Monday Fun!


Monday Fun!

Strength & Technique WOD:
5 Sets
3 Front Squats + 1 Jerk
@70%ish of 1RM Front Squat

**  There are three purposes of this workout:  **
1.  The three Front Squats will mimic the feeling of fatigue of a heavy clean going into the jerk.
2.  Practice the transition out of a clean (or FS here) going into the jerk.
3.  Get STRONG.. duh!  😀

**  If you have technical issues with the jerk, use a more reasonable weight.  Work on receiving the bar in the correct landing position.  We want to drill correct movement patterns, not get used to yucky ones.  Then when we go super heavy in the clean & jerk, you can focus on the aggression you need to get under the bar, rather than where your feet go!

Conditioning WOD:
For Time:
Run 400m
20 Burpees
20 Standing Broad Jumps
10 Muscle-Ups
Run 400m

** Jump REALLY far on every Broad Jump!
**  If you’re still working towards a Muscle-Up, Sub in False Grip Ring Pull-Ups or Ring Rows if you’re still working towards a pull-up.

Jesse Owens Broad Jump
Standing Broad Jump Demo & Tips

Shout Out and Congratulations to DT on doing the Iron Man yesterday!
If you’d like to contribute to his cause, you can do so by clicking the link:

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  1. Jared

    95 for the FS and jerk. This is rough, but I think I got it on my final jerk.

    11:55 rx’d on the metcon. Turned out on all my muscle ups, but does that mean I really got full extension? I got to work on this.

  2. Adam Van Auken

    Strength – 155 which was 70% of my pathetic 1 RM front squat of 220 from 5/7/12. I held front squat with all four fingers because I couldn’t figure out how to transition into jerk. I’m not sure if this is acceptable but it worked for me. Could have gone heavier but I also could have dropped farther on the jerk.

    Metcon – 9:25. Didn’t jump very high on burps. MUs were a lot harder under duress. I did 3,3,3, and 1 trying to turn out at the bottom which I need to work on.

  3. Vikram

    For the first time ever – I just could not get out of bed at my usual time.

    Dreaming of CFM – RXed. Getting old. Will try tonight.

  4. Melanie

    FS/Jerk – 60lbs.. Really need to work on this – explosivess and just dropping down into a split.. The only good thing about this is that as a result of being terrible at jerks, my hip flexors got a little break today from doing the FS with less weight than normal

    Metcon – 11:04
    – subbed for muscle-ups: 15 pullups (assisted – thanks B!) and 10 ring dips (ring hold into a slow negative)

  5. marilina

    no FS
    Partial jerk: 33,53,43. I had to work on form to keep from leaning forward. Great coaching.

    metcon: 11:01
    subbed MUs with 15 ring rows and 15 ring dips

  6. sara

    FS/jerk: worked up to 55 pounds. Katie and I were the only 7 AMers so we had an awesome private coaching session with Brendan.

    Metcon: 9:04; subbed 15 assisted pull-ups and 15 ring dips for muscle ups.

  7. Katie

    Thanks so much for your patience teaching Sara and I Brendan! Loved class this morning!

    FS/ Jerk 33-43-48-53-53

    Metcon: Subbed 15 ring rows & 15 ring jumps, forgot to look at finishing time but way after Sara. She is fast on those runs!

  8. BAston

    Ran the loop in 51:00…. Considering my back felt like shit for 5 miles, I’ll take it. I need yoga! I have the hips and lower back of an 80 year old. I’ll def be joining the yoga crew Wednesday. No v neck.

  9. mcohen

    Front squat/ Jerk WOD, 95 lbs.

    Working on creating muscle memory at 44 years of age is not easy.

    Metcon: 10:01 Rx’d. Fun to do muscle ups. Its been a while.

  10. lauren

    I have to say Jared’s name game with full bios today got my Monday off to a great start.

    #63 on the front squat/jerks. Had trouble getting aggressive b/c I’m nervous about my knees. Seeing Dr. Mike on Friday!

    13:08 with rows subbed for runs and assisted muscle ups.

    Excited for the movie tonight. Also, Inov-8 just tweeted me and I am totally geeking out!

  11. EJ

    *Movie Night – TONIGHT MEET AT 7pm. Movie starts at 7:30– STRONG!

    A bunch of CFM members are going out to watch this documentary on Oly Lifter Cheryl Haworth. If interested, information below. Everyone is invited! Tickets are still available.

  12. vicnord

    83# for the ft. squats n clean & jerk

    the dropping low started falling apart at this weight – mostly mental though – Agree with all of the comments re:excellent coaching!

    metcon – 12:18

  13. vicnord

    re: Athletics and Age – because we have grown accustomed to our unhealthy society’s image of modern humans of a certain age (post 40) as enfeebled, weak, unhealthy, unathletic etc., it can be easy to fall into the mental trap of considering our own athleticism through that faulty lens.

