Happy Birthday, Brendan!!!


Happy Birthday, Brendan!!!

Happy Birthday to one of the best coaches in the whole entire world!

I think it’s safe to say that we’re all better for knowing him.  He absolutely loves being in the gym teaching and encouraging everyone to become better.  I couldn’t imagine him doing anything else.
His effortless demos of Muscle-Ups, box jumps & burpees are jaw dropping and completely entertaining.  I swear when I see him pull himself up over the rings so easily it makes my head spin.. He makes it all look so easy!!  To top it off, he looks like a mega hottie while he’s doing it!
His HUGE personality and crazy comments make us cringe sometimes but laugh all the time.  He has his very own way of putting things, doesn’t he?!?  I hear some of the things he says and think to myself that I’d get smacked in the face if I said that!.. But he get’s away with it because we know behind that devilish little smile are the best intentions.

Happy Birthday to an incredible athlete, enthusiastic coach, hottest hottie and the love of my life.
YAY Brendan!!!  😀

–  <3 Allie

Strength WOD:
Shoulder Press

Cash Out:
AMRAP in 7 Minutes:
250m Row Sprint
25 AbMat Sit-Ups
…Rest 1 Minute…
AMRAP in 7 Minutes:
30 Double Unders
12 Toes to Bar

– A

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  1. Vikram

    Clearly my wife isn’t the only CFM spouse concerned that I regularly start sentences with, “Brendan says I should…”

    Happy birthday, B. Thanks for your zany advice and cold hard stares when I’m making an ass out of myself with the bar. It might not look like it (yet), but I’m really trying hard. Thanks for building a great community.

    3 + 200
    4 rounds (2 DUs!)

  2. Vikram

    BTW – special thanks to Big Mike for the nutrition book – and for always leading the 6 AM charge.

  3. Adam Van Auken

    SP – 135(5)-145(3)-150(3)-160(PR attempt, fail, 2), 145(2). I never knew you were supposed to breath out and in on top. I need to work on this.

    AMRAP 1 – 3 Rounds + 7 sit-ups.
    AMRAP 2 – 3 Rounds + 16 Dubs.

    My favorite Brendan quote(s):
    Brendan to woman in our gym having trouble getting full ROM: “Are you a runner?”
    Woman: “Yes.”
    Brendan: “You gotta stop doing that.”
    Woman” “But I like to run.”
    Brendan: “What are you running from?”

  4. mcohen

    Press: 115-125-135-140(2)-95(5)

    Your not going to Pr every day, and cannot beat yourself up when you just come in and train.

    AMRAPS: 3 rounds and 250 meters (sub’d GHD’s for situps– tired of the ass rips) and 3 rounds and 20 doubleunders.

    Brendan: Happy Birthday. My favorite quote is, “Do you know what it means when you can’t set up the racks? It means your not strong…” Love you pal. I wish they could bottle your enthusiasm. I would pay any price.

  5. yasmin.carlos

    happy birthday, brendan. lol @ the CFM (free) soft-core porn. is that sweat or baby oil?

    SP: 52-57-62-67-72(PR)

    sweatbox: 3+500m+15 situps; 2+9 K2E

  6. sassypants

    i feel like this blog is NSFW today. can’t really open the page with the kids around…Actually, I am teaching sex ed later this afternoon….

  7. Jared

    135(3)-140(3)-145(2)-135(3)-145(total fail)
    I agree with Mike, you can’t PR every day. My PR was 150(3) and I even got 155(1) a few weeks back. I was shooting for 155, but it wasn’t in me today.

    row WOD: 3 rounds + 100M
    T2B WOD: 2 + 4 t2b

  8. Brett

    So I get up at 5:00 AM to grab some water. Wasn’t feeling my best after a few extra cocktails commiserating over the Devils performance last night.

    Then I make the mistake of checking my computer to see todays WOD….

    Is this Brokeback Metropolis???? Are they shooting a remake of Zoolander???

    And then below the disturbing picture, I find myself reading a lovesick teenagers diary entry. I have to say, I started getting the douche chills.

    Everyone please limit the lovesick puppy dog comments on the blog today. I’m still a bit foggy and really trying to hold down my breakfast.

    Oh, and I’ll be hitting the 5:30 class, so please, bring the paleo diet birthday cake and party hats to the later classes.

    Sunshine on 3!

  9. lauren

    Happy Birthday, Coach B!

