Happy 30th Birthday, JESS!!!


Happy 30th Birthday, JESS!!!

Jess, the girl we all know and love turns 30 today!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the sweetest, cutest, strongest girls out there.  Live it up, Woman!!  <3

–  3 Power Cleans Every Minute On The Minute x 12 Minutes
–  Immediately followed by a 2 Mile Run For Time. 
(The Clock Starts as soon at the Clock hits 12 Minutes.)



Schedule tomorrow 12:30 – 2:00PM. No session at 3:30 – 5:00PM.

Regular schedule next weekend.

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    You are cordially invited to a CFM Social Event. Tonight at 8:00, DTUT. 2nd Ave btw 90th and 91st Street.

  2. Yuan

    30:15 / 15# (trying to get the Power Clean techniques in)
    Thanks for the great coaching, EJ and Lauren!

  3. BAston

    27:43 @ 145#

    Fun doing the run with Jared, I think we pushed it pretty well. We were neck & neck until he wrecked me on the hill.

    Nice seeing Vikram & the lil one on the walk home. Carmen and I were told to keep our distance as we were branded as “filthy”.

  4. Jared

    27:33 @ 165#

    Anyone remember that open workout from 2011…5 min AMRAP of 165# squat clean and s2o? I got 3 rounds and then failed this weight about 17 times. It’s always fun to look back and see about the progress that is made.

  5. Paige

    29 something @ 83#

    weight was too light- should have done at least 93. Ran with Mer and Mike- we got stopped at every light in the beginning and a careless texter crashed into Mikey…all in all not a boring morning- the highlight was the iced coffee! OH and CARMEN

  6. Will M.

    Fun solo class with Lauren (and EJ)!

    25:50-something @ 135#
    Definitely should have gone heavier; cleans were pretty easy. It was good to try to put a little more focus onto technique though. Many thanks to Lauren for all of her patient help!

    Also, biked 12 miles this morning (6 to CFM, 6 back). Used bike shoes for the first time on a real bike; huge fan.

  7. EJ


    Schedule tomorrow 12:30 – 2:00PM. No session at 3:30 – 5:00PM. Regular time resumes next Saturday.

  8. Alicia

    #115 cleans – all rounds under 10 sec

    34:09 (minus 12 = 22:09)
    PM people, make sure to HYDRATE!

    See you all at DTUT

  9. jen

    Hey ladies –

    I am signed up for the Baby Leave the Socks On competition on Aug 17th, but my parents are going to be in town, so I’m not going to make it.

    Any takers for my spot??
    fb message me or email [email protected]

  10. Carmen

    57# cleans – making progress on form here
    30:49? on the run

    Given the oxygen deficit from the previous night’s WOD, I lacked the brainpower to remember this number. It was nothing to write home about.

    Thanks to Paige for bullying me into showing up today.

  11. Meredith

    29:58 @ 83#

    Same story as Paige…should’ve gone significantly heavier. It was far too light.

    Happy birthday Jess!! 🙂

  12. PJ

    I repeat, you people are nuts.

    @ work, in A/C: J.T. w/ 1 abmat; this was a bad call after tabata push ups last night. Pulled plug 30 reps in across, 13 min in.

    Tabata squats: 17

    BW ~197# is too heavy… but those burgers aren’t going to eat themselves.

  13. EJ

    Please hydrate and bring a towel with you if you’re coming to WOD this afternoon. It’s a real scorcher today! And per Dr. Amylynne Frankel’s orders, be sure to wear your sunblock on the run!

  14. ERIC S.

    20min to work up to a heavy snatch – 170#
    3 RFT
    5 squatsnatch @135#
    3 muscle ups
    25 double unders
    Then finsih
    M.E. 500m Row

    8:55 rx’d

  15. Kat


    I’d blame the heat, but I am generally a slow runner. But I did wear sunscreen AND a hat, so I feel like I get points for that.

  16. Vikram

    EMOM: Started at 145#, but dropped to 135# as coaches said I was pulling with my arms. Good to note for next time.

    Special thanks to Coaches EJ & EROC and Coach Leder(mania). Great advice today. SO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT. Wish we Oly’ed more. Could use the practice…

    Run: 26:13 +/- traffic lights and tourists…awesome having Mangela chase me! She is awesome!

  17. johanna

    Dropped in at Maverick Crossfit in Melbourne, FL today. Gorgeous facilities (they are THE maverick athletic company which just outfitted 5th Ave Box). Led us through a decent warmup before THREE WODs.

    EMOM 8 Minutes @ 70% 1RM Snatch
    1 Snatch
    1 Hang Snatch
    1 Overhead Squat
    4 x 4 Back Squat @ 70% 1RM.. Rest 90 seconds.
    AMRAP 14 Minutes
    1 Rope Climb, 15 feet
    5 Box Jumps, 30/24
    10 KB Swings, 70/55
    15 Double Unders

    Olympic: I used 53#
    Strength: used 103# still going light with back injury
    WOD: 6 rounds even (186 reps) subbed 3 rope mods and 16kg KBS, everything else Rx. First time using 24″ for the box. Scary, but doable with only 5. Fun and intense hour! Glad to have missed the insane heat wave in NYC too.

  18. dlede

    Back Squats

    4 Rounds:
    3 reps, 20 second rest, 3 reps, 20 second rest, 3 reps = 9 reps
    3 minutes rest

    EMOM 12 minutes Power Clean

  19. patrick

    34:27 ( I think).

    EMOM @ 175lbs

    I used too light a weight. Should have probably gone with 190. I was worried about getting burned out like I did with the similar C&J WOD

  20. Ang

    Happy Birthday, Jess!

    27:37 / 73#

    So close to catching V and then he sprinted across traffic and I got caught at the lights. You are an inspiration!

    Hot one!

    Cash out: 1 lap around CP on my new bike. I am speed [email protected]$ker!

  21. phillipc

    135# (felt good, easyish) & 26.23 (bit slower than would have liked but I’ll take it as an English boy whose melting point is 102F)