Monday Info!


Monday Info!

Ladies!  If you join Metropolis Fitness, you can have this guy coaching you, too!
And guys, maybe he’ll give you the secret to his 45″ biceps!

It sounded like you all had a lot of fun on the CFM field trip and had a heck of a workout!  That’s what you get when you stick with Eroc!

Strength / Technique WOD:
5 Rounds For Time:
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Power Jerks

115 / 155 lbs

**  For the Hang Power Cleans we have two Major Goals today –  Keep the landings consistent and correct.  Avoiding landing too wide and with straight legs.  And catching the bar in the correct rack position each time.
**  We have the same landing goals for the Power Jerks.  Just because it’s high rep doesn’t mean we can fudge the landings.  Quite the opposite.  You’ll have 30 opportunities to drill in correct movement patterns and make good habits … or poor ones.. your choice.  Make them awesome!

Gym Etiquette:
All the trainers did a major deep clean on every inch of the gym.  Every nook and cranny is sparkling and smells great!  Except the cubbies  :O  Olympic lifting shoes can be stored in the cubbies forever but sneakers need to taken home daily.. (With the exception of chucks for lifting).  They smell bad and we don’t have the space to store everyone’s kicks.
So, take your sneakers home and check the lost and found if you haven’t already.  There’s some nice stuff in there including two umbrellas, wrist wraps and some clothes.  If they aren’t picked up by the last class, they’ll be donated.
We also suggest getting a shoe bag for your OLY shoes so they don’t get bashed up since they share the cubbies with other shoes.  Then you could store your wraps & jump rope in there as well.

Either way, please be considerate of other peoples shoes when putting yours in the cubbies.  And as always, the neater, the better!

Event Announcement (From Brooke & EJ)
Come eat some meat!
Join fellow CFMers at Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem!

August 26th 3 p.m. – 5 p.m.

–  Cost of meal will be less than $30 for 3 types of meats and 3 different sides (family style), alcohol will be ala carte.
–  Please RSVP by August 22 to Brooke at [email protected]

–  (Significant others and guests are welcome)

Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.
–  Oprah

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  1. Vikram

    Today felt AWESOME. One of the first times Oly movements (kinda) clicked for me. Have a looong ways to go, but I could feel the landings today.

    15:07ish @ 75 lbs

    Melanie is always showing 6 AM how its done.

    Bring wrist wraps if you have ’em! This was hard work.

  2. Adam Van Auken

    15:07 @ 135#. This was definitely the perfect weight and I will use the same next time unless I take Vitamin S. Coaches – I appreciate the early posting of the WOD. It allowed me to watch some videos and think about strategy. For example:
    Iceland Annie:
    I also checked out the last time we (I missed it) did this ( for weight selection.

    Lessons learned:
    – DLs – do 11 then rest very briefly. 12th is your first clean. Do DLs right after jerks because they’re easy.
    – Cleans – I think I did 6 + 3 then 5 + 4 for first 3 then 3X3. I don’t see improving on this but I could rest less.
    – Jerks – I was able to do them unbroken so no setting the bar down!

    Also, a callous ripped so next time I will shave them before and wear grips on initial rounds.

  3. Jared

    DNF after 3 rounds of 135 for a round and 115 for two rounds.

    Hurts my ego, but my elbow was really bothering me from the rope climbs. I felt it yesterday during the burpees, but thought it was fine this morning. I am still hurting right now, about an hour after the work out.

    I really got to take on DT, I have never finished it.

  4. Vikram

    I wanted to add a couple words here about Eroc as I slam my eggs and fruit.

    Despite his super intimidating biceps, the man has a heart of gold. He’s been a huge help to me – and many others – from the very beginning.

    A great trainer – and a great guy.

    Two eggs over easy, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries in Greek yogurt. RXed.

  5. mcohen

    11:48 @ 105 lbs.

    Perfect weight for me. Allowed me to keep my form in check, yet heavy enough to give me the strength stimulus. Biggest take away from today is that my hands and forearms are shot, so I was clearly pulling too much with my arms.

    As a work in progress today felt great.

  6. Melanie

    15:53 @ 63lbs

    I did this workout my first week at CFM @ 52lbs around the same time. Improving slow and steady lol

    Technique felt more solid as I got further into the workout.