    52-57-57-57-60(PR). In retrospect, maybe I would’ve gotten 62. Hard to tell with the press, though, and I’m tired coming off of last night’s deads etc.

    2+row+10 situps.
    2+10 DUs.

  10. Ben

    Happy Birthday, Brendan!

    Still on the shoulder recovery train…

    Squat 5 x 135, 5 x 145, 5 x 155, 5 x 165, 5 x 175, 5 x 185
    Tried to be smooth with good ROM

    AMRAP 1: 4 Rounds + 15 m Row

    AMRAP 2: 3 Rounds + 60″ DUs
    Subbed GHD for Toes to Bar
    Still working on getting DUs without bringing my heels up

  11. PJ

    I also thought elove posted today’s WOD until the font color changed – Maine Yankees never change colors in their love letters.

    Happy Birthday Brendan – we’re lucky to have you at CFM. Thanks for everything & best wishes for an awesome year.

  12. AllisonNYC

    Geeze, Brett. You seem tense. I think it’s time to get one of those massages with the happy ending that you love so much.

    Not judging.. everyone has to take what they can get.

    No Cake For You!


  13. jhenry

    SP – 135(3)-145(3)-150(3)-160(fail), 145(3).

    AMRAP 1 – 3 Rounds + 7 sit-ups.
    AMRAP 2 – 2 Rounds + 4? T2B.

  14. Jeanine

    65-70-75-75-80 (1 rep then fail) Booo. I blame it on the morning
    3 rounds exact
    2 rounds plus 10 DU’s

    I love playing favorite Brendan quotes. Obviously mine is in relation to burpees when the advice is to ‘Get your dick in the dirt’ Hmmm
    Happy Birthday!

  15. Brett

    @ Allison – I really like your suggestion and am going to forward it to my girlfriend.

    I think it is great that you are a cool enough girl to think guys in relationships should be able to get HE massages by random girls. Brendan is a lucky guy! Let me know if you want to talk to my girl about it. Just tell me when so I can be in another zip code, and away from sharp objects.

    Oh, and thanks for making me laugh today.

  16. Melanie

    Happy Birthday Brendan! Thank your for all of your help and time. In honor of your birthday, I will be taking a rest day.

  17. dcasey


    3 Rounds + 50m row
    4 rounds + 30 Double Unders

    Happy birthday B

    When Brendan was teaching us the hollow rock – “Once this becomes too easy you should increase the time – *looks around room* – I don’t think any of you are gunna have that problem.”

  18. vicnord

    50, 55, 60, 65, 70(1), 67PR

    3 rounds & 3 rounds

    checked off my 60 day goals – have achieved a dead hang pull-up and have finally been able to string together 10-12 DUs!!

    Favorite Brendan quote:
    “If you’re not fit to live, life will take you out.”

  19. danielmrank

    SP: 90(3)-95(3)-95(3)-100(2)-100(3)
    AMRAP 1: 3 + 267
    AMRAP 2: 4 + 31

    Happy Birthday Brendan!

  20. PMidg

    Happy birthday Brendan! You’re a great coach and a great guy. I feel so lucky to be able to train with you. Enjoy the day!

    Press: 165 (tie of my 3RM) and–more importantly–heavier working sets than last time. Hit 2 singles at 170 at the end in hopes of a PR; ERoc crushed it today.

    Metcon: 4 rounds/5 rounds

    Thanks ELove!

  21. bboy, can we get an equivalent pic/post on allie’s bday?!

    Topless Birthday Photos all Around! Wait until you see mine.

    Enjoy the day Brendan, Happy Birthday ole timer!

    Big AM crowds this morning, glad to see the rain didn’t keep you away.

    5rnds for time of:
    2 rope climbs, seated start
    5 cleans, 185
    30 ghd sit-ups..22:18..this wiped me out.

  22. Vikram

    Couldn’t resist sharing my fav B-boy moment:

    Skinny V approaching lower pull-up bars.

    B: Veeekram, those low bars are for women and children. Are you a woman?
    Skinny V: Nope.
    B: Are you a child?
    Skinny V: Um, no.
    B: Get to the real pull up bars.

  23. ERIC S.

    Good times pressing with PMidg
    135(3)145(3)155(3)165(3)170(3) P.R.!

    Amrap #1 4 rounds
    Amrap #1 5 rounds + 34 reps

    Happy Birthday B-boy, we have learned a lot from one of the originals of CF, we are all lucky to have you at Metropolis.

