Monday, August 19th, 2013

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  1. Yuan

    10:00 @ 93#
    -BS unbroken and fast = wrong weight again– should’ve gone at least 103#
    -RD w feet on box: totally broken..

    Congrats to everyone who competed over the weekend!

  2. ERIC S.

    WOD 5:58 rx
    1st 21 unbroken on the squats, broke up the 15 backsquats to 8+7, last 9 unbroken.
    @mikecohen & jared
    On the weight -225# is a lot, this wod favors those with a big back squat. Like B-boy said you should be able to do the first set unbroken but not have anything left.
    If you’re not sure it should be close to your 60% 1rep but not more than 65% of your 1 rep max. We are building Strength Endurance here. Ladies you guys have to inflate those percentages, to like 70%-75%. If you do 60% ladies chances are it will be too light and you’ll do all the squats unbroken.

  3. mcohen

    My return to the blog, and not with a very good showing.

    10:29 @ 145 lbs. 58% of my one rep max. Started at 165 and then dropped down.

    I will not be thanking anyone for the push or advising that I could have gone 5 lbs heavier today. Maybe tomorrow.

  4. patrick

    7:03 @225

    My shoulders were not having ring dips today. Did first 5 strict then switched to using the box.

    I’m assuming unbroken squats means not racking the weight. I did all 3 rounds unbroken if that is the case. Did as many as I could each round as fast as possible, then slowed down to knock out the remaining.

  5. Jared

    9:50 rx’d

    First round of squats was unbroken. Then 5-5-5 and 6-3. My ring dips were strategically broken up. I couldn’t have done this unbroken, but the final round of 9 should’ve been unbroken and I bailed on my goal of 8-7 for the middle round. Once doubt comes in, it’s over. Mental toughness!

    My max back squat is 325, so 211 would have been 65%. I didn’t feel like I went too heavy at all.

  6. EulK


    BS: 145#
    RD: broke up the first 21. The last two sets I had to resort to the box (still broken).

    Good work out.

  7. Carmen

    Nice to be back at 6 a.m. High hopes for the week given work schedule.

    7:57 @ 73# which turns out to be just about 75% of my 1 RM. Without even hearing the EROC breakdown, I seem to have hit upon the right weight. I could MAYBE have gone 5 lbs heavier.

  8. EJ


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  9. seanm

    Congrats, Ben! And to everyone else who competed this weekend. Couldn’t find the Socks scores, but I’m sure our Metropolis ladies kicked ass.

    As for me, my one-month vacation started today. Just arrived in Reno, going to check out a box on Eroc’s rec while I’m here. Then, it’s off to Burning Man. Any WODs completed in the desert will likely be in fishnets and a tutu. Follow that up with a 7-day hike in Yosemite (actually, Ansel Adams Wilderness), then recoup in SF for a few days before returning to NYC.

    Going to be off the grid for a while, so be good and train hard. And be warned – any BM pics will be NSFW. Catch you on the flip side.

  10. dlede

    WOD: 11:00 RX

    Squats: (15-7, I cant count) (5,5,5) and (5,4) — all felt solid, was pumped and 15 is definitely a PR for # at 225

    Ring Dips, last round SUCKED and was on singles to keep strict

    Accessory Work: 3 Rounds 12 hip extensions / 12 GHDs

  11. jmiz

    Met Pukie but he only made it as far as my mouth. Not during a wod but because I followed up five old fashioneds with a waffle cone full of ice cream sundae #nantucketwodlife

  12. Will M.

    Ground out this one alongside EJ & Ed… kept the ring dips strict, but only with a whole lot of singles.

    19:17 @ 185# (9-7-5, 5-5-5, 5-4)

  13. Kat

    8:41 @ 83#
    Wanted to take it a wee bit easy on the weight since I was out of commission most of last week
    Jumping ring dips

    High five Kim!

  14. Paige

    11:42 @ 113#

    Ring dip negatives- those took a while but good practice. Thanks for the tips Ali.

    Fun 5:30 class

  15. Melissa T.

    8:37 @ 113#
    Ring dip negatives

    Cash out: 3 rounds of 10 GHD sit-ups/10 back extensions

    Some handstand practice for good measure – finally getting up there on my own!

  16. Ben O

    11:10 @145#. Rolf and I subbed GHD(21,9) and back extensions (15) because of our gimpy right shoulders. #Twinsies.

    Thanks to Paige and Mel for getting me a Gatorade and Rolf for making sure I didn’t get mugged while I sat on the corner of 98th street and 3rd because of low blood sugar. My first wod in 3 weeks was a doozie.

  17. Rolf

    10:32 at 185#. Subbed in ghd’s.

    Paige quit your day job. We like having you at the 5:30 class.

    Hung with Ben O after the wod as he sat on the corner of 98th st. 3 people gave him their spare change.

  18. 8:24 @ 53# and jumping ring dips- High five Kat!

    Ps- have fun on your trip, Sean! Try not to injury yourself spinning fire at burning man!

  19. GusFerg

    205# – round of 21 unbroken, 9/6, 5,4
    RD- 14/7, 9/5/1, 3/2/2/2
    RD could have been stricter and BS could have been heavier.

  20. Abby A


    73# – unbroken by Patrick’s definition above; will go a wee bit heavier next time

    Ridiculously broken attempt at negative dips. #fail

    Nice meeting some new people today.

  21. Jenna


    BS @ 93# and jumping negative ring dips

    went lighter than I thought I would on the BS, but still felt good

    …and that makes 40!!!