Monday, February 15th


Monday, February 15th


Weighted Pullup



21, 15, and 9 reps for time:

Power Snatch, 75/53
Wallball, 20/14
Knees to Elbows

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  1. johanna

    done on sunday:
    weighted pullups and weighted ring dips:
    red band (3)- red band(3)- skinny red(2)- bodyweight(2)- 2.5#(1)- 5#(1)- 7.5#(f pullup, completed ring dip)

    jumping bar muscle up+dip+negative
    from 30″(2)- from 24″(2)- from 20″(2)

    3RM Power Snatch

    WOD: 21-15-9 Power Snatch, Wall Ball, K2E
    11:46 Rx
    i am so bad at K2E…

  2. Tapout

    Almost pulled up. Small orange band.

    ~12:30 Would have been Rx except for some suspect K2E.

    Ready for a rest day. Today and tomorrow. And maybe Wednesday.

  3. dtm

    ~56.5lbs for pull up (1 big chain, little chain plus 16kg kb)

    10:07 Rx – K2E slowed me down

    Then yesterday’s WOD:

    23:44 Rx – burpees were the biggest drag

  4. Matt

    Pull-ups: took a pass, just wanted to move
    Wod: 8:00rx
    First and last rounds unbroken, second round: broken, with lots of groaning and moping.

    I’m not fully back yet, but felt so good to move again. Yuck, keep eating those Flintstones chewables y’all, the flu is a nasty beast!

    On a positive note, being sick was a great chance to crush American Gods. Get on this book, it’s a delight!

  5. cullen

    Strength: tried to do some strict pullups…

    Fitness: 8:29 Rx

    Then, did yesterday’s workout….. 27:30 at 53lbs. So tired.

  6. Melissa TruHero

    “Grace”- 3:47 rx’d PR

    Today’s wod- 9:22 rx’d
    Woof! That was all lungs and I have #nolungs


  7. juliavery

    2 rounds
    30 box jumps 24/20″
    30 burpees over the barbell
    30 overhead squats 135/95lbs
    12:13 rx’d

    Sumo deadlift 12-12-12-12-12

    EMOM x15
    1 hang clean

    11 strict muscle ups unassisted
    3×3 strict muscle ups in ring thing

    3 rounds
    500m row
    30 wall balls* 30/20lbs
    *10 burpees every time you break on the wall balls
    17:56. Wall balls were horrible. Did 30 burpees each round.

  8. Kim

    Pull ups – worked up to green + red band

    WOD – 9:26 @ 53 with weighted sit ups subbed for K2E.
    99% percent sure I was born without lats.

  9. cat

    blue band (3), thick red band (3) skinny red band (2) orange band (1) …something like that

    14:25 meh
    k2elbow…or tricep…or …