    “A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.”
    John Wooden

  24. Brooke

    Happy Bday Brendan! Left Coast style!

    You are part of the inner circle now at Metropolis.

    Also, it’s my dog, Benny’s, birthday too! He’s 7 today.

  25. Jared

    I have been noticing that people are referring to the lower pullup bars as the “girl” or “woman” bars. I take offense to this because I use those bars! So please call them the “Jared” or “Jared and woman” bars.

  26. BAston

    I use them too my fellow shorty…. and I will not call them the “Jared” bars.

    Favorite Brendan moment was probably when he made me do the name game everyday for like 3 weeks because (in my opinion) he didn’t know everyones name yet. Only reason he knew my name was because I asked him to stop calling me Brad.

  27. Karin

    55×3, 60×3, 65×3, 75×3, 80×2
    4 rounds plus one
    Forgot to count on the second AMRAP

    Happy B Day Brendan!

  28. JB


    amrap 1- 3 rounds
    amrap 2- lost count (2 rounds plus something)

    Enjoy ur bday Brendan !!!

  29. Amylynne

    then tried 85. got 1 two times. oh well.

    AMRAP 1: 3 rounds even
    sprints up hill to 3rd subbed for row because of hip and lack of rowers!

    AMRAP 2: really not sure if i did 3 rounds + 6 T2B or 4 rounds + 6 T2B. damned math.

    happy birthday brendan

  30. B-boy

    Thank you guys for all the kind words. It has truly made my birthday so much more special to hear from you all. I am really lucky to be a part of this amazing community and I couldn’t imagine training anywhere else. You have all made me feel so at home here by welcoming me in to your gym like you have and I want you all to know that I love you and look forward to many years of hard training and good times. Let’s all work together to keep taking our box to higher and higher levels. You all rock…. BOOM


    It goes without saying but I love you so much and you are everything I have ever wanted in a woman. You give me more love and happiness than I could possible deserve and I am beyond lucky to have you. You have strength and beauty like no other and you’re perfect for me.

    Love you

  31. mikey.bialos

    at home-
    press: 90(3)-95(3)-100(3)-105(3)-110(3)
    way sore from yesterday. will sub couch+modern warfare for metcon.. show those 9 year old kids who’s boss

  32. ashleigh

    Happy birthday Brendan! Hope you had an awesome day!

    57-62-67-72-77×1 then push press for last 2

    3+80 meters
    2+31 with knee ups

  33. bfarrel

    Bboy, I won’t say favorite BG quote since I plan on making it famous by publishing all of the hilarious shit you say as my own original humor. Just kidding… kind of. However, I will say that the hour plus spent at CFM is the best part of mine, and many other’s, day and you’re a HUGE reason for it. We fucking love you man. Looking forward to years of kick-ass training and laughs.

    Happy Birthday!

  34. sassypants

    Happy Birthday B!

    press: 57-57-62-67-72(1)
    i still have wimpy shoulders 🙁

    met cons:
    *misspoke at the wrap-up. realized i only rowed a total of 4 times

    3 rounds + 30DU +11 T2B


  35. Brett

    Now that I finished reading the script above for this years final episode of “The Bachelor” I’m having a tough time recording my WOD. I read the script again while playing endless love in the background. All he had to do was stick the landing with the big fat diamond and I might have convulsed in hysterics….

    With tissue in hand, and eyes moist, here are my scores for the day:

    Shoulder Press – 95(3)-100(3)-105(3)-115(3)-125(3) PR

    DU and t2b – 3 rounds, practice DU’s and half t2b were k2e

    250 m row and 25 situps – 3 rounds, row, 6 situps.

  36. patrick

    Happy Birthday Brendan!

    Shoulder Press:
    135(3) 145(3) 150(3) 155(3)PR 135(3)

    Metcon 1: 4rounds + 45m
    Metcon 2: 2rounds + 8 T2B (T2B were more like KTEs at the end)

  37. EJ

    Happy birthday Coach B!


    1 – 5 rounds + 8 T2B
    2- 2 rounds + 16 sit ups *very concerned with getting an ass berry, so was a little conservative

  38. marilina

    Happy birthday Brendan!

    a smattering of front squats with Metropolis 1.0-not-the hubby-who-is-playing-call-of-duty-Mike’s press’ weights

    AMRAP 1
    3 rounds 74m

    AMRAP 2
    subbed 24 leg throws and 25 sit ups
    many rounds
    Thanks Stef

  39. Kim

    Happy Birthday Brendan!

