Mid-week Mayhem!!


Mid-week Mayhem!!

Gumby and Toadstool can lift more than you…. Trick or Treat B*%che$


20 rep Max


“The Hunger For More”

12 min AMRAP
3 rope climbs starting on your ass
10 Handstand Push-Ups

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  1. EJ

    See here for the last time we did 20 rep max deadlifts


    *REMINDER – SUNDAY: Marathon Party, 3rd Anniversary Party*

    Don’t miss out on the most epic party of the year. Keg, BBQ, good people = GREAT TIMES. If you have yet to RSVP, click here


    While we are not collecting $$ for the food, if you’d like to contribute, please bring snacks/alcohol.

  2. amy edelman

    Deadlift @ 174. Broke it up 14 + 6. Should have gone unbroken…I’m not sure why I stopped :-/

    12min Amrap: 5 rounds + 1 rope climb.
    HSPUs from tall box & rope climbs with feet.

  3. AllisonNYC

    That’s Toadette! 🙂

    If any people need a place to shower, a couch to eat snacks on with TV, or a place to get snuggly, you’re welcome to come to our house. We’re super cozy here 24/7 and right down the block from the gym.

    6 & 7 were so light this morning and so I hope it’s because everyone is cuddly in bed enjoying a day off and not stuck in without power and stuff.

    Mike is definitely a trooper! And Amy is super strong! Watch out boys, she’s comin’ for you!

  4. mcohen

    Deadlift: 275 lbs. Last time unbroken at same weight, today, not so good.

    I am just plain tired. No power is starting to wear on me. But, we dust ourselves off and tomorrow we give it another shot.

  5. GusFerg

    CFM Team – thanks for the warm shower this morning after a great stretching session before Sunday. First warm shower in three days! If any of the runners is keen for a very light loosening run (1/2km) and stretch on Saturday from CFM, i’ll be at the 8:30am class.

  6. BAston

    @Gus – Just got back from the expo. The ferry service is completely cancelled for all runners. There is going to be bus service from the NY Public Library (42nd & 5th). Wave 1 leaves at 4:30am, 2 at 5:30am, 3 at 6:30am, 4 at 7:30am. They advise to be there 15 minutes before…. But I am betting on an epic shit show, so I’ll probably stroll in around 6am for my wave 3 departure.

    Expo was pretty cool. Got a few nice shirts (as MCohen predicted). I also ate some energy samples at one of the booths and almost had a stroke. I was twitching for half of the bike ride home.

  7. Julesnextdoor

    Deadlift: 93 lbs, not pr.

    1st uh-assisted rope climb!

    Now I just need to adjust my entire career and lifestyle so I can go to 10am class every day.

  8. Katie

    168# DL unbroken

    2 rounds + 3 rope climbs
    Rope climbs with feet and HSPU negatives, can’t figure out how to push myself back up

  9. bfarrel

    One Year Anniversary Post –it’s a mushfest, so get ready:

    Four walls, barbells, rubber plates and some ERG rowers don’t turn a house into a home. Sweat, chalk stains, grimy floors and long awaited pull-up bars don’t turn a house into home. What turns a house into a home are the people that occupy that house each and every day. What Elove has done to create community of name-knowing, name-gaming, fun-having, hard-working and fitness-achieving people is nothing short of amazing. I’ve spent about six months of my first year of Crossfit actually Crossfitting, but I’ve spent the entire year growing in one of the most amazing communities of people assembled. People like the crazies at 6am; people like the Crossfitting couples who Crossfit together because a fit couple is a happy couple, right?; people like the people who show up day in and day out because they want to challenge themselves and become the best person they can be; and people like the people who coach and challenge us every day.

