself w/ push ups & handstands saturday so really felt it today.

    Nice to be back w/ 6AM. Personal highlight today: Brendan jamming “Chaos AD” until Abbott turned it down.

  2. Jared


    2 + 68 (18 into pushups)
    When it came to my final 50 pushups, I could only do about 2 or 3 at a time from 8 through 18. Things started strong and quickly fell apart. I felt strong though and was really concentrating on keeping my elbows in on the wall balls.

  3. mcohen

    Today proved a theory of mine. I took off Saturday & Sunday. Did absolutely nothing. And today I felt it. Sluggish, tired and weak.


    As far as previous Pr’s, I have no idea. I have completely thrown out all previous records. The new normal is squat depth hammies to calves.

    Metcon: 1 round and 61 reps. That was a fun one. Exhausting on so many levels.

  4. Adam Van Auken

    FS – 165-185-195-205-210(all for 3, PR for deep front squats). 210 felt fine. On 7/2/12 I did 4 sets of 195 for 2 so I think this is a big improvement. I’m focusing on going up very slowly in weight.

    Metcon – 12 push-ups into second round. I only did 7 push-ups my first set and it was all down hill from there. Wallballs 25X2 round 1 but 10 X 5 round 2 which I need to improve next time.

  5. sara

    Nice small class with Amylynne and Dave.

    FS: 83-93-103-113 (PR)-103

    Metcon: 1 + 56 Push-ups after wall balls are really rough.

  6. Xan

    Hey people,

    As some of you know, I did the GoRuck challenge in honor of 9/11 this weekend. I know Valbona has done one of these before, and let me tell you, shit is awesome. Instead of going on a rant trying to explain what the challenge is, just follow this link:

    There is another one in NYC on October 27th that I am seriously considering doing, but this time I’d love some of you to join in the fun. Although it is tough, it’s also something that all of you could 100% complete. If anyone is interested please let me know. The link for the 10/27 challenge is below.

  7. dlede

    185-195-205-215-225 (x3)
    felt good but didnt want to push it after running 15 miles yesterday

    19 pushups into second round on metcon

    back to posting more as I have been slacking on that front

  8. Amylynne

    FS 115 (3)-120(3)-125(3)-130(3)-130(3)

    130 is new 3 RM PR

    Metcon: DNF! 1 rd + 50 wallballs + 8 pushups
    Wallballs!!! Ugh- Marilina tape method saved chin, though!!!

  9. Rolf

    175/185/195/205/210 some tips from Allison that helped: widen my grip and widen my stance to help get lower and faster in the squat. I was too bunched up.

    2 Rds: 9:34

  10. jmiz

    At a hotel in the ‘Burgh

    CFM/AllisonNYC warmup

    From the ground: FS @ 115-125-135-140-145 (x3)

    2 rounds (10 min time cap)
    50 Thrusters @ 45#
    50 Pushups

    1 + 26

  11. AllisonNYC

    You guys and girls all did a pretty freaking awesome job tonight! The squats keep getting better and better… Hard work is most certainly paying off!! Go You Guys!!!

    I actually went in early and got a workout in. I focus better when I can peace out by myself.

    Clean & Jerked up to 163. Had to call rush out to shower and get ready for classes but that was good for today. All jerks felt easier than usual. Added a new little trick to my dip and it worked.

    Scattered a bunch of muscle-ups during the evening. Mostly sets of two until I got tired. I’m going to keep doing them while you guys workout to get the volume in and make them strong again. They suck from not doing them!!

  12. Mike T

    FS: 170-175-180-185-190(New PR!)

    All 3 rep PR’s above 175. Felt pretty sweet hitting that last set, I gtta admit. What little shoulder mobility work I’ve been doing is clearly paying off in the ability to keep those elbows up. My one rep max for the FS was 185 last time. I’m curious to see what it is now.

    Metcon: 1+27 with a 20lb WB.

    Wall Balls… I’d kick you square in the nuts if I could! I loathe you.

  13. martin.lopez

    First post for me!….Haven’t done heavy FS since Apr,very surprised that I wasn’t too far off from my previous 1RM of 215

    205×3 – very hard set, almost failed R3
    200×3 – started feeling heavy here

    Metcon: 1 + 15WB….must admit I was in my knees around pushup #35 in the first round 🙁