Happy Halloween!!


Happy Halloween!!

Back to Normal Hours of Operation today.  Wear your costume.  Trick or Treat; you get a barbell.


Press:  3-3-3-3-3


Against a 6 minute clock, climb the ladder;
1 Thruster, 135/95
2 Push-ups
2 Thrusters
4 Push-ups
3 Thrusters
6 Push-ups
As far up the ladder as you can go.

Post load, reps to Comments.

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  1. PJ

    Hope everyone is drying out & safe!

    Quick question: has anyone dealt w/ wrist pain on the press, and have any voodoo magic to fix it? The outside of my left wrist has started twinging at the top when I press. Email [email protected] if anyone has the answer key… thx!

  2. lauren

    Jared – you didn’t wear a costume, so I’m not sure that you really went rx’d 😉

    WEAR COSTUMES, PEOPLE. It’s fun. It’s Halloween. It makes people smile. (Trust me, the guy who gave sold me my coffee this morning was very amused.)

    Not a great press day for me, but I’m determined to get my lifts back:
    53-58-63-68(f)-drop set

    5 rounds + 6 thrusters

  3. amy edelman

    Press: 68-73-78-88 (PR – failed on 3rd rep)- 83

    Thrusters @ 88# (PR) 5 rounds + 3 thrusters

    Horrible push ups – Jared very kindly pointed that out 😉

    Happy Halloween! Sorry no costume today Lauren

  4. Katie

    Failed on the 3rd rep of the 4th set at 69# but then got the 5th set

    73# thrusters & knee push ups

  5. Paige


    Thrusters @ 70# stopped after 3 bc of back and wrist injury

    50 D/U
    65 ab mat sit-ups (last 15 with a 10# plate)

  6. BrookeHCooper

    60-65-70-72 (but had to pp 2) – 72 (1)-70(2)

    Thrusters at 65 lbs
    Regular pushups for a few rounds then from knees

  7. zompetti

    Been stuck working on the couch these last few days with power out at our office building. CFM is a good 45 blocks away, so I havent fought the crowds to get up there yet.
    this morning’s home workout consisted of:
    3 rounds of
    15 pushups
    25 situps
    30 air squats

    with 5 burpees in between.

  8. Adam Van Auken

    Press: 135-140-145-150-150(2). Although I’m off my PR, 150X3 felt a little easier than last time we did this.

    Ladder: 6 plus 3 thrusters. I thought Jared did 7 rounds and was wondering how the heck he did that! This was just the right weight and time for me because the set of 7 would have taken forever (After 2 thrusters I had to put the bar down). My strategy here was to rest just enough so that I could do the thrusters unbroken. I did this through round 6.

  9. mcohen

    Press from behind the neck. Goal to get movement pattern in the correct path. Sets of 3


    Metcon: 5 rounds Rx’d.

    Cash out: 50 unbroken double unders, 15-9-9 GHD/Back Extensions.

    That felt so great to be back at the box this morning.

  10. belbogen

    Nice to see everyone this AM, hoping to make this whole exercise thing more frequent after my (hopefully) final checkup with the hip doctor next week.


    6+9 (95# thrusters)

  11. marilina

    I originally thought I would miss this because I would have practice until late, so I didn’t prepare my costume.

    press: 3x 53, 3×58, 1×63 (Fx2), 3×58, 3×60

    95# front squat. Twice as I put down the 45# bar in warm up I felt a sharp pain up my arm, so I opted out of the thruster.
    6rounds + 5

  12. AllisonV

    Cash In: 1.5 mile easy run to gym

    Press: 35-45-50-55-55 (repeat PR from 10/26)

    Metcon: 5 rounds + 6 thrusters
    45# thrusters (heaviest ever!), dropped to knee push-ups in 3rd round

  13. Ang

    63-68-70-73-75 (2) + pp & 1 set 63 (5) + 53 (8)

    I will get you 75, next time……

    6 rounds + 6 thrusters 53#
    some regular pu and some knee pu

    Happy Halloween!

