Happy 4th! – Holiday Schedule


Happy 4th! – Holiday Schedule

Outdoor WOD:
10 Rounds: 2 Minutes On, :30 Seconds Off
Sprint Out & Back
Broad Jump Back
(Each Length, Aprrox. Length of the Gym)

With Remaining Time in 2 Minutes, AMRAP of:
“Burpees On Crack”
(1 Rep = Kick Out to Plank, Clapping Push-Up, Tuck Jump)

Start Each Round back at the Sprint/Broad Jump
Score is Total “Burpees on Crack” for all 10 Rounds

Holiday Schedule:
Thurs, July 4th:  Gym Closed; 10am WOD @ Central Park Pinetum
Fri, July 5th:  Limited Schedule –  9am & 3:30pm
Sat, July 6th:  CF For Hope WOD @ 10am;  Reg. Open Gym
Sun, July 7th:  Regular Schedule

Click for Map to the Pinetum (85th St – Enter near the Met)

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  1. kabset

    Is the Friday morning class at 9am or 10am? Have seen different times so wanted to confirm. Thx.

  2. BAston

    CF ALF wod:
    400m sprint @ 8.5
    21 weighted lunges, burpees, weighted sit ups
    400m sprint @ 9.0
    15 WL, Burps, WS
    400m sprint @ 9.5
    9 WL, Burps, WS
    400m sprint @ 10

    Time: ~16:30

  3. Rachel

    EWOD at Thomas Jefferson Park
    Modified “Tosh” (since it’s only a 300M track) – 1:1 Run:Rest Ratio
    3 Rounds: 150M Run, 300M Run, 450M Run

    Round 1: 0.32, 1:08, 1:51
    Round 2: 0.33, 1:17, 2:00
    Round 3: 0.38, 1:21, 2:08

  4. TC

    Happy Independence Day!!!!

    Went up to my high school track with some weights.

    3 rds for time
    400 meter run
    10 squat cleans – 135 lbs
    30 double unders
    20 alternating dumbbell snatches – 35 lbs

    The heat is a killer. Almost passed out. 🙂

  5. phillipc

    37 burpees after 11 in round 1. Horrible: America kicked England’s ass, which, I guess is entirely appropriate today.

    p.s. Watch out for the mad Englishman driving on the left. If anyone has any suggested used car dealers to go to in the Tristate, I’d much appreciate it.

  6. ERIC S.

    Great turn out today at the volleyball courts in Central Park
    Happy 4th of July everyone.
    105 reps

  7. Katie

    9 mile bike
    3 mile run
    1/4 mile ocean swim
    With Melissa in CT, forgot to check the time when we finished but if we can make ourselves do it again this weekend we will

  8. Melissa T.

    Happy 4th everyone!

    Great WOD in the park today – was sweating for at least 2 hours afterwards.

    80 burpees

    **There’s another Melissa in CFM?

  9. Nicole

    Early morning run in central park to “beat the heat”. 4M loop @ 8:45 per mile. Not a great time, but its all good. I thought I might die trying to run up cat hill at the end there.

  10. patrick

    Something about the heat and this workout wrecked me…lol. Had to stop after round 8 with 45 burpees

    Then 3 hours in front of a grill

    Then 2 hour nap RX

  11. Meredith

    CFAI Beach WOD

    4 rounds w/ a partner:
    Burpee to broad jump in the water 50m
    Partnered bear crawl 75m
    Reverse med ball tosses then military crawl thru sand to ball while partner broad jumps behind 50m
    25 up-hill sit-ups while partner does jumping jacks then switch