Monday, June 13th


Monday, June 13th


10 Minutes of Practice:
Handstand Walking


Front Squat
3 – 2 – 1 – 3 – 2 – 1 – 3 – 2 – 1

As always, go as heavy as possible for all nine sets.

Post handstand success and front squat loads to Comments.

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  1. Matt

    HS Walk: One full length of the gym unbroken, might have to do some mini staircases.

    The word of the day is: post-tetanic potentiation

    These felt so goooood. 205-215-225-215-225-235-225-235-245

    1. robseda

      post-tetanic potentiation is at least 2 words… maybe 2.5 depending on your treatment of the hyphenation.

  2. BAston

    Handstand walks:

    As close as you can get to 2 full mats before crashing down.



    I defy you to find uglier FS’s than my last round.

  3. Melanie

    HAPPY MONDAY! For those of you not on FB, or haven’t seen the event page yet, or haven’t been to the gym in awhile – we are having our annual Boat Basin social on Saturday June 25th! It is also Coach Steph’s last hoorah as she is moving back to sunny CA at the end of the month 🙁

    So please come out to socialize, say some hi’s, and a goodbye. Feel free to bring family and friends. More details are in the link below!

  4. RichS

    175, 850, 185
    185, 190, 195
    190PR, 195 questionable second rep, 200PR

    shoulder taps on wall, kick up practice free standing.

  5. Kim

    Work Gym Shenanigans

    Back Squats

    Power Speed Endurance workout- 90s row, 60s rest

    Cardio. I don’t mind it.

  6. sassypants

    *PR on 1 rep FS

    Yesterday’s oly: Push Press, Push Jerk, Split Jerk
    Worked up to 98#

    20min AMRAP
    1 short hill sprint, 100ft farmers carry, 6 pull-up, 65 du
    4 rounds plus 32 dubs

    So very tired

    1. ledbelly

      AM Bike Ride – 10 miles

      clipped in for the first time – fell over for the first time, it was hilarious

  7. patrick

    Round 1: 255-275-285
    Round 2: 275-295-305
    Round 3: 295-310 (f)

    Got 310 once on the last round and then dropped the bar. Couldn’t get the bar back on the rack, so called it day

  8. amandajnz

    Handstand Walk practice/drills at the wall

    Front Squat

    Matt was trying tricking me a bit with my numbers – great 4:30 class – thanks matt!

  9. J Cash

    175-185-195 all 3 sets
    Bench 3×5 @195
    Metcon: 20 min Amrap
    1 short hill sprint
    100 ft farmers carry with 2 32kb’s
    3 muscle ups
    65 DU’s
    5 rounds

  10. I) 185 x 3 —–> 195 x 2 —> 205 x1
    II) 195 x 3 —–> 205 x 2 —> 215 x1
    III) 205 x 3 —–> 215 x 2 —> 225 x1

    Bonus: 235 x 1

    Next time ill start with round II loads

    My handstands are a joke – I am too tall and fat. I blame NutterButters

  11. dtm

    I walked a little on my hands for the first time ever, thanks Mel.


    My legs were fried from the last couple days and I had nothing left in the tank…womp womp.

  12. PlayGurlPattyG

    8:30p 133 ????????
    nothing better then a calm NY mad dash to our WOD

    so apparently much like AEon Flux’s counter part I could possibly walk on my hands. Lol!! Tons of fun ????????

  13. dquat

    hs walks, ~3 mats. need to work on these, been awhile.


    felt like i had a lot left in the tank on the last single…sat back and fought but couldnt stand it up.

  14. robseda

    hs “walks”
    I think I got one mat- some good practice

    did Sunday’s ab burner
    first round rx, had to do knee tucks instead of L-sits after that