    The beautiful thing about Crossfit Metropolis is that we’re a team and we’re a family. I fell in love with CFM during the Open because I saw a community of people striving to be better as a whole than any one individual. Support, team work, cheer and sweat bounced from every brick of our new home during those five weeks and it was an awesome sight to see. It’s because of this that I don’t believe CFM can be replicated: it’s unique. My first, and lasting, image of CFM was walking into the newbie class on Sunday morning. After ascending the flights of stairs past the autobody shop, I was greeted with a shirtless, hairy man swinging from a rope who plopped to the ground and said “welcome to Crossfit Metropolis, we’ll be with you soon.” Impossible not to sign up for a 6 month membership immediately following that, right elove1?

    I believe that CFM transcends location. It wasn’t bound to Central Park back in the early days, it wasn’t bound to the third floor above an autobody shop, and while it has found a new home on 100th street, it won’t be bound to it either. The reason for this is that the core of it does not change: we start as a team and we finish as a team. We talk about what we learned in the WOD, what struggles we had in the WOD, what went well in the WOD and what we would like to see improved in the WOD. And we do this for every, single, WOD. That’s coaching. That’s progress. That’s teamwork. And that’s not replicated at every, single, other box.

    When I walk into the class at CFM, it’s impossible for me not smile from ear to ear. I love this box, I love the people in this box, and I love sweating and cheering and pushing it with you for that painful hour in this box. And afterward, the energy and the feeling in this box is ephemerally awesome and I can’t wait for the next day to go through it all again.

    It will be a couple more months until I can WOD again with all of you, and you can probably guess by this post that I’m pretty excited about it. In the meantime, be good, WOD well and eat meat.

  10. BrookeHCooper

    Showed up for the noon class today and there is no class! Luciana and Rachel made the same mistake too! Who knew the midday schedule wasn’t the same every day?! So disappointed.

  11. AllisonNYC

    Oh No, Brooke!

    If you girls are still in the area I will run over right now! I an be there in 2 minutes!

    Send me a text if you want to get your workout in now – 917-796-3531

  12. Adam Van Auken

    DL – 275(PR). I agree with Julesnextdoor (great handle btw) that it would be awesome to workout at 10 AM every day. I had a great night’s sleep, good breakfast (apple, veggie omelet, coffee) and good warmup (thanks Allison). By the time I threw on Bonnie Tyler’s Holding Out for a Hero, I was about to tear the roof off like two dogs caged! At rep 10 I was like “Man this is easy.” At rep 20 I felt like I had 5 more reps easy. So stoked. 280 next time.

    AMRAP – 2 Rounds plus 4 HSPU rx’d. Also felt good but rested quite a bit Because these are both tough movements!

    @bfarrel – To paraphrase Mean Girls, “Do you even go here?” Ha ha. Just kidding. Great post. The annoying thing about you is that you could take a year off and crush me in a couple months, freak.

  13. AllisonNYC

    You guys all obviously know that lots of people in our area are in a bad way right now.
    There are so many people that got displaced because their homes are ruined and all of their belongings are destroyed, too. It’s hard to imagine how devastated I would be if my special things got ruined. It’s heartbreaking.

    I’m sure we all want to do something to help the people who are suffering because of the storm.. even though lots of you are dealing with power outages and loss of hot water yourselves.

    I’m going to make a Food Donation Tub and a Clothing Donation Tub and leave them at the gym.

    The Red Cross and Salvation Army are accepting donations for non-perishable goods and clothing so I’m sure once we collect some things we can arrange to get it to the people who need it.

    Brad, well said. All of that is very true and what separates CrossFit from any old workout program.. It’s the community and there is certainly a very strong, welcoming, encouraging group of people at CFM. 🙂 The gym will be even better once you’re back!

  14. Rachel

    Ahh @Allison! I just saw this now. Thanks for offering to come out at 12! May try to come later on. But I went right to the track after realizing there was no 12pm class today. Oops!

    Endurance WOD:
    3 Rounds
    400M run
    10 Burpees
    10 Pull Ups (jumping)
    20 DU’s
    1 Min Plank Hold

    Time? No stop watch/phone on me!

  15. AllisonV

    Deadlifts: 123# (unbroken), PR
    +20# since last time; time leave my comfort zone of 103# for high volume deads!

