Intro to CrossFit – the Blonde Bomber


Intro to CrossFit – the Blonde Bomber

So in my on-going evangelist effort to convert the world to CrossFit cult membership, I convinced another friend to come out for a session on a Friday evening.  Thank fully the sun was out for precisely the second time since April.  And she knocked it out of the park!  Please welcome the Blonde Bomber to CF Metropolis.  This girl is very dedicated to her fitness and has a cult of her own called Physique 57, but I’m confident in time that we’ll be able to break her down and bring her over to our side..can I get a CrossFit Amen! 
We got introduced to the Air Squat and the Overhead Squat and then a short and sweet WOD to introduce the Sport of CrossFit.  BB’s form was excellent, next time we’ll ratchet up the intensity on the WOD now that we know what she’s made of. 

4 rounds for time of:
200m run
5 Burpees
15 Air Squats

Thoughts/results to Comments.

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  1. ChristinaVitt

    8:03…See, I remembered!…And my Physique instructors are good at teaching me how to squat 😉

  2. will they teach you how to front squat, overhead squat, press, push press, push about clean, clean and jerk and snatch…or muscle ups, kipping pullups, ring dips, burpees, hand stand pushups?? me thinks not…hope you’ll keep trying’d be very good at it..