Monday, April 18th


Monday, April 18th

This just in… ladies tanks! Order them online now for ~$15.


Reverse tabata, alternating:
Chin-Up Hold


Front Squat


30 Muscle-Ups for time

Post all loads and time to Comments.

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  1. Matt

    Tabata stuff: check, made it about halfway before L-Sits fell apart
    Front-Squats: pass, back too tight from those deads… sigh
    Muscle-Ups: 8:45 Rx, what a wuss, 90 seconds worse than last time
    Weigh-In: 164lbs, up up and away

    1. Matt

      Made up squats on 4/20
      165-170-175-180 average: 172.5, up 3# front last time… love the pain, trust the process.

  2. Bucky

    Tabata: Still cant get my legs out straight, but I can get them out a little which is more than what I did last time.
    Front Squats: 115-120-125-130
    Muscle Ups: Focused on getting the skill down. Need to break the mental block of not feeling like I’m strong enough to support myself up top.

  3. Melissa TruHero

    Just FYI ladies, for the tanks…I think this brand runs a bit big/loose/long so check the size details and consider sizing down if you want a more fitted fit!

  4. ERIC S.

    20 min Emom pause clean from below the knee
    135×2 155×2 185×2 205×2 215×2 225×2 235×2 245×2 255×2 260, 265.
    Wod 1 round for time
    500m row
    “Isabel” (30 snatches 135#)
    500m row
    “Grace” (30 clean & jerks 135#)
    12:14 Rx

    20 msu for time
    Next time will do 30 when shoulders are rested

  5. J Cash

    20min Emom
    Pause hang power clean
    115×2, 125×2, 135×2, 140×2, 145×2, 150×2, 155×2, 160×2, 165×1, 175×1, 185×1, 200×1

    Row 500M
    Isabelle (30 snatches @135)
    Row 500M
    Grace (30 clean & jerks)
    For time

    20 muscle ups for time

  6. dtm

    Reverse Tabata: Check

    Front Squat:

    A bunch of bar muscle-ups

    My legs were fried from Oly and the EWOD yesterday, happy the MUs didn’t go away after the Open.

  7. BAston

    Front Squats: 145/155/165/170 (compared to 135/145/155/165(6) on 4/7)

    30 MU’s for time: 12:18 (failed just 2). Looking forward to doing this again soon.

    Extra work: 4×10 straight leg DL @ 105 / 4×10 GHD’s with 10# plate

  8. ledbelly

    Squats – 230-240-250-260(7) – 260 would have been +5 versus last time

    Strict Pull-ups – not improving
    Strict Ring dips

  9. Liz

    push ups to bring sally up – work wod on roof
    chin up hold + gradually decreasing l sit holds
    front squat zombie style: 88-93-98-103
    ring dip and pull up practice 5/5 x5

  10. Joe

    Tabata accomplished,
    165 squat,

    8:39 rx for muscle ups proving there’s more than one way to fail a muscle up

  11. Melissa TruHero

    FS 10s
    Back got super tight so dropped down for the last set

    Some false grip pull-ups – tricep hurt too much for dips today