Program Announcements


Program Announcements

Taken at my friend Miki’s gym –  Gardens CrossFit  –  I LOVE this picture.
So many different, beautiful body types.

I think we should do a CFM version of this picture.
What do you think, Girls?? 🙂

Warm-Up of the Week:
# 2  Link Here

Strength Workout:
Back Squat
10 x 3
@ 70% of 1RM

Conditioning Workout:
20 Turkish Get-Ups
50 Banded Good Mornings

Comming Soon!!! ….. 

Metropolis Fitness Endurance Club
Brendan and Eroc will be doing a 6 week Endurance Club starting as soon as we work out the details and get registration up and running.
This program can be done in conjunction with regular programming.
It will be thought out and laid out and can be used to prepare for a race, to develop proper running technique or to just improve your running for WODs.
Program details about Pricing, How many times per week (either one or two) the program will be offered, which days or day and times and location will be announced in a day or two.
After that, registration will be open to everyone who’d like to participate!

Olympic Weightlifting Club:
Once the Endurance Club is wrapped up and the weather gets chillier, I will run a 6-8 week Olympic Lifting Club.
Specific Details about pricing and times/dates will also be announced soon.
This program will be for anyone interested in improving their Snatch, Clean and Jerk and in incorporating the proper training and accessory exercises to get better at the lifts.
If there’s a broad range of levels interested in participating, I’ll do a beginners group and advanced to cater to everyone’s specific needs:
I want the advanced people who are ready to go heavy, to develop solid technique and reach their potential.. with maximal loads in a kick ass, focused training environment and then have it carry over to WODs.
Beginners will have an opportunity to develop proper movement patterns and do to safely without having to rush.  We’ll focus on the skills and drills to prepare the participants for heavier lifting and the full lifts down the road.

If you’re interested, or think you might be interested in the future, in either of these Awesome programs, let me know in comments and/or send an e-mail to [email protected] so I can put you on a list for updates and details.
We may need your feedback for hours/days to run them.

Thanks a bunch.  This stuff is going to be great and take our training at CFM to a whole new level!!!

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  1. Jared

    220 10×3 @ 220 (315 1 rep max)

    I like the idea of an Olympic Lifting class, but I like the idea of the training cycles.

  2. Jared

    my post made no sense. What I meant to say is that an oly lifting class is great, but I prefer the cycles that we do in class.

  3. Katie

    BS: 105 for first three sets and then 115 for following seven.

    I am interested in the endurance club & oly club for sure!

  4. Paige

    BS 10×3 @ 95#

    Never did a one rep max but did 3 reps @ 115 so assumed one rep max would be around 130.

    Cash Out-
    20 turkish get ups- 8kg
    did 5 at a time per side
    banded good mornings

  5. AllisonNYC


    Can you guys give me your e-mail addresses??

    Same for everyone who posts later on – If you’re interested, include your e-mails so I can stick you guys on the e-mail lists!

  6. EJ


    Check your inbox shortly. Your feedback is appreciated and helpful for us to fine tune out program ideas. We’re always an open ear to suggestions. Please keep in mind the roll out of new programs does require some fine tuning before roll out so just bear with us in the interim.

  7. amy edelman

    Back Squat at 93#
    Kb Turkish get ups with 8kg

    Allison, I already emailed you about both clubs. I am interested in both, thanks!

  8. Jon

    Back squat at 175. Felt good. Definitely should move up next time.

    Brendan – thanks again for all your help this morning on my form. It was incredibly helpful.

    Allison, I’m also interested in both the endurance and Oly clubs. My email is [email protected]. Thanks!

  9. cat

    BS- 105

    Turkish Get ups-16 with 12kg; 4 with 16 kg
    Good for my shoulder- keep them coming!

    40 green band good mornings.

    Great 12pm class!

  10. Charles

    BS – 175. Felt great, and I was able to keep a quick pace thx to Cat! Next time I do this, for a 70% I might try an extra 10-15 lbs to experiment a little.

    My TGU (16 kg) need work, but my shoulder stability got quite a bit better with some pointers from Brendan

  11. dlede

    sign looks great Eroc

    225 on back squats.. damn they felt good. was very deep and worked hard on keeping chest up

    1 pood turkish getups.. woot woot

    banded good mornings were just mean

  12. Lightbody

    170# on the BS. Perfect weight for this exercise and exactly 70% 1RM.

    I like turkish get ups. Theyre exhausting but feel like a great all around body work out. Thos banded good mornings are tough mothers tho.

  13. BAston

    115 on back squats. Could not loosen up my hips today. Thanks ERoc on the form help. Saw the crazy spitting woman with Joe on the walk home, very excited!

  14. Amylynne

    endurance wod:

    400 m sprint at 10.4 on tmill
    2 min plank hold
    400 m sprint at 10.4
    50 situps
    800 m sprint at 9.5
    1 min hollow hold
    400 m sprint at 10
    50 situps
    400 m sprint at 10
    2 min plank hold

    didn’t time it but i certainly worked up a nice sweat!

  15. George

    Awesome workout… that was an awesome combination of what I need and what I feel pretty strong doing.

    BS: 135#x4, 145#x6. Right around what I expected based on the 60% BS earlier this month. I felt good, and slowed on my last rep or two, so that was the perfect weight.
    TGU: 12#. Need to work on my shoulders and these accomplished it.
    Green BGMs. Need to work on my lower back, perfect.

    All in all, I walked out slower than I walked in and stairs now hurt. Great workout.

  16. phillipc

    155#…was too light

    TGU with something ridiculously light. Great exercise, wanted to try the bar ones (I’ve done before but not for ages)

  17. TC

    BS 10×3 w/ 200lbs…these felt strong.

    Turkish Get ups – did first 10 w/ 16kg and went up to 24kg for the last 10.

  18. Joe

    Back squats. 10 x 3 @70percent of 1 RM
    145 I could have gone maybe 20 lbs or so heavier but I want to be better technique wise and do them righr so taking every lift back weight wise for a while.

    Getups are cool, good mornigs with the band are wierd.

  19. sallys

    back squats, 10×3 @115#. I think this was the right weight, maybe coulda gone up 5 or so lbs.

    First 12 turkish getups with 8kg, last 8 with 16 kg.

    Allison – I’m very much interested in the Oly lifting class. Email is sally.r.slater at

  20. jasenS

    10X3-BACK SQUAT-150lbs.
    12kg-Turkish Getups-suck, i feel beyond uncoordinated doing these.
    Black Band- Good Mornings