Holiday Weekend Schedule – 1 Team WOD at 11am!!


Holiday Weekend Schedule – 1 Team WOD at 11am!!

Something makes me think Dale is issuing some kind of tank top challenge with this one!

Working in Teams of 4, With 2 Partners working at one time, Complete the Following
300 Pull-Ups
400 Push-Ups
500 Sit-Ups
600 Squats

Teams must complete one exercise before moving to the next.

Holiday Weekend Schedule:
Saturday: 11am TEAM WOD!;   All other classes Canceled
Sunday:  9am Free Intro;  10am WOD;   Open gym canceled
  Gym is Closed;   An eqipmentless Home workout option will be posted

Enjoy your Holiday Weekend!!!

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  1. BAston

    Crossfit in Madison CT:

    Partner wod, 15 minutes.

    One partner – 5 goblet squats with 1 1/2 pood, 10 KB swings, 15 wall ball slams.

    Other partner does a plank hold while the other works. If the planks is broken, all work stops.

    We got through 8 rounds.

    Partner and I got through 4 rounds without breaking, then we broke alternated after each exercise. Planks went fast.

  2. Alicia

    Team Vikram (V, Val, me & Gymbelle)
    24:16 jumping pullups & knee pushups
    The V’s & Gymbelle are machines! Totally carried my weight during this wod.

    Awesome morning. Happy Labor Day weekend all! 🙂

  3. Vikram

    Boom! That was awesome team magic! Still smiling…! Love my gals! That body weights stuff is great for skinnies.

    Coach Allison rocked my world with HSPU practice. I had just been kicking up and holding all week. Today she got me practicing negatives and it was whole new sensation…I WANT MORE! Training my wife to help me.

    Big Dog Brad, Amylynne…the monsters. All the new people and faces. Love Saturdays at CFM! Happy Holiday ya’ll.

    Monday WOD in the park – 9 AM! Jared leads…

  4. dlede

    beat from the last few days

    ATTENTION: anyone that likes running, training for a race, the NYC marathon etc., I am planning on doing a double loop in the park (12 miles) to train Monday.. probably something like 9am, email me if interested in joining ([email protected])

  5. Brett

    My team (me, Shane, Katie, Kristan) may have come in last place (34:10), but we looked the best doing it. My pullups slowed the team up because I can’t kip, but otherwise I held my own.

    I almost kicked-up into a handstand today thanks to the assistance of coach EJ.

    For those of you in town tomorrow with nothing fun to do, you are welcome to come over for a bbq in my back yard. There will be plenty of choices for all dietary needs including paleo, zone, vegetarian, or cannibalism (just keeping you on your toes).

    Items on the menu are:

    skirt steak
    pollo asado
    veggie burgers
    grilled chicken
    Hot Dogs and Burgers
    steamed clams
    shrimp cocktail
    chips with salsa or hummus
    grilled corn
    grilled veggies (broccoli, mushrooms)
    fresh fruit
    homemade paleo fudge

    I have about 5 cases of wine, plenty of vodka, tequila, bourbon, and scotch. If beer is your preference, perhaps bring some but no need to bring anything else.

    BBQ starts at 3:00 and will likely go past midnight. If your idea of fun is discussing your WOD time, v-neck Fridays, or proper squat form this is not the place for you to be. Anybody who doesn’t drink, socialize, and laugh will be given a bbq no-rep and will be locked in a room for an hour with nothing to do but read the 6:00 AM class blog posts.

    Address is 328 East 89th St Apt 1W. Please text me (973)-698-5621 or email me at [email protected] if you plan to attend so I can prepare the proper amount of food.

  6. Katie

    Brett you crack me up! Great time today with Brett, Shane & Kristan! Kristan awesome job! You are like a pro and were definitely moving faster than Brett on the squats:)!

  7. SoCalAndrew

    ~32 mins with the 3 man newb/visitor team (Me, Maxwell, Jeremy). We toned down the number of reps, though.

    Brett – There are few things worse than reading 6am blog posts, so I’m sure no one will break the rules. 😛

  8. sara

    Crossfit in Burlington, NC
    7 sets of the bear complex working up to heaviest weight. 80#
    4×400 meter runs w 2 mins rest. 10:33

  9. jen

    31:22 i think.
    Team amylynne, brad, LB, CB
    For pullups and squats i was really mainly there to give Amylynne (the machine) a few second breaks here and there. Held my own better on the pushups and situps.
    Fun WOD.

  10. Valbona

    The team workouts are more fun than I imagined. Proud of my team!

    Jumping pull ups and push ups from the knees. Currently working on being able to lift my arms and walk from those squats.

    I’ve never had to think so much about math during a WOD before either but my team rocked it. Those HSPUs are still not coming along and I miss not being here during the week and missing out on this focused training. Always inspiring to see so many others be able to do them and continue practicing!!

  11. Vikram

    Lol…have to stick up for the 6 am fam! By the way, anyone is welcome to join in the magic. Just a bunch of dedicated people who love, laugh and work their asses off every single weekday morning. Nothing wrong with that. Pure Crossfit baby. And we love you all…even if you find it annoying (particularly the ethnic skinny newbie who can’t stop smiling). CFM is the truth baby. Community on 3! -V