    AMRAP: 🙂 total of 4 rope climbs and worked on kicking-up

    Agree with Julie and AVA, I would love to work out at 10 AM every day! Happy 1 year Brad!

  16. Lightbody

    AVA, why the gender exclusivity? Good to see you at the 10am today. And that song def killed it for me to.

    185 on the deads. Never did 20rep max before. Think i can go 5-10lbs up next time. 3 rounds on the met con. Did 3 HSPU with out kipping, first for this shoulder limited individual so i was very pumped. Rest were kipped and then from the box.

    Ps, also saw the first man ever kip a rope climb. Props to ole sensei AVA, impressive.

  17. zompetti

    Been having major issues with work these last few days cause of Sandy-so havent made it up to CFM.

    My workout today consisted of walking two 5 gallon buckets of diesel fuel up 17 stories to the generator for our datacenter. I think that should count.

    If anyone needs a warm space with charging capabilities-let me know. im at east 63rd street.

    also-the nyparks need help cleaning up. get outside and help clean up our parks, at least its something-and it will help clear the path for the marathon

  18. Amylynne

    1000m Row
    30 OHS, 83#
    50 Wallball shots 15#

    last time I did this in january i did it with 75# and a 14# ball and got 12:39. I can’t say this is progress and cannot blame it on the antibiotics, either. lol. i dont know why i let EJ talk me in to these things!

  19. AllisonNYC

    I did yesterday’s press workout this afternoon.

    93 – 98 – 103 – 103 – 108×2

    Second rep on 108 was so hard I didn’t bother even trying for the 3rd rep. It was one of those 20 second lifts.

    I am VERY sore in the arms thanks to AVA and Gus convincing me to do Monday’s cash out with them. First time doing pull-ups,, nevermind C2B in like a year. owie!!

  20. Ang

    130 #, up five from last time, but thinking I could have gone a heavier

    3 rounds + 6 HSPU
    Started with negatives on first round and switched to box for next rds HSPU.

  21. EJ

    2 Clean Pulls/Clean
    3 (70-80-90-90)

    1000m Row (4:08)
    30 OHS, 95# (from the floor)
    50 Wallball shots 15#

    -Did this last time in 11:15. Broke up the OHS too much this time
    -not doing wall balls in a while showed
    -eating like crap shows! when we last did this, i was eating WAY better

    @Amylynne, you do it because you know we need to work on GOATs 🙂

  22. George

    Wow – First time doing deadlifts -and- rope climbs since starting. I guess I just keep missing them…
    145# on the DL. I wasn’t far off from where I should have been. On an awesome day, maybe could have done a few more, but this was no joke.

    3×10 HSPU (knees on big box), 2×1.5 rope climbs. I didn’t think I could get half way up, but did a few times! Not doing them in converse next time might help.

  23. wingsteroosky

    hey george-great job! getting your rope climbs on your first try is pretty fantastic!

    1000m row
    3 rounds + 10 HSPUs

    (modified HSPUs on box, on toes for 2 rounds, then knees)

  24. Paul

    Ditto, first time doing deadlifts since joining. I kept it real light -95 lbs. I’ve thrown out my lower back before with lifting weights and playing soccer so I’m a little hesitant to go heavy. Today gave me more confidence though, I can definitely go heavier next time.

    2 rounds and some change.
    I got 6 solid HSPU out of 10 for each set, then the rest I did negatives or knees on box.

  25. AllisonNYC


    All of us at 10am were cheering for them when they were up there. VERY EXCITING STUFF!

    There’s something about making it up there that feels like (and IS) a HUGE accomplishment. Plus it makes you feel like a fearless, monkey-like little kid again 🙂

    CONGRATS to you, too, George! All of your hard work is going to get you lots of cool accomplishments in the coming months! <3 😀

  26. TC

    20 rep deads: 255lbs. Last time I did this was in June and did 225lbs.
    These felt strong and was able to pause at the bottom of every rep.

    WOD: 2 rounds + 4 rx’d

  27. Jason Castro

    Deadlifts 20 reps: 255lbs. Last time did 235lbs.
    AMRAP: 1 rd + 1 rope climb. Need to practice these rope climbs again. My arms got tired really fast.