    Shoulder Press:

    Metcon 1: 3rounds + 50m
    Metcon 2: 3rounds + 27DU (2nd set of DU’s went unbroken – that’s a PR)

  40. MacIntyre

    Shoulder press: 42, 52, 57, 62(PR), 57
    1) 2 rounds + 5 sit ups
    2) 4 rounds + 11 I can’t even call them knees to elbows…knees to as high as they’ll go. Subbed 1 min of double under attempts.
    All of my least favorite things today- which is exactly why I came!!

    Happy birthday Brendan!!

  41. Happy Birthday Brendan!

    Reading this blog was definitely a highlight today (after the WOD of course)!

    55#-55#-55#-60#(only got 1 rep, push-pressed 2) – 55#

    3 Rounds even – ab mat sit-ups suck – apparently I have an “ass-berry” now…

    3 Rounds + 6 toes-to-bar.

    My abs are destroyed already. Hope nothing makes me laugh tomorrow b/c it is going to hurt…

  42. JimmyL

    105×3 115×3 125×3 135×3 145×3 (5# pr)
    3 rows + 210 meters, but I think I may have miscounted
    3 rounds even my abs were shot after the first amrap

  43. BrookeHCooper

    3 x 60
    3 x 65
    3 x 70 (I think that’s a PR)
    3 x 75
    2 x 77 and 1 push press

    5 situps short of 3 rounds

    3 rounds but don’t have DUs

  44. dlede


    4 rounds + 63 meters
    6 rounds (much harder after met con 1….)

  45. maddyl

    55-60-65-70(pr) -80(F)
    Dropped back to 70 x 1

    Get to remember to stay tight

    2+10 sit-ups

    1 min du practice
    3 rounds
    Knees to elbows

    Happy birthday Brendan and Benny

  46. BAston


    Taking to much time with the bar overhead, didn’t feel strong tonight.

    3 rounds + 150m row

    4 rounds + 30 DU’s. All DU’s felt great tonight, safe to say I finally got them.

  47. nicola

    45-50-55-60-65 (2)
    2 rds + 20 situps
    3 rds flat – is it better to have loved and lost (DUs) or to never have loved at all??

    Happy Birthday Coach B!

    Today also marks my 1 year Crossfit anniversary. So much to say…I’m constantly amazed at all the things that I and all you athletes at CFM can accomplish. Thanks for being such an awesome community!

  48. sam

    95, 105, 115 120 (PR), 115

    Tried for 125 but failed, had to go back down to 115 for the last set.

    3 rds + 210m
    3 rds

    Scaled the DU’s to as many as I could do in 1 minute.

    Happy Birthday Brendan!

  49. Katie

    Happy Birthday Brendan!


    1) 3 rounds + 140 meters

    2) 3 rounds of trying to do double unders + 5 knees to elbows

  50. jen

    Major plateau. Breeze through until 70. Thanks for the advice for next time E! Makes so much sense. I will break this plateau!!

    1) 3 rounds + 150 m row
    2) 3 rounds + 35
    I actually enjoy 250m row. I can actually (almost) keep up! Anything more and I get left in the dust. Sprint!

  51. stephmil

    65-70-75-80-85 (1), then 80 (2) just to finish it out

    3 rounds + 150 meters
    3 rounds + 4 T2B

    Happy Birthday Brendan!!! Thanks Eric for the great coaching

  52. AllisonV

    Forced rest day due to bad allergies/cold. Doctor tomorrow morning, hopefully back at CFM tomorrow night.

    Happy Birthday Coach B! Best wishes for an amazing year ahead!

    And thanks to everyone for sharing their favorite Brendan quotes – it hurts to breathe, but the pain from laughing has been totally worth it!

  53. DT

    Pushup progression.
    4 rds &100+ meters. Went real hard on this one and it felt gooood.
    Like 1.5 rounds. T2b aint poppin off w so long off the shoulder

    Happy bday Brendan! I fucking love you man. We all do. Your energy is straight fire all the time. Its motivating and awesome.

    While we’re on these mushy subjects, big ups to elove for putting this metropolis thing together. Although we all thank him once a month or so, its not all dollars and cents. Metropolis is for sure the best part of my day.

