Monday, February 5


Monday, February 5



Back Squat


Then, do as many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:

10 power snatches

10 burpees

Men use 95 lbs. and women use 65 lbs. on the barbell

Post loads and reps to comments

33 Responses

  1. txsnowman74

    Back Squat: 5’s: 115lbs; knee bothering me, plus I need to work on form.
    Metcon: 5+2, 42lbs; working on form.

  2. dtm

    AM) 5×8 Clean Pulls w/ 24kg DBs

    PM) BRU run: 1200-800-400-800-1200 ~ 3min rest
    Horribly slow, combo of light metcons recently and only eating fried food on Sunday.