Monday June 1 WOD


Monday June 1 WOD

I found the perfect tree to hang Rings on for Muscle-ups in Central Park.  Contact me if you want to join for today’s WOD at 6:00PM as follows:

Five rounds for time of:
7 Muscle-ups (MU)
21 Burpees

Sub 3 pullups + 3 dips for each Muscle-up if you don’t have the MU and you can partition however you like i.e. 10 Pullups then 10 Dips, then 10 PU, 10 Dips and so forth. 
Each burpee full range of motion (ROM) includes getting 6″ off the ground at each jump.  (stealing this standard from Freddy over at CrossFit One World; thanks Freddy!)

Post results to Comments.

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  1. 19:44..MU are the weak link, I can’t string them together yet. And in the 4th and 5th round I missed a couple, so you end up exerting a lot of energy to only get part of the way up, then have to start all over again. I was thinking about Nicole in “Nasty Girls” finishing her MU, and that pulled me through. No great result compared to most of the monsters out there, but good time for me.