  7. yasmin.carlos

    @Vikram — I don’t know if you started keeping track of your times right away, but we did DT A while ago, maybe early March. I used to take pics of the board back then, and you did DT in 15:00 at 35#. I’d say your performance today is improvement indeed. That’s a helluva lot more POWER out of you! You make me smile.

  8. Vikram

    Yasmin! You’re such a wonderful gal! Truly! We need to get you back to 6 AM!

    March was my first month doing Xfit. I didn’t even start writing stuff down until I was a couple weeks in. I was walking around dazed…and sad that I was always being asked to put the bar down! Ha!

    Coach Brendan to me today: “You started out as one of the top 2 worst at CFM, and now I kinda like what you’re doing.”

    Now that’s progress, baby! Ha! Love it. Thanks so very much again, Yasmin. I know I’m dreadfully over-enthusiastic – but I can’t stop smiling.

  9. BAston


    Kept the weight the same for all movements. First set at 115 (deads and jerks were easy, but I knew the cleans would not happen later on). Went down to 105. Should have gotten a heavier bar for deads and jerks. 105 was mainly to keep good form on the cleans.

    Thanks EJ, pushed me hard. Thanks B and Allison, appreciate the help.

  10. EJ

    15:28 (PR by -28s)

    flew through round one and then after that the body was feeling it. Glad to hit a PR though.

    Putting this into perspective vs. games competitors for the gals – my time is over 3x slower than Annie T..Crazy!

  11. AllisonNYC

    I can’t believe I just did that. I stumbled back to my building and the doorman said I looked like a tomato with pigtails. I would have laughed but I was still wheezing and didn’t want to die.

    I kinda wish I had someone to yell at me to move a little better and pick the bar up.. but on the other hand I probably would have punched them in the face.. Hard workouts make me grouchy!

    So thanks for not punching me in the face when you’re working your asses off and I tell you to fix stuff. It’s SO HARD to do it perfectly when you can’t breathe!!

    15:58 @ 113#

  12. ERIC S.

    That was brutal, but thanks for yelling at me to “pick up the bar” Allison. I wouldn’t have done it under 15min.
    Thank you too Skinny V for your kind words, you are a true gentle man and your squat is looking better too, just sayin’

    DT 14:36 rx’d
    Then a easy 4 mile run in Central Park w/ Sass. I think she wanted to punch me in the face after this run.

  13. sassypants

    16:22 far from rx’d @ 78#
    I definitely lost a lot of strength being away.

    Aaaaand then a 4-mile run with Eroc. Not so “easy” for me! I definitely wanted to punch him in the face, especially for making me sprint at the end. I need to learn better pacing.

  14. sassypants

    Also, damnit DT! I can’t search the blog for the last time we did this because your name comes up for every wod!

  15. sassypants

    Oh no! Now I wish I didn’t see that. Used a lighter weight AND was slower today. :'(
    Thanks a lot Derek! 😉

  16. EJ

    Upcoming Races:
    *Train for the NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile OR
    *CMC Combine- NYC Urban Assault

    Fall racing season is upon us! To start things off right, join Coach Eroc for the Fifth Avenue Mile or Lauren (aka Gym Belle) for the CMC – NYC Urban Assault.

    Once you’ve signed up, let us know by emailing [email protected] so that we can keep you posted about new training opportunities at Metropolis.

  17. ashleigh

    18:41 @ 73lbs

    10lbs heavier than last time but 3mins slower
    But I’m pretty sure my form was way better this time 🙂

  18. Jason Castro

    12:30 @ 115 lbs. Maybe could of gone a little heavier but wanted my form to be right. Will go up next time.

  19. nicola

    12:18 @53#

    Compare to 14:06 with same weight last time. Cleans felt great, shoulders had a little flashback to Diane last week during the jerks and were a little wobbly.

    Cash out: some single ring dips and pull ups. Can now add strict ring dips to my list of accomplishments. 🙂

  20. dlede

    16:20 rxed, 1 min PR from last time

    still have some work to do on the push jerk, but felt good, thanks for the motivation 630 crew, felt nice to have people push me!

  21. Brooke

    It was too nice to be inside yesterday so i skipped the WOD and went for a swim. Surprisingly, shoulders are feeling loser and not as crackalicious.

  22. ledbelly

    16:51 rx’d – 3 minutes slower than last time. Im getting older, my knee hurts. Just trying to make it to Sept 15th 2012 so I can RETIRE!