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  1. Adam Van Auken

    3 Round Total: 13:45. I did this last on 9/12/11. Comparison of splits (then/now)
    1 – 5:08/3:25
    2 – 5:55/4:45
    3 – 6:46/5:35
    I’m happy with improvement although I did pace the first round last time. I appreciated Brendan’s advice not to do 5 rounds as three was plenty for me!

  2. Amylynne

    5 rounds 22:57 R’X’d

    last time we did this it was 22 on the dot (we didn’t subtract for 12 min last time, i dont think- so it is recorded as 34 on the dot). and like last time, all pullups were unbroken (i think last time was the first time i ever did 20 pullups in a row kipping unbroken). so that means i need to push at everything else.

  3. marilina

    fun wod!
    4 rounds strict: 32 and change and 10 extra squats.
    Strict sit ups are much harder and slower but well worth it.

  4. marilina

    Angela – I left you a manila envelope in one of the cubbies at about eye level (my shortie eye level)

  5. mikey.bialos

    just getting over a nasty cold. man i hate missing these simple all-out bodyweight wods. so much fun.

  6. jasenS

    3 rnds.22:50(-6min rest)
    being sick for a week and doing nothing for a week made me feel as if I was starting from scratch today. lame.

  7. sassypants

    BRICK Crossfit, West Hollywood
    4 rounds:
    10 swings (1.5pood)
    5 burpee box jump
    10 pullups
    15 wb
    5 burpee box jump
    10 sdhp (1.5pood)

    21:23 rx’d

    Rough. You guys should try that one sometime. It was a burner.
    CFM is still the friendliest. Only one guy talked to me, aside
    from the coach. 🙁

  8. DT

    Real rehab today. Attempt to get the nutrition right too.

    At WASP- 1 mile sprint on bike at 20 for .5 and 17 for .5, 25 lunges, x5. SO FUN.

    20 mins pool loosen & stretch.

    Starting a moving & storage company called…

    The Smooth Movers – We Put It Where You Want It

  9. TC

    4 rds – 23:34 / 32:34(w/rest)

    Went out the gates cruising, completed my first round in 3:12. By round three I was smoked, breaking everything up.

  10. Vikram

    Awesome 6:30 fun. Really enjoyed hanging with Jen, Allison & Hasan.

    5 rounds Rx-ed; 24:37
    3 minute split was 13:32

  11. jmiz

    Kipped for the first time since surgery…nailed all 20 in first round, and then everything fell apart. So :)ish.

  12. Melanie

    3 rounds about 28ish. Forget exact time
    – jumping pull ups to negatives… Lost the negatives towards the end
    – regular push-ups.. switched to toes down, knees up the last 20

  13. jen

    3 rounds 22:59 Rx

    Thanks Allison for calling me ‘lazy’! No more pullup stepstool! Flew through 20 pullups faster than ever. Apparently was using the plates as a crutch and came off bar way too much. . Who knew?!
    Damn pushups continue to be my downfall. 2-3 at a time for most of rounds 2&3. But really worked on keeping form.

    Great job 6:30. And V’s 5 rounds!! Nice!!

  14. AllisonV

    3 rounds in 26:38
    Ring rows, knee push-ups.

    Nice to have you in the 6:30 V! Someday I will be like you – skinny and also able to hold a 5 minute plank. Good work all!

  15. George

    Holy owch.

    3x, Ring Rows & knee pushups. 35:30 + 6 in breaks. I held that plank for 3 minutes total though!

    Don’t tell anyone, but as much as workouts like that are a struggle for me and I’m heaving and hoing 90% of the time, I’m always motivated to put a few more minutes in and finish. I think its cause they’re simple and seem achievable. Next time, 5 sets; even if I have to finish with the 8:30 class.

  16. Nico

    5 rounds in 18’53” Rx’d with dead hang pulls ups all the way

    It was tough to do this workout after doing the Murph workout yesterday but I have to admit that body weight workouts are usually where my strengths are as long as they do not involve DUs lol

    Fun workout and first time doing Barbara so let’s see how I can improve next time…

  17. sallys

    3 rounds, 22:48
    ring rows, toes down, knees up push-ups

    Body weight WODs are definitely my weakness, but…drum roll…I got my first real pull up today! Woooo.

  18. AllisonNYC

    Pretty excited about my workout tonight!

    Pressed 113 x 1.. All sets leading up to it were doubles @: 93, 98, 103, 108.. Tried for 113 a second time, failed, rested and tried again and still failed HA!

    But I don’t care because I did it! I haven’t pressed in years so it’s nice to be so close to my old PR @ 118. Maybe I’ll even be able to do that again someday!? 😀

    Power Snatched for some mediumish doubles, Jerked for triples and did 10×3 Back squats.. My legs felt EXHAUSTED tonight. Whateva!

    You guys all kicked ass tonight. That workout is so tough and bodyweight stuff always leaves you sore as heck.. So good luck with that!
    George, you’re my hero.. seriously. Your dedication is going to get you places.. you’ll see! <3

  19. Rolf

    25:30 4 rounds. So if by burpees look like a walrus , I’m pretty sure my kipping pull-ups would resemble that walrus suddenly growing wings and gettin airborne…

    Oh an 2 block sprint with Allison. I let her win.

  20. Sarah P.

    DNF 2 rounds + ring rows with push-ups on knees…squats weren’t bad but really thought my arms were going to fall off from those push-ups.

  21. AllisonNYC

    Pssshhh!!! For a chubby weightlifter, I sure gave you a run for your money, Rolf! You better step your game up! 😛

  22. Lightbody

    3 rounds in 19:45 Rx. Need to get better endurance with pull and push ups. Working next to tommy, EJ, Rolf, and Kelly tho was impressive. They were killing it.