Monday, August 15th


Monday, August 15th

Skill Work
As many reps as possible in 5 minutes:
Rope Climb

Go legless if possible. No jumping.

Mental Toughness
Start a running clock.
At 1:00 perform 1 front squat.
At 2:00 perform 2 front squats.
And so on, until failure.

Rx weight is bodyweight. Post rounds + reps to Comments.

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  1. Matt

    I’m hungry, weighing in around 170 since Heidelberg.

    Rope Climbs: TBA
    Front Squat Murder: 10+10 Rx, tryna keep up with Chadwick

    Ditto Chad on 5 rounds of bro reps on the rings

  2. chad

    Rope Climbs 12 legless
    Weighed in at a skinny 151.3ish, gotta drink more milk
    11+10rx @155
    short rest and got talked into a Gwod with Matty
    5 rounds
    1 Muscle up – 1 kip to support – 1 forward roll – 30 double unders NFT

  3. ledbelly

    Crossfit Hamptons – Groggy WOD

    Push Press 3’s


    20 min AMRAP
    400 meter run
    8 KB Swings – 24kg
    8 T2B
    8 KB C&J
    8 goblet squats

    Didn’t pass out due to heat rx’d

  4. johanna

    5 rope climbs trying a new wrap technique. tried not to get too frustrated!

    Death by Front Squats: 7+2 Rx @155 (new 7 rep max)
    definitely need to lose about 10#… been saying that for a while. i blame having a car and working at a desk this summer.

    3×10 reverse hypers for back therapy

    watched the gymansty duo do ring stuff while i pretended to do muscle up progressions

  5. ERIC S.

    Oly 3 power cleans 10 min Emom

    Death by front squats @185
    12+6 Rx’d (84 total reps, legs =toast)

    Bench 5 reps superset with 10 dumbbell curls 25#
    135, 155,165, 175, 185

  6. Melissa TruHero

    Oly: Power clean t&g triples – 10min emom @ 103#

    Worked on push jerk form
    Triples up to 83#, doubles up to 98#
    – thanks for the tips E!

    Yesterday’s metcon:
    Kbs @ 24kg
    Abmat sit-ups
    OHS @ 65#
    Abmat sit-ups
    – 8:13 Rx’d unbroken except for almost a whole minute tying my hair back up

  7. JLee

    9 rope climbs with legs

    FS: 6+4 @ 165# aka Rx if I was no body fat #goals

    Too much time wasted in front rack tweaking around with form. Rack got weak by the end.

    3 more sets @ 145# for fun/practice

  8. sallys

    7.5 rope climbs (the .5 was a legless attempt. I got mayyyybe halfway)
    7+4 @93 (72% bw)
    My squat is an embarrassment. Really need to commit to smolov or something

  9. J Cash

    10 min Emom TNG power cleans 3’s @160
    6×10 stationary lunges @135. 5 each leg

    5 rep bench press superset with 10 bicep curls @25 lbs

  10. dquat

    2xlegless,2xlsit,2xstraddle lsit,1x2rope kipping legless FUN

    8+8 @ 212. kept at it to rd10 but not within minute caps. legs fire, lumbar/ql toasty