  14. EJ

    Took it easy with presses today

    Pullups between sets

    Ladder – nice to WOD with the proprietor (took it from the ground)
    6 rounds +12 pu+ 6 thrusters
    *my quads are still a little toast from the weekend’s competition

  15. TC

    Interval Rowing
    6 x 500m sprint / 1 minute of light rowing recovery


    My goal was to not go over 1:55, and almost did it with the exception of interval 5. This was tough.

  16. Benjammin

    love this cycle of work outs.
    85-95-100-105-110(had to push press last 2)- did extra round of 105

    WOD- 6 thrusters + 9 push ups at 95 lbs.

  17. Rolf

    6 mile run around Central Park… Park was closed so had to run on the sidewalk. Spent the first part of the run dodging idiots on their cell phones, the second part trying to run them over.

  18. Sandy Frankenstorm


    5 rounds @105#. Tweaked wrist and neck. Can’t seem to get out of my own way!

  19. sassypants

    tried 1RM at 75 but failed. someday i will have strong shoulders….

    metcon @ 85# (heaviest thrusters i’ve ever done in a wod)
    5 rounds + 5

    yaaaay gumby!

  20. wingsteroosky

    @Brooke, that’s super nice of you to offer a room. =)

    53-63-63-68-73(had to push press last set)

    6 rounds + 3 @68#

  21. Jason Castro

    Strict Press
    Metcon: 5+4 RX’d
    I think I left my phone at the gym. Its a black verizon andriod with a picture of a baby snapping turtle on the cover screen.

  22. Alicia

    60-65-70-77 1/2(2)-75
    Mary & I somehow messed up the weights and had one less plate on the 4th set. 5# off my PR from May

    metcon: 5+6+3 @65#
    Was going to go w/ 75, but decided to drop weight and do the full wod in my costume…it was hot, sweaty and gross.

    Gumby on 3!

  23. MikeM

    Stupid work/public transit
    At home:
    8 HSPU singles

    NFT 3 rds:
    15 weighted situps @ 1pd
    5 ring dips

    6 min Amrap ladder:
    1 KB thruster, each arm @ 1pd
    2 pushups
    2/4, 3/6, etc
    5 rds + 12 thrusters + 6 pushups

  24. sallys

    68 73 75 77 78.5 (2, fail on 3)

    I should have gotten that third one 🙁

    5 rds + 5 thrusters into 6th round @ 78#

    Oh, and 2 mile walk to the gym, 2 mile walk back. Getting a cab is like winning the lotto.

  25. Joe

    80-85-90-95-105 up 10# form last Friday when we did this. Feeling shoulder coming back nicely still.

    Metcon –
    5 full rounds plus 5 thrusters into round 6 @95#
    Frist time doing 95# thrusters in a wow Inching towards Fran Rx’d.

    When i walked in today i thought wow, who is the awesome person who came dressed as Elove for Halloween…..then i saw it….The real deal Beard that is the Proprietor!

    Welcome back coach!!!

  26. Lightbody

    115 on the press. Up 5lbs from last week. Delts still dont love overhead.

    7 thrusters at 100#, 10 push ups. Again, delts just dont like overhead.

    Nice to have elove back. Didnt realized i missed that beard……creeps. Great costumes you guys!

  27. nicola

    60-65-66.5-70 (pp)
    Pr by a whopping 1.5lbs. Still not feeling anything overhead…esp since getting to wburg/dr mike isn’t really doable right now.

    5+4 thrusters @65#

    Who was the dude with the beard?? Good to have the proprietor back!

  28. AllisonNYC

    Our Girls are getting Strong! With a capital S!

    Happy Halloween, All!
    I had the best time taking my little Luigi around our building. Nothing brings me more joy than spending quality one on one time with my little guy.

  29. Bram

    95-105-105-110-120 (2x)

    subbed backsquats (135) for thrusthers because after the press and warmup thrusters with empty barbell, my wrist felt wrecked already. 7 rounds + 1 bs

  30. Ron

    Good times. 120. Got two up of 130 on press.
    Thruster ladder: 5+11 @125# cash out with 100dus and 50 ab mat sit-ups. Rest day tomorrow.