Guys & Girls-
Please be more considerate of the gym and our equipment.  Return things to their proper place after wiping them down.  Take an extra second or two to stack things neatly.
We’ve been seeing a lot of equipment being carelessly thrown around, like the abmats and jumpropes, and clips.   It’s not only damaging to the equipment, but it’s unfair to the next class and the trainers who have to clean up after everyone.
Be responsible for yourself.  If everyone does their part, the gym will always look nice and be clean.
If the messiness keeps up, we’ll have to institute a Burpee penalty that will be strictly enforced by the trainer… aka the person who has to do it if you don’t.

Strength WOD:
Back Squat
5 x 5
Use approximately 85% of your 5RM
Reference the link:

Conditioning WOD:
4 Rounds with a 6 Minute Cap:
Sprint to 3rd Avenue & Back
10 Burpees

Refer to the Link for your last Time:

“Quality, service, cleanliness, and value.”
–  Cavett Robert

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  1. Vikram

    Fantastic to be back at 6 AM. As many of you know, I’ve been struggling with stiffness and an irritated left shoulder. Came in early today and had a great talk with Coach Allison and Big Mike. They said that while many of us have been emphasizing proper rest, it’s also about PROPER MOVEMENT. Incorrect movement is a huge contributing factor to PAIN.

    3 months in, I think I got a little ahead of myself. So, if you will forgive my annoying enthusiasm, I’m going to keep at it in the weeks ahead, but dial it back to re-focus on my ROM.

    5 x 5 @ 130
    Metcon: 5:35

    CFM is such an amazing place. It’s because of all of you… THANK YOU!

  2. B-boy

    I am really pumped the morning classes did so well! I am in CT but allison texted me up to let me know you all did a great job working hard to become better Crossfitters. I can’t even tell you how stoked that makes me. Love you guys


  3. Ben

    160 lb


    This will be my last week at CFM for some time. I’m moving out of my apartment on Saturday and will be traveling for 7 weeks. It’s been an amazing last three months. I’ve vastly improved my ROM and strength on deadlifts and squats, gotten much better at DUs, conquered my fear of handstands, learned a ton about mobility, and the list goes on. I am looking forward to making the most of this week and seeing you all again in late August.

  4. Katie

    85# BS
    7:36 Metcon

    Have to basically start over with squats until I can make my knees go out the entire time. Thank you for all of your help Allison!

  5. Vikram

    Funny story.

    Home to shower after 6 AM. Put on the desk job gear and walked into the elevator to find Victoria headed to crossfit at 9 AM (in a new bad ass CFM hoodie).

    Small world. We’ve lived in the same building all along.

    One apartment at a time, CFM is conquering the UES…

  6. AllisonNYC

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the original CFMers… Zarah!!!
    I hope you have the great day you deserve!!

    Everyone in the morning classes did a rockin’ job with the squats. Remember, doing it perfectly will get you where you want to be…. strong & injury free!

    Jasen & Eric.. Day 1 is in full effect. Don’t F it up!!! Let’s DO THIS!

  7. vicnord

    So delighted that there is one person in my building whose ear I won’t need to bend on the topics of Crossfit/Paleo!! Hello Vikram, delighted to discover that you and your lovely bride are my neighbors!!

    Back Squats – 95# 5×5

    metcon – 6:57 pavement burpees bitches!!

  8. Vikram

    Zahra! How could I forget!? I’ve been a little off lately…

    Happy birthday to you! Thanks for all that you do to make us newer people feel welcome.

    Many happy returns!

  9. Xan

    This morning: 4 mile run: 30:53, right around a 7:40-45 pace. Did the same distance at a 7:10 pace saturday so this was definitely not pushing my hardest, but good start to the week.

    5×5 Back Squat @175, felt good, definitely hitting 185 next time for this.

    Metcon: 4:35, managed to sneak it in between rain storms, definitely helped the time.

    Finished it up with 6×30 push ups and sit ups and 3×10 DH pull ups, done cindy style.

  10. Tommy

    Back squat: 210 lbs 5×5

    Metcon: 4:45 – Brendan in my ear pushing me through the whole way, got the most out of me

  11. nicola

    Back squat: 105#

    Metcon: 3+3 burpees

    I don’t know how 5:30 did the metcon in the downpour, it was slick out there. Respect.

  12. Melanie

    5×5 @ 90

    Metcon: 3 + run… Finished at about 6:40.. Doing this during the only 10 minute downpour this evening was awesome 😉

  13. Brooke

    105# (tried 115 and decided it was too heavy)

    This is for Brett….Redsoxcon: 2 rounds + 2 burps….then Brendan made me finish it (it’s okay Brendan, i’ll do it, I won’t complain, just can’t do it fast)

    Thanks 6:30 for sticking with me and counting my last round…..i hate burpees.

  14. PJ

    1). 145. Knee is bothering me a bit
    2). 5:36 I believe. Coach said “don’t think on the burpees just do ’em!!” and I lost count of rounds. Doh

    Monday 7:30 is an awesome class. We don’t need an am / pm throw down, we need an AM / PM mixer! To my brothers and sisters at 6am: when was the last time you hit a WOD w the likes of Blake, Tim, Ed, Cat, etc.? Heck we had Brad “f’n” Farrell show up! Professor Gillam dropping knowledge and bumping Tool. Damn.

  15. EdG

    125 x 5

    3 rounds + 1
    was tired after softball game. Took it light for good form. Next time 135 or 145 should work.

  16. rafael

    245(5) – 245(5) – 245(5)* – 235(5) – 235(5)
    * Started at 90% and it showed on 3rd round when I didn’t go deep enough on last 2 reps; went down to 85%

    Metcon modified with 200m row for rounds 2*-4
    *Plantar acted up on way down to

  17. MikeM

    185# – coming off a 10 day rest due to injury. Should be able to add weight next time we do this.

    5:55 – yelling at me makes me do stuff faster. Thanks Brendan and Tommy.

  18. AllisonV

    55#: just under 80% of my 5RM, but 60# wasn’t happening today. Last rep on 55# was tough on all sets – back/glutes/hamis completely gave out and sent me pitching forward.

    METCON = 3 rounds + run
    Brendan and Mike wouldn’t let me stop until I finished the last 10 burpees though. Happy to be back!

  19. dlede

    240#, all reps felt deep/solid

    5:08, downpour rain definitely added about 30 seconds.. my sprints were jogs