Happy Birthday, Amylynne!


Happy Birthday, Amylynne!

Happy Birthday to our little powerhouse, Amylynne!
She’s beautiful, inside and out, STRONG and FAST and incredibly entertaining.

She sets the bar high in the gym and gives everyone, guys and girls, times and numbers to shoot for..
AND she just got her Level 1 cert last weekend with Steph & Melissa!  So, Congratulations, too!

Have the best Birthday EVER, Amylynne!!  <3 <3 <3

Fight Gone Bad Style: 
1 Minute On Each Exercise x 3 Rounds
Double Unders
Toes to Bar
Wall Ball

**  Score is Total Reps!  **
**  There isn’t any time for rotation, so make your transitions super Quick!  **

Good luck to all CFMers headed to Virtuosity for the Halloween event.

Speaking of Halloween, don’t forget to wear your costume to the gym on Wednesday!  🙂

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  1. Vikram

    Nothing but love, Amylynne! Always setting the standard – and maintaining the laughter. Thanks for what you do and best wishes for many more to come!- Skinny

  2. mcohen

    Cash in: heavy mobility. 100 double unders for time. 1:10 Got 85 to start.

    Kettle bell work. Windmills and Zots press

    Wod. Tabata row & thrusters. Round of 6-2-4-4-2-6. No count. But that was just nasty.

    No Cashout.

    Have a great weekend. And good luck all our competitors.

  3. Adam Van Auken

    310. For each round:
    KB – 28,20,20
    DU – 42,37,33
    Burps – 15,14,15
    T2B – 17,12,10
    WB – 15,16,16
    I just tried to keep moving. Next time I’m totally gaming this!! (-:

  4. Vikram

    282 – my very first time Rxing. Awesome.

    Good luck to all our competitors! Jared, Coach LoLo, Carducci, Dr. Aston…and anyone else!!

    Special thanks to Amy & AVA today for pushing me.

  5. amy edelman

    16kg KB
    14# med ball

    Couldn’t do T2B strict leg.
    Double unders were my weakness. Tried to make up for it with KBS & burpees & wall balls

    100 double under cash out.

    Awesome job Vikram!!!!

  6. Rachel


    KB – 16 kg
    T2B – Knees to Chest (need work)
    Wall Ball – 10 lb

    Cash Out: 5 mins of DU attempts. Max unbroken = 10, with 2 singles b/w each DU

  7. dlede

    379 rx
    and pretty well spread out.. did more KB and WB than I thought I would…

    sandbagged the burpees as usual 😉

    well done V.. once u go RX u dont go back

  8. Joe

    245 – Rx except a 15# wall ball. I immediately regretted this once i saw i was able to get 245. I should have gone Rx. Happy i have settled into the 24kg bell for all wod’s. Gottsa get that 20# ball moving. We need targets!!!!!

    Oh well, still nice to be pain free and wording with everyone else…that’s really what it was all about.

    Dave’s a beast!

  9. jmiz

    263 as rx’ed. First T2B since knife and first real wod since bronchitis. Note to future self: you better kill this score.

  10. Lightbody

    333 and accidentally not Rxed.

    Didn’t realize i had a light wall ball till after the WOD. I suck. Fun work out tho. Def have to game the burpees and kill the DUs.

  11. Paige


    16 Kg kb
    14 lb wall balls

    KB: 35,32,31 – didn’t put it down knowing this was my strength
    DU: 5,8,9- no comment and not in a row
    Burpees: 16,15, 15
    T2B (I did K2E): 14,12,13
    WB: 20, 20, 20 took a break once after 15 last two rounds

  12. TC

    Back Squat – 10×3 – every minute on the minute – 205 lbs

    Bench Press – 10×3 every minute on the minute – 170 lbs

    50 sit ups on decline bench

    50 strict dips

    Happy birthday to Amylynne and good luck to all the peeps going to Brooklyn!

  13. cat



    first wod back in a week, rough all around

    mostly knees up, but i had a few t2b and a few k2e
    10 lb WB

  14. marilina

    328 Rx’d against my better judgment.
    Made money on DU to catch up on the T2B and WBs.
    arm/elbow is not happy.

  15. Brett

    If anybody is hungry and/or thirsty, I’m grilling now with a bunch of people for my girlfriends Kristan’s b’day. We have skirt steak, shrimp, salmon, chirizo tacos, and a bunch of other stuff including a wee bit of alcohol. Will be going until at least 7, probably later. Email or text if interested at [email protected] or 973-698-5621. No need to bring anything. Address 328 east 89th apt 1w.