Have fun and push yourself!
(From What I’ve heard, these little ones are following in their Dads footsteps with awesome squats, HSPUs and superior rowing technique.. What an awesome role model)

Mike made a great point about competition – It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been training or if you can do things RXd.  Competition makes you push yourself, it makes you set goals and train hard to meet them and.. it’s exciting and scary.  It’s great to get out there and feel the rush of adrenaline and conquer your fears to make yourself better.
Sign up for something.. then step your game up!

The Seven
Seven rounds for time of:
7 Handstand push-ups
7 Thruster  95/135
7 Knees to elbows
7 Burpees
7 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood
7 Pull-ups

** Minus the 7 Deadlifts  **

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  1. lauren

    ***Endurance WOD tomorrow***

    It looks like Sunday will be beautiful (64 and sunny!), so runners and non-runners alike should come join us! All are welcome. We’ll meet at 9am in front of the NYSC at 86th and lex. RSVPs appreciated but not required.

    Email Lauren dot Emerson at gmail. Shoot any questions my way, too!

    -Gym Belle-

  2. jtisa

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  3. BAston

    Last long run before the big day. Ended up going 15. Really felt great for most of it, but with the lack of hydration throughout, the last 2 miles brought on some cramping. Probably should not have worn the new shoes today, but oh well.

    Good luck Mike & Brad!!

  4. mcohen

    First. Thanks Allison for the comments. Very humbling.

    21 thrusters in 1 minute.

    Then 3 rounds 5 pullups and 3 cleans. Of the 5 pullup, 10 clean and 15 double unders.

  5. MikeM

    3 + 36.
    5 kipped hspu, rest on box (so much work still to be done)
    105# thrusters

    Alex made a spot-on remark to me on the way out today: “I still don’t hear a valid excuse.” Time to get back on a regular CFM schedule.

  6. Adam Van Auken

    4 rounds rx’d at 25 minute cutoff. I’m not happy with this but I did my best.
    HSPU – This was the problem. After doing 7 unbroken round 1 (not easy but I’ve done 10 I think) it was all down hill. Maybe it was the benching yesterday but I felt very weak at these today. I just can’t keep my core tight. Round 4 was down to ugly kipped singles and another round would have taken forever.
    Thrusters – First 2 rounds unbroken and then 4 and 3. I tried to use shoulders as little as possible.
    Everything else was comparatively easy.

    Watching this guy ( do this reminds me not to take CrossFit too seriously since we’re like too different species.

  7. Jared

    4 rounds + 13 reps

    HSPU fell apart in round 4 and I did much better in the 5th with a 2-2-2-1 strategy. I failed about 4 or 5 HSPU reps, which is never good.

    Thrusters were fine, unbroken in the first two rounds, then 4-3. In the 5th round, I did 3, failed, then did 2 and when I went for my final 2, I could not get the last one up with a few seconds remaining. I was about an inch from getting the rep.

    All other movements were unbroken. Rough and awesome workout.

  8. Rolf

    5 rounds + 3 HSPUs

    83# thruster
    24KG KB
    HSPUs on the tall box
    Started with regular pullups then had to do jumping-still working on my pull ups!

  9. Rolf

    I would gladly take Amy’s performance today over mine…. She was a machine. I was in slow motion

    3+11 did the real HSPUs and 95# thrusters.

    Thanks Allison for cleaning up after me. Kicked over my water bottle during the first round.. Just that kind of day.

    And it’s an iPad Amy, not an iPod .. Ur so 2004

  10. Vikram

    3 + 28 – think I miscounted and did more, but who cares…

    The important thing is that I have been stepping up to 95# on the thrusters – out of my comfort zone. 24 kg KBs.

    Great seeing everyone. Hope Big Mike shares some pictures. Shout out to Ariel too! Way to go guys.

  11. lee

    3 rounds + 35

    95 was tough. Kind of sloppy at the end.
    24 kg kettle bell
    Mix of hspu, some on the wall with an ab mat and the rest on the grey box.

    Tough one!

  12. mcohen

    105 overhead squat for snatch and 3 reps.

    6 rounds 7 burpee box jump, 7 wall ball, 4 tie to bar. In 6 minute ladder.

  13. Ang

    9 + 25 blowing ppl’s minds, doing 9 rounds in a 7 round WOD like a boss……

    5 +25
    Thrusters 53#
    HSPU on box
    Jumping PU

  14. alexsnape

    3 rounds + 1 HSPU

    Everything was rx’d except for the HSPU’s which died halfway through the second round.

  15. Lightbody

    5 rounds + 7 reps

    Had to do 95# thrusters and hspu from the box. Def pushed as hard as i could but need conciderable improvement to do hspu rx’ed. That 2 pood is no joke.

  16. phillipc

    Comments on Sunday page don’t seem to be working.

    PR strict pullups (12 – target 15 by year-end)

    PR 1k row (3.29.6 which smashes previous 3.37…elated with this!)

  17. Nico

    4 rounds + 7
    Grey box HSPUs
    115# thrusters
    32 kgs KBS
    Dead-hang pull-ups

    I had no energy during this workout!!! Need to work on my clean (technic) if I want to be able to add more weight here.