    Also.. Sandy.. what?

  54. ledbelly

    Mush: HBD Brendan – hope you enjoyed it!

    WOD: 145-165-185-205(2)-205(2)

    Metcon 1: 3 rounds + 250 meter row

    Metcon 2: 3 rounds + 30 dubs, all T2B strict because I cannot kip – on the man’s bar, gonna start to use the girl bar going forward, get my numbers up!

  55. Sam B

    Happy Birthday Brendan!!
    Thank you for all the great coaching and energy!

    80-90-100-105-110 (PR)
    WOD 1: 3 rounds + 250 M
    WOD: 3 + 6 T2B

  56. Alicia


    sucked on shoulder press – down 10# from PR a few weeks ago. Still feeling effects from DL’s yesterday – my whole right side hurts. Actually did T2B the whole time on AMRAP – yay 🙂

    Thanks BBoy for all you do and Happy Birthday. I agree with Jeanine, my fav quote, “Get your dick in the dirt!”

  57. phillipc

    Happy birthday Coach. Lay off the baby oil though 😉

    85-95-100-100-105 press…shoulder twinge in warmup, now a bit painful

    3rounds+7situps….went off too fast at 1.29 pace (that’s what she said)

    2 rounds + 7 t2b…fuck dubs

  58. kpo17


    85-90-95-100-105. 4 rds and 3 rds on the metcon.

    Brett your a pleasure to lift with and Patrick you kept a MEAN pace on that metcon. Working out with you both is a blast.

    Shoulder Press 3 RM PR Progression
    4/13/12 – 95 lbs
    5/1/12 – 100 lbs
    5/15/12 – 105 lbs
    ??? – 205 lbs

    Bboy – you’re the man. What I like most about your style is you make me feel like you have a personal stake in my progress as an athlete. That’s a rare talent and you are using it to help people. It doesn’t get any better than that. Happy birthday bro.

    DT – Chris played the name game and thought Sandy’s nickname was “DT.” Hilarious….on so many levels.

  59. adam.schwartz

    Happy bday Brendan! hope it was an awesome one… thanks for all the energy you bring on a nightly basis…. and thank you elove for not making a blooper reel out of my toes to bar tonight… one day i’ll get there… 75-85-90-95

    WOD 1: 3 rounds

  60. Mike T

    Happy Birthday Coach B!!! Thank you for all your tips, guidance, and motivation. You da man!

    Today’s thread is freaking hysterical to read through! Awesome sauce.

    Press: 105, 115, 125, 130(PR), 135(2) fail.

    Metcon 1: 3 rnds + 100 meters on the 4th row
    Metcon 2: 2 rnds + 10 T2B’s

  61. alexsnape

    Happy Birthday Brendan! Thanks for all you’ve done for the gym, and for me personally. I’ve seen my attendance increase at the gym and my WODs have gotten a lot more accomplished thanks to your great coaching.

    Tonight was another battle with 120 pounds as I keep stalling at 115 on the press.

    100-105-110-115-120 (fail)-115

    3 rounds even on the first metcon.
    2 rounds + 5 toes to bar on the second.

  62. Ang

    Happy Birthday, Brendan!! Thank you for your awesome coaching and dedication.

    60-65-70-75 (PR)-75(last one push press)

    3 rounds + 225 row
    3 rounds + practice DUs + toes to bar and knees to elbow
    Also, got some DUs for real!

  63. Carmen

    42-47-52-57-62(2) (wouldn’t have gotten the 2 without crowd support)plus a failed push press then 10 @42 to finish it out.

    Amrap #1 – 3 to a tee
    Amrap #2 – 3 with 1 min cap on DUs and something floppy resembling knees to mid-torso area

    Happy Birthday B. Hope it was a fun one.

  64. mjansen

    125, 140, 155, 165(1), 160(2), 155(3)

    3+6 sit ups

    Happy Birthday Bboy…hope u had a great day!

    Nicola-congrats on your 1 year!

    23 more posts to go we can do this!!!!

  65. sassypants

    also why is the mainsite lady wearing those funny pants? dont really seem functional for overhead squats.

  66. Tammy CSCC

    Hi Brendan!

    Sending you love & belated birthday happiness from Santa Cruz. So happy things are going great for you at Metropolis. They are very lucky to have one of the greatest CrossFit coaches!

    Love ya,
    Tammy 🙂