1.  Mobilizing
2.  Burgener Warm-Up x 3
3.  2 Rounds:
10 Ring Rows (Position your feet so that you can’t do more that 5 in a row)
15 AbMat Sit-Ups
Samson Stretch on Each Leg 
(-  Initially, tuck the tips under, make sure the hip bones are facing forward, lift the chest and push the hips forward as much as possible.  Then tighten your butt and legs as much as possible for about 5 seconds, relax and then sink into the stretch a little deeper. Repeat 3 times before switching legs.
–  Use the AbMat to cushion the knees.)

Strength WOD:
Front Squat
5 x 2 @ 85% of 1RM
1RM from May 6th:

**  Form trumps everything.  Go as heavy as you can keeping the depth DEEP and consistent, the knees way out in their proper place throughout the entire ROM & the weight in your heels.  If any of those things begin to fail, go down in weight. 

** This is one exercise that really benefits from being able to keep the scapula retracted.  Being tight in the chest and weak in the back causing a slouched posture makes that a challenge.  Protracted shoulders can cause the bar to rest even more forward of the midline and make it impossible to get the elbows into their ideal position making the weight heavier and harder to support.  If you haven’t started yet, get to work on bent over Rows regularly.

Accessory work:
Single Arm Bent over DB / KB Rows
3 Sets of 8-12 Reps

Cash Out:

“The Exhaustion Stage (of the General Adaptation Syndrome) is what we’re trying to avoid through planned training and monitoring of the athlete.  At this point of the GAS, accumulated stress has exceeded the body’s capability to cope with it in a positive fashion.  The state of overtraining can be brought about not only by excessive training but with inadequate recovery efforts.  That is, an athlete may reach this stage with training volume and intensity no greater than what he or she has been able to managae historically because of factors such as lack of sleep, additional unrelated stress, or inadequate nutrition.

The key principles to bear in mind are that training is stress and does not immediately or necessarily result in productive adaptation – adaptation requires time and recovery management.  Aditionally, there is a limit to how much stress an athlete can adapt to in a given period before reaching the point of overtraining.”

–  Greg Everett on Hans Selye’s General Adaptation Syndrome.

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  1. Adam Van Auken

    FS – 185-195-195-195-195 all for 2. 85% of 5/7/12 1 RM (220) was 187. 195 felt fine and I was happy about depth.

  2. Jared

    230# 5×2 front squats (270 is 1 rep PR)

    I have been adding some stretching/mobility work at night and noticing a difference. Still a long way to go.

  3. mcohen

    Front Squat @ 185 lbs. 195 is 85% of my one rep max of 230. But, when Brendan shot me the, “your not getting deep enough” look, I went a bit lighter. It was the right move, depth is so important.

    Great OLY warmup and accessory work. Psyched to start OLY lifting.

  4. Amylynne

    Still nursing abad cold despite a “lazy” weekend which included many naps

    5×2 @ 115 (85% 1 RM)

  5. EJ


    *WOD-nic – SATURDAY, JULY 7
    Join us for a WOD in Central Park (the Pinetum at the north part of the great lawn) at 10 a.m. and then a picnic.

    Bring lunch for yourself or things to share. Everyone’s welcome!


    Congrats to everyone who participated and have met or are close to getting their goals. Although this is the end doesn’t mean you should stop having a focused goal to aim towards.

    Believe it or not, we’re already half way through the year! As a progress gage, take this time to look at the goals you might have made yourself at the beginning of the year and see how far you’ve come since then. WRITE IT OUT! It’a amazing how much everyone has grown and progressed.

    As we continue to become better athletes, don’t forget that you’re as good of an athlete as you train to be. Take care of yourself, write down your WODS, train smart, mobilize, eat right, rest/recover and NEVER ever hesitate to ask any the coaches for advice.

    As we continue this heatwave, be sure to hydrate plenty before,during and after you WOD. Also, please bring a towel as a courtesy to your neighbors at the gym, so they don’t push ups in your puddle of sweat.

