Heavy Day!


Heavy Day!

Can you believe this tough guy used to be Barney?!
I can, because he’s really the nicest, sweetest guy in the world…
And SUPER fit.

Strength WOD:
Strict Press:
After the 5 sets of 2, you can continue on to a 1RM

Cash Out:
AMRAP in 7 Minutes:
Sprint to 99th & Back
15 Toes to Bar

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  1. Brooke

    Do you remember workouts in the park?

    Do you reminisce about climbing 2 flights of stairs every time there was a running WOD?

    Do you only know Metropolis 2.0?

    Celebrate Crossfit Metropolis’s 3rd Birthday!!!

    Sunday, November 4th
    12 p.m.
    At the gym.

    We will also be cheering on our marathon runners (Brian, Brian and Dave) on 5th Ave!

    We will also be getting catering from Dinosaur BBQ and asking for only $20 per person to cover the costs. Please give sooner rather than later so we can place the order in time. You can give money to any of the coaches or to me.

    Please let me know if you have any questions!


  2. Adam Van Auken

    SP – 145(2),155(2,felt great),165(1,2nd rep fail),155(1,2nd rep fail),145(2),170(not even close).

    I was close on 165 (2-rep new PR attempt) but expended a lot of energy on rep 2 so I was shot after that. Next time I will just try to tie previous PRs since I failed so many times here.

    AMRAP – 3 Round plus 5 T2Bs. I really went after this one since I was mad.

    Dave – you are a beast!

  3. jen


    Given that the Marathon/CFM anniversary party is only 2 weeks later, we are going to cancel the paleo potluck on 10/19.

    Please feel free to bring your paleo creation to the party on Nov.4!!

  4. mcohen

    Press: 125-135-140(1)-140(push press)-140 (2 reps.)

    I did one of the comp wods for the CFNE event.

    5 minute AMRAP: 5 pullups, 10 power clean @95 lbs. and 15 doublunders

    4 rounds and 5 pullups.

    5 plus rounds in 6 minutes after the 1 minute of thrusters at the comp is a decent goal.

  5. amy edelman

    First time doing these in class so started light & worked up
    48#, 53#, 58#, 63#, 73#
    83# 1 rep max

    AMRAP: 3 rounds + Run

    3 min plank hold

  6. ledbelly

    165-175-185-195-205 – In hindsight, I think I should have started higher. This is why everyone should have a book and write down their workouts. Not me, but everyone else absolutely should. “Do as I say, not as I do”

    1RM Strict Press @ 230(PR)

    2 rounds + 13T2B

  7. GusFerg

    First time doing these in class so started light & worked up
    AMRAP: 3 rounds + Run
    5 min plank hold

    Will the party still be going after the run? Keen to get involved afterwards…

  8. Brooke

    @gus – Absolutely! we stay around to cheer on our runners from CFM and wait until they get to the gym to congratulate them. It’s a fun day!

  9. Amylynne

    Every min on min for 7 min:
    1 power snatch 1 hang snatch (58)
    5 min rest
    Then again every min on min for 7 min:
    1 power clean 1 hang clean (83)
    Then 2 min rest before 5 min amrap squat clean + jerk (93)

  10. kpo17


    5 min plank hold with Ang, Erobot and Abbot. Felt that one.

    95-100-105(fail after 1)-100-100

    then worked up to a 110 1RM (PR). This is up from 105 on 5-30-12.

    2 Rds of 200m run, 15 ring dips.

  11. Charles

    115-125-145-155-125. I dropped the weight on the last one because a) after 155 I basically cashed in on my 1 RM by doing 165 in a successful first rep with a failed second rep and b) I was just positive I wasn’t getting up much more after gassing myself with that 165 attempt. 125 definitely felt hard at that point.

    On the amrap, got 3 rounds + about half the run. Getting the toes to bar unbroken is so key. Had trouble doing this on the 3rd round.

  12. jen

    Attempted 73 1rm (f)

    In may 1RM was 80! Wish we did these lifts more consistently. Thanks for the pep talk Ej. You’re the best 🙂

    2 rounds+run+3 t2b. Abs are toast!

  13. George


    Glad to get 100 up once! I’m positive my shoulders are my weakness here. When I struggled, I could feel myself trying to get my shoulders more directly under the bar to transfer my weight to my arms. Next time, going to bring my hands in further and hopefully have stronger shoulders!

    Cash out 2x with knees to er, chest-ish.

  14. Ang

    Made it 2:10 into 5 min plank hold with KPO and Abbott. Need to work on visually my spirit animal more.

    75 1 RM down from June

    2 rds + 10 T2B

  15. ERIC S.

    5 min plank holds fun with Kpo Abbott& Angela (no one dropped) !

    Shoulder press 145 (2) 155(2) 165(2) 175(2) 180(2)
    1 rep max was 185
    Failed with 190

    Then did 5×5 on back squat
    280 # , up 5 lbs from august 14th

  16. sallys

    63 73 83(PR) 84.5(PR) 85 (fail) 83

    My math was totally wonky. I got really frustrated when I couldn’t put up 75 until I realized it was actually 85. My highest single was previously 75, but it’s very possible my math was bad for that too.

    2 + 5, did K2E (I think…may have been hybrid knees up/K2E)

  17. Joe

    One of the best days in my Crossfit Career. Pressed for the first time in Months. Shoulder is getting there and very excited. I kept it light and felt great!!
    45-50-55-65-75 stopped there as I was not doing 1RM. No pain at all and felt like I could have done a lot more. Baby steps!

    Metcon – 3 even with 2nd and 3rd rounds of 45# abmat situps instead of Toes 2 Bar

  18. Nico

    Really wanted to do this work out but still at work…Next time i’ll make sure to wake up for the 7am class.

    Hope you guys had fun!