Get Your Nutrition On


Get Your Nutrition On

Ok Folks, the Nutrition Challenge starts today! Post your goals and get jiggy with it. 2 months of monastic discipline starts today.

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  1. Post your goals here. If you have a partner all ready then say so otherwise I will assign partners. Remember you have to set your own goals and then email me and your partner with a daily progress report. An email a day keeps the doctor away.

  2. afleming13

    1). No booz for 2 weeks (Monday, Aug 2 to Monday, Aug 16)  After that, I get one day a week to booz it up and get stoopid!

    2). I want to lose 8-10 lbs. In order to this I will: a) weigh myself daily b) do a strict zone diet of 4 points per meal, 5 times a day = 20 points c) eat lots of veggies, protein, natural foods and little to no starch and sugar etc…

    3). I want to increase my performance in baseline workouts by 15%. (ex.  5 mi run from 44 to 38 min). In order to do this I will a) see number 1 & 2 b) stay after the WOD and work on weaknesses like L-sits, k2e, and Olympic lifts. c) have time goals in mind when performing baseline wods and get comfy in max HR zone.

    4). My attendance goals: a) CF WODs at least 5/wk and every Saturday b) CF Endurance at least 1/wk

    I will join up with Brocket.

    Hoooorrraaayyy fitness.

  3. Brooke

    Ok, here goes.

    1)Nutrition – I will be doing a modified paleo that i like to call pescepaleo along with no more than 2 servings of good dairy a day (greek yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. to get calcium and protein). And drinking at least 2 L of water a day.
    2) Alcohol – No more than 1 day a week.
    3) Attendance – For August at least 3 times per week and in September at least 4 times per week.
    4) Fitness – come in on sundays to work on my sucky things like double unders, pull ups, anything that has to do with a box.
    5) Goal – Lose 7 lbs. Weekly weigh-ins.

    Good luck to all!

  4. dlede

    1.) Nutrition — Paleo, start off as strict as possible
    2.) Alcohol — one day a week / limit to three beverages a week total
    3.) 5-6x a week
    4.) Goal — continue to get stronger, try to avoid plateaus; be able to do consecutive muscle ups (3-4+) on the big boy rings (with no grips)

  5. jwalkowitz

    Nutrition – I want to do paleo, but want to be realistic. I will cut out grains, dairy, sugar and starch, but I understand some salad dressing has sugar in it, so I will not get too crazy about that. I will also limit my drinking to one night per week, which is what I normally do anyway. I will allow myself two cheat meals per week to allow for one sushi meal and also one meal where I am in a rush.

    I go to the gym as much as possible right now, so a minimum of 4 times per week is my goal.

    Overall, my goal is to be in the best shape I can be so my knee heals properly.

  6. ashleigh

    Here is what I am striving for…

    1. Paleo goal: Eat veggies and good protein at every meal (that’s relatively easy for me). However, I tend to have a sweet tooth, so I will limit my dark chocolate (1oz) to three times a week and strive to go the whole eight weeks without slipping and having something processed like a cookie. Two weeks is my record right now…
    2. Crossfit goal: twice per week at gym, twice per week at home
    3. Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night, ideally 8 would be great 10pm -6am, but 7 seems more realistic.
    4. Minimize public transportation by walking more and riding my bike more.

    I also need to be assigned a partner.


  7. belbogen

    Here’s my goals:

    1. Zone goal: Strict Zone at ~20 blocks but may need to adjust quantity as appropriate. Will also be cutting out bread/starch as much as possible. Milk and yogurt are still fair game. One cheat meal per week allowed. Also, daily fish oil.

    2. Crossfit goal: at least 4x per week

    3. Supplement goal: Daily fish oil.

    I will also need a partner assigned.

  8. jmiz

    1. No processed foods, low starch diet. Giving myself two exceptions per week (wife loves pasta, what can i do).

    2. Huge candy addict. Limit to one small piece of candy per day.

    3. Drink more wine.

    Need a partner please.

  9. Brockett

    1) Nutrition — Paleo (as close as possible), more water consumption per day. 2 “cheat” meals a week.
    2) Supplements – Fish oil and others taken 5x a week.
    3) Alcohol — Once a week if needed
    4) WOD’s – 5/6x a week
    5) Goal — Cut 10% off of my times and 10% increase in weight.

  10. lauren

    I’ve just gotten into baking (whole wheat bread in the oven as I type!), so no paleo for me. So:

    1. Super clean eating (alcohol will be an exception, but I will minimize consumption);

    2. Maintain 6x/week workout schedule with at least one yoga class per week; and

    3. Start shaving time off my runs to prep for fall half-marathons!

    Partner needed.

  11. hassanc

    1) paleo w/ 2 exceptions, yogurt and 1 cup of rice a week.

    2) limit alcohol intake to 2 days a week

    3) No processed foods, cook my own meals as often as possible

    4) Destroy kiley

  12. wolfman29

    Nutrition – 3500 calories per day in a 40/40/20 ratio (fat, protein, carbs)

    Do not drink more than 3 times a week

    Develop my overhead squat, muscle ups, and handstand push ups

    Lastly, never wear a shirt during a WOD

  13. Laura

    Greetings from London!

    I’m hoping to be up and running at CF Central London this weekend, so in the meantime, perhaps sharing some very general goals with the worldwide web will help prevent me from spiraling out of control…

    – Nutrition – Pump the brakes on sugars and starches, accelerate on veggies and protein. Beware of the fish and chips.
    – Alcohol – Lord give me the strength to not get sucked into the Britsh booze mentality. Just because my last name is Bender, doesn’t mean I’m on a 2 year bender. I’m shooting for 3x per week
    – CrossFit – This is going to be more of a challenge now with my work and travel schedule, but i’m hoping for 2-3x/wk. Must. keep. air. squatting.
    – Goal – Do not let the wheels come off the bus! I repeat, do not let the wheels come off the bus! I’d like to not completely suck wind when i drop back in for a WOD.

  14. Karin

    1) Paleo as strict as I can with one serving of cottage cheese or other dairy per day
    2) Weekly weigh in
    3) Daily food log
    4) 5-6 work outs per week
    5) One candy or sweet processed food cheat per week
    6) Alcohol twice weekly
    7) Bring health foods when I work the overnight to avoid hitting up the vending machines at 4 in the morning.
    8) Be ready to wear my Carnival costume in Trinidad by March 3rd