Monday, February 19th

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  1. BAston

    5×5 FS: 135-145-155-165-175 (10 strict pull-ups after each set)

    Wod: 4 rounds, 30 GHD’s, 20 hip ext, 50’ HS wall
    HS walk some good some bad.

  2. Matt

    4 rft
    Abmat sit-ups, 30 reps
    75-lb good mornings, 30 reps
    100-ft hs walk
    -light core and back stamina work is much appreciated! Thanks mainsite!

  3. Joe

    10-8-6-4-2 bench

    The set of 6 felt too good but must have zapped me

    Death by x kb swings (53) + x pull-ups:


  4. Rekas

    15 T2B
    30 Good mornings w/pvc
    Handstand variation (walking backwards 1 gym length first round then 20 shoulder taps for the rest)

    18:37 whiskey hurts ????

  5. D-Nice

    4 RFT
    30 ab mat sit ups
    30 good morning with 15# bar
    50 handstand hand lift things against the wall

    hit a wall (lol its a pun) with the handstands in the third round.

  6. johanna

    Hey fitfam! The Intramural teams have been made and you will receive an email from your captain shortly! If you still want to sign up, please do and you will get added to a team this week. Lots of fun awaits!

    Also, I had a baby and am home from the hospital, RX. Just in time for the Open. 😉

  7. robseda

    Front squat 4×10
    10 min amrap
    3,6,9,… ascending ladder
    Toes to bar
    Deadlift 115/75
    18+11 rx. T2B fell apart