Happy Friday!


Happy Friday!

Never ever lose the ability to do this.  And if you have, fight like hell until you get it back!

Warm-Up Note:
Skip the reps on ring dips for today.   Save it for the workout.

Buy In:
3 x Burgener Warm-Up
(1st & 2nd PVC, 3rd Optional Weighted)


AMRAP in 20 Minutes
2 Muscle-Ups
8 KBS  24/36

HSPU Modifications:
  Strict HSPUs to make it RX
  Kip only if necessary.  Like you’ve waited 10 minutes and can’t get any more strict ones.
–  Negatives follow that.  Be sure to keep them safe.  Use control all the way down to the ground.  If you can’t do them safely and need an abmat to cushion your “FALL”.. you shouldn’t be doing negatives anymore. 
–  In that case, get a box or use the tire to do pike HSPUs..
OR.. Hold a handstand or kick to support depending on your needs.

****  Don’t forget what we’ve been practicing with the HSPUs.  Maintain proper body positioning first and make sure the ROM stays intact. ****

Muscle-Up Modifications:
–  Do your best to stick with strict Muscle-Ups as long as possible.
–  If you’re kipping, make sure you keep it safe.
No one elbow at a time action.. unless you want to be Dr.Mike’s next appointment.
  If you can’t do Muscle-Ups yet, do a 1 for 1 on False Grip Pull-Ups and Dips.
–  If you can’t do pull-ups or dips yet, do the toughest modifications for those exercises.

P.S.  This one goes out to EJ after getting her 1st Muscle-Up!

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  1. Vikram

    Wow. Let’s just say that today was a day when even annoyingly chipper Vikram found it hard to be positive. Not even one round Rxed. Special thanks to EJ and Coach LoLo for not laughing too hard when I fell on my head…pretty f&^%ing embarrassing.

    Awesome having trash-talking Dale and KPO at 6 AM. Silver lining to it all. Watching the Big Dogs is inspiring. AVA killed it.

    Let’s just call it 5 rounds. But that’s a stretch.

  2. Jared

    Welcome to 6am Dale! I am glad you have joined the best 6am class in the northeast.

    8 rounds + 1 muscle up – I failed about 6 or 7 MU tries with 3 minutes left. During this time, Adam got two sets in and blew by me. AVA, you win this round.

    This is 1 round + a muscle up worse than the last time I did this WOD. I hope I am not seeing a trend here (was off my PR last time in fran). I hope it’s the fact I slept less than 5 hours last night. (excuses).

    See you all tomorrow!

  3. Adam Van Auken

    Either 10 + 2 HSPU or 9+2 rx’d (PR either way from (8 + 3 HSPU on 6/30/12). One of my tally marks was confusing. This upsets me but oh well. I remember I took off my shirt at 8 rounds completed with about 5 minutes left. I’ll go for 10 next time.

    Notes for Next Time: I was not even close to failing a MU so I’ll try to rest less before them. KBs – I really tried to use as little arms as possible.

    @Jared – Sorry about saying “Beat Jared” next to you. I was just trying to make you laugh. Or I was trying to get in your head. You’ll never know. (-;

  4. TC

    7 rds + MU + HSPU

    HSPU are still very hard for me. Got through the first 4 rounds of doing them strict and then switched over to doing them in the pike position on the box.

    As always the 6am crew knows how to make you feel welcome 🙂

  5. Paige

    9 + 2 modified HSPU

    24KG KB
    modified muscle ups with Pull ups and negative ring dips

    did one round assisted HSPU (barely- thanks for the assist EJ!)and the rest pike (mostly full pike on feet/toes- a couple on knees)

  6. BAston

    Shoulder pain, visit to Dr. Mike at 11am.

    Did some back squat work with a hold at the bottom. Did my 7 dead hang pull ups for the 7th day of the month, and 25 GHD’s.

    See everyone tonight!!

  7. ledbelly

    HSPU rx’d
    KB’s – 32KG, that is the big dog
    Muscle ups – can’t do those
    Crushed some ring dips

    The 6am crew is just a different world, I don’t mean that in a positive or negative way. Everyone is just really really awake for 6am!

    O btw 6am, challenge accepted, name the time, we know the place!

  8. Amylynne

    12 rds RX’D

    Considering last time I did not do this rxd, I’m psyched

    Congrats to Shane on first MU ever (and done at 19 min into wod when not fresh at all!!!)

  9. mcohen

    That was nasty. I guess that is why its a hero WOD. Got through 6 rounds. Muscle ups and 2.0 pood KB swings on all rounds. The handstands fall off a cliff for me.

    Fun times with some of the big boys of CFM this morning.

  10. EJ


    If you’d like to place an order for a rope please email me [email protected]

    There are a few at the gym, but it’s always good to have your own that’s the correct length for your height

  11. amy edelman

    Missed my 6am buddies today but made it to the 5:30 with Eroc & EJ!

    10+2 rounds
    Modified HDPU on the box
    pull ups (no jumping today!! Yay!!) with ring dip hold & negatives
    24kg KB

  12. nicola

    7 + 5 kbs

    HSPUs on the box is soooooo much easier. But there’s no elegant way to get off of it. @EJ: please do not share the photos of me flopping around like a dead fish!!
    Dead hangs pullups, negative ring dips, 1 pood