  28. mikey.bialos

    deads: 185#

    amrap: did one round and holy cow it’s not my imagination.. shoulder is injured.. i might need to seriously rest/rehab this thing.

  29. phillipc

    DL – 165…can go heavier but was testing grip strength: never regripped or set down which was satisfying

    WOD – 2 rounds sitting climbs + 20 box hspu (doubled up given queue for rope). Yes, queue. I’m English.

  30. Jon

    Deadlifts – 145 lbs. This was way too light for me, which was a bit irritating. It was my second time trying them at CFM though, and I am still a little shaky with the form.

    HSPU/Rope Climbs – 2 sets + 10 HSPUs (the ropes were pretty busy or I might have squeezed in another couple climbs).

  31. nicola

    DL @ 125#, up 20 from last time. Unbroken. Still a little light.

    Metcon: 2 rds
    Negative HSPU, total clusterf*ck on the ropes.
    Shout out to my awesome man for private tutorials on the rope climbs, Rangers know how to climb rope.

  32. Joe

    [email protected], up 20 from last time. This was too heavy, form crumbled at end and had to do a 6-7 second pause at about 16. Bad call, should have gone 185.

    Metcon: 2 rounds
    finally got rope climbs correctly using my feet right. Thanks Ashleigh for the good coaching! It’s so different when you are not struggling to pull yourself up.

    Instead of HSPU’s i kicked up to a handstand hold for 5 seconds at a time. First time getting back into a handstand since the injury. Felt good. I’m happy.

  33. PJ

    195, down vs 215 last time. Wasn’t sure about strength and happy to say I could have gone heavier.

    Did 3 rounds and 2 climbs, scaled. Think this is the first WOD I’ve done 30 hspus w 1 abmat. Knee has been grouchy

  34. ERIC S.

    Push press 3-3-3-3-3
    135, 155, 175, 185 , 195
    12 amrap of:
    4 strict hspu
    8 t2b
    12 kb swings @88lbs
    24 double unders

    4 rounds + 24 reps
    Kb was very heavy and needed chalk

    Finished with abmat situps with a 16lbs med ball throws – 50 reps

  35. Alicia

    DL: 175 unbroken, up 25 from 4/26

    amrap: 🙂 lost count on rounds, and did attempts at rope climbs. Got a couple in there, but have an irrational fear of the height and of the whole climb. I tense up then cramp up. Stupid. HSPU from grey box

  36. AllisonNYC

    Joe, don’t sell yourself short like that! If you made it to 16 and just had to take a quick breath and re-grip, then you did a great job!

    It’s better a on the heavy side than too light.. Next time maybe go a touch lighter, but I don’t think you need to kick it back 20lbs.. Get 195 or 200 next time… I know you could do it!!! 🙂

    I’m determined to get my conditioning back.. at least a little. So I hit the gym tonight with my whole family in tow. Me, Brenny, Boo, Clarky & Izz… Rollin Deep!!
    My eyes were closing but Bren was sweet and put me through one of his tough Brenny warm-ups.

    I think I made it through 4 rounds.. No legs 1st round.. tried so hard to use my legs the rest but I was sucking and my feet kept slipping out. HSPUs were easy enough but not as easy as usual.

    Alicia, I feel your pain about the height. I was so scared and felt like I was going to fall from the ceiling and was getting pissed that Bren was telling me to go.. He did say he’d catch me if I fell though 🙂 <3 <3 <3

  37. Carmen

    So happy to get to the gym today. Deads at 93# which was a hair light but still a scaredy cat with my hamstring/hip whatever the eff is/was wrong with me.

    2 rounds + 10 HSPU from red box. Foot and skin pain slow me down more than anything on the rope climbs, even with the dork socks.

    Oh, and walked 2.5 miles to work this a.m. in spite of transit being back on line for my commute, took advantage of “business casual” attire to get a nice brisk walk in to start my day. Highly recommend!