Monday, July 4th


Monday, July 4th

19323480210_a5f1f561c3photo credit: 4th of July fireworks via photopin (license)

Don’t Miss It! Meet at the Arthur Ross Pinetum at 10am!


United States Marine Corp Initial Fitness Test

Part A:
Men: Max Unbroken Strict Pull-Ups
Women: Max bent arm hang, chin over the bar

Part B:
In 2 Minutes:
Max sit-ups.

Part C:
For time:
1.5 Mile Run

Post all three results to Comments.

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  1. dtm

    With a partner complete
    100 push ups
    200 sit ups
    300 air squats

    While one person works the other does a hill sprint.

    22:19 not Rx because EEC didn’t finish her last hill sprint.

    Tabata mash up (16 rounds)
    Hollow rocks
    Push ups

  2. lizzy

    47″ hold with some fun kicks for kicks
    64 sit-ups
    13:47 1200m run

    Cash-out: post run sun bathing w/coach Matt in the park with ice pops!

  3. Joe

    Some oly from a week or so ago

    15 min EMOM pwr clean

    1.25 squat triples up to 175#

    3×5 strict press at 95

    Happy Fourth of July!

  4. PlayGurlPattyG

    12 second pull up hold
    50 sit ups 2min
    my knee didn’t like the pavement so just one lap.

    Follow by a little cheat meal okay okay a big cheat meal its a Holiday.

    Great seeing everyone today!! 😉