    And- be sure to wipe down the GHD or any equipment you may leave a sweaty mess


    If anyone is interested in buying a pair, please e-mail me ([email protected])

  6. EJ

    Sorry – one more thing. Email me if you’re interested ([email protected])


    it’s time once again for an NYC affiliate throwdown: the 2012 Subway Series! All NYC affiliates are invited to participate — the affiliate with the best overall score at the end of four events wins the Subway Series Trophy and bragging rights for a whole year!

    Saturday, August 4th, 9am: CrossFit Queens
    Saturday, August 11th, 9am: CrossFit South Brooklyn
    Saturday, August 18th, 9am: CrossFit Long Island City
    Saturday, August 25th, 9am: CrossFit Virtuosity

    Scoring will work “Open-style”: top 3 male and top 3 female athletes from each affiliate will score based on their place finish in each event. Athletes may score in any event regardless of attendance at other events.

    The ultimate series winner will be the affiliate with the least points after all 4 events have been completed. In the event of a tie, a 5th tie-breaking event will be held.

    Although only athletes competing RX’d will qualify for affiliate scoring, all athletes are encouraged to participate or watch and cheer. There will be scaling options available at each event.

  7. marilina

    125 for the first – what was Brendan thinking?
    120 for rest

    Thanks Brendan for doing my math and then squashing me low.


    Tues 3rd – normal
    Wed 4th – 9AM, 3PM ONLY
    Thurs 5th – normal
    Friday 6th – normal
    Saturday 7th – 10AM WOD and Picnic at Pinetum in Central Park (no gym WOD that day)

  9. PJ

    Been taking some time off to heal up knee. Catch up day
    1. 20 rep Deadlift max. @215# vs 205 last time. 225# next time
    2. 3×12 press @ 95# w 45 seconds rest. 100 a better weight
    3. Shameless bent rows.
    4. 1000m row, 3:35.

    Hope you all have a great July 4th.

  10. Brooke

    Started with 120, dropped to 115 after 1st set. Was not having a good workout after taking a few days off. Everything hurts.

    Nice to see E this evening!

  11. Brooke

    OK, now for business:

    Sadly, we are losing another great member of CFM….our very own plugpilot, aka Brad Russell. He’s heading to Virginia (i think?)

    So, we’ll have a happy hour on Friday, July 13th after the WODs at a nearby place (maybe something different this time!)

    Come by and say goodbye to Brad and give him a good CFM sendoff!

    On another note…yesterday was my 2 year anniversary with CFM. While I still suck, and everything hurts, I have gained so much more than I thought…namely a bunch of new friends I didn’t know I needed! I love you all and am so grateful that I am a member of CFM. To another 2 years….sunshine on 3!

  12. kpo17


    105. I need squat strength and I needed it yesterday. Time to start a new goal challenge and take this thing by the horns.

  13. AllisonV

    Warm-Up Sets:
    (10) 15#, (5) 20#, (3) 25#, (1) 35#, (1) 40#

    WOD = 45#
    1:30 rest between each round
    Really wanted to add more, but right knee was feeling really wonky today. Next time.

    Cash-out = 25 GHDs, 25 hip extensions, stretching

  14. EJ

    Didn’t get a good night’s sleep, so my math skills were off

    should have gone at #155, was able to pause at the bottom of each rep

    Buy in: Mobility & 3 rounds of Cindy
    Cash out: GHD sit ups/back ext

  15. rafael

    Strength WOD:
    Front Squat
    5 x 2 @ 85% of 1RM = 245lbs
    felt stronger towards the end. for whatever reason takes me a lot longer to warm up on front as opposed to back squats.
    Good pointer from Derick on slight feet movement at the bottom

    Single Arm Bent over DB / KB Rows
    3 Sets of 24kg 10 Reps

  16. MikeM

    175# (85% of 1RM) – from May 6th, but spotty attendance recently forced me to not push my limits harder.


    3 x 10 rows @ 24kg

  17. jaymeson

    bent over rows 3×8 at 16kg
    Second day back at CF since Murph broke me…..soooo happy to be back!!

  18. ledbelly

    250. according to EdG, I got lower than in past months.

    Monday is tough after a wknd of Lampin in Southampton