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June Newsletter

Metropolis Newsletter
June 2017

Summer is here!

We have clear skies and lots of fun workouts and extracurriculars ahead. Hopefully you have some vacation and relaxation on your personal calendar. While you’re traveling, make sure to keep up your regular physical activity, whether you’re focused on hitting regular PR’s or just trying to stay healthy (hint: not much difference there). Find a local CrossFit gym to drop into, or try your hand at programming your own workouts while you travel. For your inspiration, I’ve created a list of traveling workouts that you might want to tackle. Enjoy!

NEW! Matt’s Travel WODs

In case you missed it, the CrossFit Games Regionals Events are going on right now. The CrossFit Open that we all participated in feeds into Regionals, and now we get to see the best athletes get tested, with heavier weights, harder gymnastics, and more grueling tests. I encourage you to watch! With our workouts at Metropolis, we are developing the same kind of fitness that these top athletes display. Who knows, with some serious hard work and dedication, maybe you will be competing at such an event someday!

If you want to excel in the Sport of Fitness, whether that means dominating your buddies in the WOD, or performing well in competition, you will need grit, patience, and luck. You need to focus on the athlete you are now — your capabilities, strengths, and weakness — as well as the athlete you want to become — the skills, the mindset and the behavior you’ll need to develop if you want to become the best you can be. The CrossFit Games is a great window into the world of such athletes. Watch! Look out for their attitudes and abilities, and also the tests that CrossFit HQ decides will distinguish the best of the best.

Here’s a great article about the 2016 CrossFit Games, and what events/movements were most predictive of overall success:

2016 CrossFit Games Correlation Analysis – Men

For those of us not going to the Games, this is a fantastic look at what our “sport” is all about. Here are some highlights:

“Essentially, the strength of an athlete’s 1RM Deadlift did not have any predictive relationship to how they finished the week. Only one athlete finished in the top 10 in the Deadlift Ladder and the final rankings (Alex Vigneault).”

“Only 5 of the 15 events used a barbell. The other 10 events did not. So the better a person was without the barbell proved to be beneficial at this year’s Games.”

“The Snail was a brand new element at the Games this year. The D-Ball and Med-Ball GHD Sit-ups are not new, but they aren’t as common as other movements. The athletes that excelled at these events were those who could quickly adapt to things thrown at them with little to no practice.”

“The fact that the Squat Clean Pyramid along with the Deadlift Ladder, the two strength-based events, had some of the lowest correlations shows that the Games this year was more about endurance and high output training that tested lactic thresholds. The Games did not favor the strongest athletes.”

The big picture is this: CrossFit is about preparing for the unknown and unknowable. As long as you stick to the basic prescription of constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement, you will succeed. When the open comes around, it is prudent to focus on the basic barbell (and now dumbbell) lifts, and the easily tested gymnastics movements, but don’t forget the big picture. Our definition of fitness places no premium on olympic lifting or high rep gymnastics at the expense of other functional movements. Push-ups, running, rope climbs, swimming, farmer’s walks, and biking are just as relevant to your fitness as the cleans, burpees, snatches, pull-ups, deadlifts, and wallballs. If only we had a pool! So even if the Open is just around the corner, do the right thing for your fitness, and your performance as a CrossFit athlete, and don’t miss a workout that has the lesser tested movements in it. Inverted burpees anyone?

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Team Taco Truck Throwdown – June 24th

This Month’s Focus: Front Squats


If our squat variations are our children, the front squat is the middle child. It gets ignored. The back squat gets all the respect. The overhead squat gets more attention. No one has time for the front squat.

Well not this month! In June we’ll give the front squat her due, spending plenty of time in the hole with some pause front squats as well. If this is a movement that challenges you, get excited to make some progress this month.

If mobility is a limitation for you, here is my tired but true advice: spend more time in the bottom of the squat. The most obvious place is in between your lifts. Don’t sit on a box. Grab a pole or a weight and hold yourself in the position you want to be strong in. Squat at home too, and on your lunch break. If you want inspiration, watch JLee squat. He’s gone from barely being able to air squat below parallel to overhead squatting 95lbs deep for reps. Go J!

Great reads from the web

Regionals Athletes Train with Weight Vests – some inspiration for your own training!

Too Much Volume or Not Enough Fitness? – who can even do some of these CrossFit workouts?!

Lifting the Bar off the Floor – another good one from Greg Everett

Waxman’s Calculator – are your Snatch and Clean & Jerk in balance? What do you need to work on? Very nice free online analysis.

Happy Training!


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