Monday, August 26th, 2013


Monday, August 26th, 2013


Strength WOD:
Take 20 Minutes to work up to a new 3 RM Back Squat

Competition Style Conditioning WOD:
As Many Wall Ball Shots as Possible in 6 Minutes!

Check the Comments for Schedule Change Announcements.. Starting 9/3/13

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  1. lauren

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!

    When I walked into the gym this morning, 138# was my 1 rep max backsquat. Now it is my 3 rep. Woohoo!

    62 wallballs (legit at the big girl 9′ target)

  2. Vikram

    3 RM BS: 210#
    Wallballs: 85

    Big Mike Cohen. Ledge. Hero. Soldier. Godfather. Unstoppable.

    Happy birthday my brother.

  3. Yuan

    BS 3RM @ 148# (original 3RM was 113# and 1RM was 128# on 7/1/2013. Was only aiming at 135– great partnering with Nicole!)

    3RM working weight: 123, 128, 133, 143, 148, 153(f)
    Advice from Alli: starting from 143 next time to prevent fatigue. Thanks for another awesome coaching!

    WB x80 (missed the target a lot..)

    Welcome back, Paige!

    Happy Birthday, Mike!!! Welcome to 30s!

  4. Amylynne

    3RM BS: 148
    (previous was 140- very old though. did this twice rather than try to go heavier after hitting i. felt heavy)

    WB: 105

    Happy birthday, Mike!

  5. Meredith

    3RM BS: 158#

    WB: 103

    Good times this morning….welcome back Paige and happy happy birthday Mikey!! 🙂

  6. patrick


    Wallballs – 136

    My previous BS max was 295 from May. I think I could have probably done 330 time permitting. Not sure why the huge jump, but I’ll take it.

    On the wallballs, it helped knowing what Jared completed. It gave me a goal to shoot for. I thought of this more as rounds than minutes


    I tried not to stop for more than a count of 5 in between

  7. Ron

    Posting to wish Bike Mike Cohen a happy bday.

    245# (pr) Had 10 pounds easy left. Ran out of time.
    90 wb rx.

  8. Carmen

    123# (PR). Up from 103 on a 1RM. Not sure what my previous 3RM would be or if I even had one. Was a little teapot on the last rep (tipping forward.)

    93 on the WBS – great push from V – perhaps generous on a few (ahem) of mine that may have been shy of the target…

  9. Paige

    Thanks guys- feels great to be back. Word of advice for stubborn people like myself….rest when you are hurt…seems simple yet no one ever does it but it actually works.

    3RM BS: 148#

    WBs: 102

    Happy Birthday Mikey! Great class today- Ali spotting is the key to a PR!

  10. Paige

    Also shout out to Mer- nice PR today!

    It’s bc we wear our headbands Rambo style…you didn’t know AVA but he would approve

  11. cat

    i seem to be going down in my BS weight

    did some doubles and singles at 138#

    90 wall balls

    fun 12 class

  12. ERIC S.

    Back squats-285 (3),305 (3), 315 (3), 325 (3), 335 (3), 345 (3)
    Front squats- 235 (3), 245 (3), 255 (3), 265(3), 275 (3), 285 (3)

    Emom snatch for 10minutes
    2 reps @135lbs

  13. EulK

    BS – 190# 3RM / kept shifting to the left on my 3rd rep / 195# failed on 3rd rep

    My 1RM from July was 180#, so good improvement.

    75 balls to the walls

    Topic of the Day during the WOD was Miley Cyrus. #shecray

  14. Jason Castro

    Back Squat
    215(3) 225(3) 235(3) 255(3) 260(3)
    94 wall balls
    115 abmat sit ups nft

  15. Jon


    Wb-20#-65. I need help on technique for receiving the ball using the least amount of shoulder strength.
    My shoulders are the first thing to go even though I’m exploding up.

  16. Summer of George

    235×3, 255×3(pr by 10#), 265×2(f)
    Hoped to have more in me for the back squats, and I think I might on a better day. Still, happy with a PR!

    87 Wall Balls.

  17. Melissa T.


    That’s PR for 3 RM, although I could probably have done 158 at least. Tried not to aggravate my hammy. 1 RM is 163 back on 7/1.

    20″ box jumps/burpees for wall balls – saving the shoulder on this one.
    45 reps

    Man, I’m a mess! haha

  18. Abby A

    118# 3RM — seriously essentially DOUBLE what my 3RM was about a month or so ago when I started here. SO STOKED.

    Wallballs – 76 – RX – my first RX!!!

    Thanks for a great class!

  19. robseda

    Back squat: 205(3) 215(3) 225(3) 230(3) 235(1)
    230 was a 15# PR, had nothing left for 235

    Wall balls: 116

  20. GusFerg

    255(3); 275(3); 280(3); 285(3); 290(2) Failed on Third
    Volume = 3825
    WB’s 84
    “Fitness is the revolution of life” BBoy.

  21. johanna

    BS: 150(3)- 160(3)- 165(3)- 170(2, failed on third), then was too scared to try again. These felt really heavy today- I think it was a combination on really trying to keep perfect form and being mentally psyched out today. Previous 3RM was 170.

    Wall Balls: 73 (big girl 14# to 9′, first time since the CF Open)

  22. Alicia

    Warmup: 45(12)95(8135(6)155(3)
    165(90s rest)170(2m)175(2m)180(3m)185(2m)190PR from May!
    2 great points Brendan made today: know how strong you are and start 25# lighter than where you want to end.

    75 wb @ 20#, 9′

    Had a significant amount of caffeine pre wod and was off the wall – I think it helped my wod, but was so jittery. Yeesh

    Cankles – I left grips for you in the office in the corner by the books and pen holder

  23. chad

    150 – 160-165-170-175(1)
    previous 1rm was 175 so I think I’m getting stronger
    67wb 20#
    3×10 reverse hyper and ghd situps

  24. sallys

    115 125 130 (lopsided, haha) 140 140

    I feel like I should be able to go heavier. Definitely need to squat heavy more.

    Wall balls – 65. UGH. I don’t know how to throw or to catch. No repped myself at least 10 times.

  25. Rachel

    Dropped in at Anaheim Crossfit West. Great people, great coaches.

    5 Rounds
    400M Run
    15 OHS @ 38#

    Last time I did this at CFM in May and did it with 35# at 19:15. Happy to have been faster, although, there is no hill on this 400M run!

  26. Abby

    140 back squat. Failed 143.. Not happy about that.

    141 wall balls. Don’t worry guys.. I was hitting the red mark on the left wall.. not between the two marks.. Which is proper lady height.. Right?

  27. dquat

    first strength work post neera. everything felt heavy… expected.


    motor was not motoring. also expected.