Holiday Weekend Schedule Announcement!


Holiday Weekend Schedule Announcement!


“The Bear-ish”
AMRAP in 20 Minutes:
1 Round Equals:
Hang Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Jerk
Back Squat
Push Jerk
Bring the bar to the ground with control  (Dropping the bar = failed rep)

**   The bar can’t touch the ground until all exercises have been completed.  Failure anywhere in the Round is a failed round and can’t count towards the score.
You CAN rest the bar on your shoulders or in your hip.  **

** All reps should look picture perfect.  **

Cash Out:
2 Sets NFT:
20 GHD Sit-Ups
Ring Dips

**  If you’re good at strict ring dips, go for max sets  (7 Minimum each round)
** If you’re working towards them, do about 10 of the most appropriate variation.

Holiday Weekend Schedule:
Saturday: 11am TEAM WOD!;   All other classes Canceled
Sunday:  9am Free Intro;  10am WOD;   Open gym canceled
  Gym is Closed;   An eqipmentless Home workout option will be posted.

Enjoy your Holiday Weekend!!!

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  1. Jared

    felt really good to be back. My elbow feels fine right now!

    32 rounds at 115#

    Let me know if anyone is up for an old school boot camp WOD on Monday morning in the park!

  2. Vikram

    Order has been restored in the world! Jared is back! KPO “the mad scientist” is also back to 6 AM…smiles and love all around.

    My first time trying this WOD. Awesome coaching today – we had a full 4 helping us out (LoLo, Eroc, EJ & Allison). Special thanks to them because I really needed the help. There was a lot going on today in terms of foot stances and grips. PM classes – think about that stuff and you will be a lot better off.

    Only 19 rounds @ 95 lbs. It was the right weight for a newcomer like me, but ideally I should have done more rounds.


  3. Adam Van Auken

    16 rounds at 155#. My goal is 18 next time and will begin on the minute for a long as possible. I think I can conserve energy by:
    – being faster
    – Not gripping the bar during front squat (thanks EROC)
    – Better jerk (warm this up more next time)
    – Faster negative from jerk

  4. Paige

    41 Rounds @ 58#. I definitely went too light but it was my first time doing this. Did the rounds fast so my heartrate was up.

    Thanks to LoLo, EJ, Eroc and Allison!

    @Jared, what time are you thinking?

  5. mcohen

    23 rounds at 105 lbs.

    6 a.m. Friday may be my favorite hour of the week. The ladies of 6 a.m. killed it today hung over and all.

    Have a safe and happy Labor day to everyone. Tuesday we come back and get strong.

  6. Lara F

    Ok I might of over done it this week, oh Allison really meant NO lower body anything at all whatsoever! Totally laying off for the next few days., it’s frustrating & depressing but need to heal!

    At least today I definately got my max presses in! Great strength workout! Thank you Allison & Eroc!
    And thanks to my 6am-ers for being so great!!:-)

    Happy Labor Day everyone!

  7. cat

    29 rds @ 53#

    Shoulder feels good so that means the weight was right.

    Prob rested too much but I’m not used I this morning thing!

  8. BAston

    23 rounds at 105#. Fun going back and forth with Joe (even though he was doing 135#), we had a good pace going. Nice job Katie and Vic, great wod. As always, thanks EJ for keeping me focused. Have a great weekend all, off to the CT for the weekend.

  9. TC

    Started the Wendler 5/3/1 program for military press

    4 rds for time
    10 hang power cleans (95 lbs)
    15 burpees


  10. ledbelly

    yea, jared take the bet. at worse you dont get to engage in this 6 a.m. blog love fest. at best, you get to talk shit to me FOREVER!

    I was at the Penrose last night, currently trying to cure my hangover with coconut water, you have an advantage 🙂

  11. Vikram

    Be careful Jared. I saw Dale drag Big Joe around the gym during the band resistance WOD last week. It was scary.

  12. Jared

    I just received an email from Dale that asked if I was scared and included a sweet picture of him in a tank making a muscle.

    Can the deal be that I only post my scores? I use this blog to log all my workouts. I will refrain from additional comments that are not workout specific.

  13. vicnord

    25 @ 63#

    Three days in a row of crossfitting & handstand practice has me sore from head to toe.

    I’m up for a 9am WOD in CP on Monday!

  14. BAston

    Sunday, Sept 9, Jared vs Dale, face to face, comp style at 115#.

    Let’s see who is man enough to take the challenge, or who decides to make excuses. Just a suggestion.

  15. ledbelly

    Jared, the good news is I only did 29 rounds. The bad news is I did it at 155. So imagine if I did 115?

  16. Ambrose

    ha[[y friday. I took the day off of work and defected to the 9am. Did you know they only have 4 people in the 9am? Turns out 6am is one of the heaviest times. Thanks for the pointers ej! 135 for 23 reps Jared you went soft on this one with 115?

  17. Charles

    30 rounds at 125#.

    It became really hard to keep the 1.5 – 2 reps per minute pace around 15 minutes, but assuming that I can keep the same form that I did this time, I believe I could do 135# next time.

    Hey Jared, I’d be totally down for a Monday morning thing. Can we start an email chain with more details? My email is [email protected]