    I believe that as the Crossfit community ages, it will start to redefine the possibility for athleticism at every age as it has already redefined the boundaries for athleticism in ones 20s and 30s. Jacinto Bonilla 73, who trains at Virtuosity and competed in this years Games is a positive vision of aging for all of us. He is strong, vibrant, robust and the polar opposite of what society considers generally possible.

    @mcohen Your potential for creating muscle memory might not be what it was at 20 but my guess is that you are considerably more fit now, via Crossfit, than you were in your 20s. At 52, (53 in December) I’d be delighted to be 44 again, but mostly because it would give me about 7 more years of Crossfit under my belt!

    Sorry to be all up on a soapbox, but I feel really strongly about forcing the concept of robust physical health into advancing age. I reject the societal model.

  14. Jared

    I am happy to announce that tommy has joined the Wednesday yoga crew.

    I also heard our special yoga surprise is making an appearance too.

  15. Vikram

    I love it, Victoria. Nice writing.

    Tommy Gunn – welcome to the yoga family. Anyone who is interested, please be sure to call or buy a spot online beforehand.

    The (sweaty) Skinny V hug at the end is complimentary to all CFM members.

    Make yoga, not war.

  16. mcohen

    Here Here Victoria. Far from soapboxy, I agree with you 110%.

    Just because it is hard is no excuse for anything. Yes it is hard to create muscle memory at 44, but on the other side, I have never been in shape like this in my entire life.

    I was always tired, always hurt and plain old fashioned fat when I walked into crossfit. Today, its a totally different me.

    The lesson here is simple. Show up every day. Check your ego at the door. Work hard. And, all good things will come. It may be hard, but it is so worth the effort.

  17. Vikram

    Big Mike – you live the truth, brother. You’ve set that bar pretty damn high, and I’m following right behind…

  18. vicnord

    @Vikram @mcohen thanks for reading 🙂

    Each time we push the stone up the mountain, we make the mountain higher.

  19. Alicia

    9:25 w/ ring rows

    went with less than 50% of my 1RM considering I’ve been out of the game for awhile. Slowly but surely.

  20. Sam B

    125×3, 130×2

    8:35 — scaled MUs to 13 rings pull-ups,

    worked on my false grip, chalk was a huge help for maitiaining the false grip

  21. phillipc

    @75#…by the end it felt light but like Derek kindly pointed out, I’m landing way too narrow. I positively love Oly lifting though.

    10:32 w/ ring pullups & dips. How do you know if you are ready to try MU’s?

    p.s. Bermuda is idyllic. Am rocking my English tan (i.e. poached lobster)

  22. Vikram

    FS & J; 95 lbs

    Metcon: 8:57, subbed MUs for 10 ring PUs and 10 dead hang PUs (gammy shoulder)

    Tommy – looking so strong brother. I applaud you.

    Joe, Nicola, Martin, JOSE!, Ed – you guys rock.

  23. dlede

    165#, lighter than I wanted but felt light headed today and was only happy with my last 2 rounds, ughh,

    7:34 rx’ed met con with turn out at bottom

  24. Joe

    75# – not landing right, not sure what is up have to do more work on the jerk.

    Metcon: 11 something aka dead last. Only did 6 muscleups but my first 2 were strung together. Pretty psyched about that.

    Awesome to see how our 6:30 family is starting to wait around for the last man and push them to the finish. I like how we are bringin it back old school and cheer everyone to the finish led by my buddy Nicola! Today, i was the one needing the push…thanks 6:30!

  25. nicola

    63# stayed light to work on form

    Metcon: 9:20
    subbed 15 ring rows and negative dips for MUs, with one vaguely successful attempt at a ring pullup thrown in

    Great work 6:30!

  26. AllisonV

    Goal for today was to stop pitching forward on my dips and landings. Small improvement by the 5th set.

    Subbed 20 ring rows for MUs

  27. tgray

    FS/jerk: started too light at 135, finished at 150 which felt good

    metcon: 8:40, subbed 10 ring pullups + 10 dips for MUs

  28. rafael

    3 Front Squats + 1 Jerk
    Went with 70% of jerk as opposed to 205lbs for front squat
    Max 175lbs, scaled back last 3 rounds to 165lbs to get a deeper on split

    Metcon: 11:34 Rx’d (had to slow down on run b/c of the rain & slippery sidewalk)
    * work on getting 10 unbroken muscle ups

  29. Mike T

    FS + Jerks @ 105lbs. Light, but wanted to really work on getting my form/technique right on this lift. Getting my feet in the right place is still awkward, especially trying to turn that back foot in. Last two rounds felt great though after concentrating on incorporating Allison’s tips/feedback. Lil things make a huge difference. Thnx Allison!

    Metcon: 11:20 (Subbed 10 ring pull ups + 10 ring dips for the muscle ups) I still absolutely loathe anything running related, but the rain made it more bearable tonight since it cooled me off.

    One day I hope to be able to do a legit muscle up! That would be a huge accomplishment in my personal goal book.