Monday, August 22nd


Monday, August 22nd


Back Squat

If possible, use chains.

Superset with strict pull-ups.


4 Rounds for Time:
Run 400m Around the Block

Post all loads and time to Comments.

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  1. ERIC S.

    Last day in Cali. If you’re ever here beside the obvious of going to the beautiful beaches like Laguna, Dana Point, Huntington, & Santa Monica make sure you see Steph & Andre SALDIVAR!
    Global Gym wod
    Shoulder prep then
    DB strict press 35#(8) 40(8) 45(8) 50(8)
    Superset with 20# DB curls x4
    Then the rear delt machine (body builders fav)
    100# 10reps x3 superset with bw dips 10 repsx3
    Back squats 3 reps in my boat shoes
    All while some blonde in some skimpy lulu shorts decides to do her Jane Fonda leg routine right behind me. Talk about distraction. Oh did I mention #buttaface

    Anyway Metcon was going for 4 rounds of
    400m run on the true form (this thing is awesome)
    10 KB snatches L 10 KB snatches R 20kg
    10 KB figure 8s 20kg
    10 push-ups
    After 3 rounds Grandma decides to go for a Sunday walk on the true form. Well I was ok with that so stopped after 3.
    See you guys later this week! ????☀️

  2. Darcy

    BS: 135-145-155-160
    3 strict pull ups each round
    4 laps: 8:58 thanks @DTM for running that last lap with me at my pace ????

  3. dtm

    BS 5s: 225-235-245-255 No chainzzz
    PUs: 10-8-8-8
    ‘Trop 1600: 6:09

    Had to dodge a fair amount of people shiggy, sub 6 next time. The cool down 400 with Darcy was glorious.

  4. Liz

    83-93-103-113# with 45#ish in chains when they’re off the ground
    strict pull ups 3-3-3-5

    7:01 secret 4×400 mile

  5. Melissa TruHero

    Back squat 5s w/ 2 chainz (40#)

    3 strict pull-ups after each round

    Trop 1600 – 8:50
    – legs still fried from T.AW.

  6. JLee

    165-175-185-195 all with chains

    Could’ve started a bit heavier wasn’t sure what chainz would feel like. Fun stuff.
    Re-pulled something in my shoulder/lat area so could not pull up after 2 rounds (tomorrow’s should be fun…)

    8:23 for the run. wish I could <3 running more.

  7. Roberts

    Was aiming for 128 but didn’t realize it was only 4 sets until after I finished the 4th set ????

    Goal – not to stop ✔️
    I hate running – especially running that hill 4 times

  8. 205 – 215 – 225 – 235 + 2Chainz (skkkkkrkrrrrrrrrr … I’m pullin’ up in dat Bruce Wayne)
    8 strict pull ups between sets

    7:00 mile — looking at Justin’s tail lights (no that is not a double entendre. I am a married man now) for most of the run and couldn’t close the gap

  9. Michael.Halsey

    First time squatting with chains, enjoyed it. Worked up to 205+the two chains. 7.35 on the run; probably had a little too much left in the tank on that last hill, need to go harder in the earlier laps in future

  10. Deadlift 190 no chains, straight across.
    No squatting until there is no more pain past parallel.

    Also, I lost my pull ups. If anyone finds them, just put them in my shoe box at the bottom of the shelves by the door. Thanks in advance.

    4×400 no rest: 6:58