Monday, April 25th


Monday, April 25th



4 rounds for time:

15 deadlift, 225/153
12 overhead lunge, 95/63
9 strict pull-up

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    1. Matt

      “Baby I left that [CrossFit] class, I felt like I accomplished something — cause in this life, I’ve learned my strengths are to embrace my weaknesses. Now don’t dream it be it. To make it a great day or not, the choice is yours. This day was made for you, him, her… Now go get it bitch.”

      Thanks Ed!

  1. Matt

    Weigh-In: 163.4… down half a pound, food poisoning did me in, could be worse.

    WOD: 11:52Rx with ERoc and J$… sometimes I feel like James Hobart.

    Today is your last chance to buy a sweet women’s tank. So far it looks like only 4 girls are going to be looking powerful in purple!

    Today is also your last chance to register early for the Whole Life Challenge!!! But why is it 8 weeks long? 8|

  2. Bucky

    17:40 @135/75
    Started off a little too ambitious at 205/95 and had to drop the weight since my form was giving out.

  3. dtm

    Tapering Modifications:
    3 Rounds
    15 Good-mornings 45#
    12 OH lunges, 45#
    9 Strict pull-ups

    5-4-3-2-1 Strict pull-ups
    1-2-3-4-5 Strict chin-ups
    w/ some snatch-y stuff in between each set.

  4. J Cash

    Today’s wod with a slight modification
    Instead of OH lunges I did muscle snatches @95
    15:20 rxd different

    Cash out
    5 rounds
    Row 250M
    10 strict hspu

  5. ERIC S.

    4 rounds of 15 deads, 12 oh lunges, 9 strict pull-ups
    225# & 95#
    Fire-breather – 11min – 12min
    Excellent 12:01 – 13 min
    Good 13:01 – 14 min
    Fair 14:01 and up
    Strict pull-ups disappear real quick. Aim for 15 unbroken deads on the first round. Try to get all the overheads unbroken. Good luck
    Cash out NFT
    5 rounds of 250m row
    10 u.b strict handstand push-ups

  6. Melissa TruHero

    15:35 rx’d
    First round of deads and overhead lunges unbroken
    Pull-ups all singles because neck/trap pain

  7. a.Millie

    Deads 143#, overhead squats instead of lunges 53#, ring rows 10:33…
    Felt good, starting to feel more comfortable moving weight. Next time I’ll go up. Needing to retest all lifts…