Monday, June, 17th, 2013


Monday, June, 17th, 2013


Skill/ Strength:
Every Minute on the Minute x 8
Unbroken HSPU

Choose a number you know you can sustain for all 8 rounds with proper form.  Strict.
Modification will be piked HSPU’s on a box.

9-6-3 Deadlift  250/315
3-2-1 Resistance Run
9-6-3 Chest to Bar Pull-Up (Standard Kip)

Done Competition Style
  8 Minute Cap – Choose a Weight and Pull-Up Style that allows you to complete the WOD.

Spine Mechanics For Lifters – Tony Leyland, CF Journal
Deadlift Alignment, Part 1 & Part 2  –  Mark Rippetoe

The Reverse Hyper .. (We Have One!!)
What is the Reverse Hyper and How & Why YOU Should Use It
Louie Simmons (the inventor) on the Reverse Hyper
Louie Simmons & Abby Grove

Explanation by KStar (CFJ) – Part 1 & Part 2


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  1. Vikram

    Coach Ally – just got done with my thoracic stretches from the links you posted on Saturday (after the great OHS debacle). It was not fun. Covered in sweat. In pain. Awful. The baby is screaming. Mom is wondering why I am always holding a broomstick and walking around the apt…

    I really hope this leads to something. Everything our coaches have taught us has panned out thus far. But this one is hard to see…it’s ugly. Ugh…maybe I am just too old…

  2. BAston

    HSPU’s: 5 (first 6 rounds unbroken)
    Wod: 5:03 (DL’s @ 195). Doing those sprints with Ron holding me back was rough.

    Great workout this morning.

  3. Vikram

    HSPU: 2 per round

    WOD: 4:11 @ 225#

    Thanks to Big Mike for being an awesome partner. Had to leave early for work…

  4. Will M.

    On the road, visiting CrossFit Tyson’s Corner outside DC:
    1.5 mile run to the gym
    FGB – 236 RX
    1.5 mile slow jog back

    I was a little disappointed in the score, as I got 265 last Saturday at the throw down. I’m chalking it up to (a) sleep deprivation and (b) much less efficient transitions between stations at large.

    Not having Allison and Eroc to keep you moving makes it harder, too, haha.

  5. patrick

    HSPUs: 4
    I did the pike position off the box. These are starting to feel good. Might tray for a real HSPU soon

    Metcon: 6:30 @315lbs
    Did Jumping pullups. Brendan was killing me on those sprints.

  6. johanna

    HSPUs in piked position on grey box. Started at 3 per minute but was having trouble getting full range of motion so dropped to 1 per min in the last 4 sets and tried to make them perfect.

    WOD: 5:20 @125lbs and jumping pull-ups. Resistance running blows.

  7. sara

    HSPUS: 4 per round on red box. Shoulder mobility needs work.

    MetCon: 4:59 @153# resistance runs with Brendan killed me!

  8. AllisonNYC

    HA! Get it, V! Your post put a huge smile on my face.
    I know that with the dedication you put into things, like CF, that before you know it you’re going to be a Mobile Man, capable of perfect positioning and injury free for life!

    Keep going and posting about it… Maybe Daddy’s whimpering will be what gets Luka to do his first belly laugh!

  9. Benjammin

    HSPU (5) unbroken for first 6 rounds round 7 was ugly and round 8 was a lot of kick ups.

    no WOD for me. on 5th rep of 1st warm up set of DL my lower back popped again and that fun searing pain shot through my back. sucks! I really wanted to do this one. Hopefully I’m back tomorrow. Looks like GHD work is in my near future.

  10. Jason Castro

    HSPU were bad for me today. Started off comp style, first 2 rounds did 8 unbroken, 3rd round 5 reps, 4th round 3 reps, 5th round 3 reps on regular floor, 6th round 2 reps, 7th round 1 rep and 8th round 0.
    WOD: 5:28 RX’d

  11. Julesnextdoor

    WOD: 5:08 @ 133#

    Resistance runs are hilarious.

    1 piked hspu on box with a little help from Jenna

  12. Rolf

    Time 4:51 using 255# and jumping pull-ups

    Fun gettin dragged around by Shane

    20-15-10-5 ghd cash out

  13. jen

    5 pike hspu (9 last round max set). Forgot how hard these are.

    5:44 @ 123#
    Resistance run with Nicola
    Pullups somewhere btwn regular and c2b.
    Not one of my better days.

  14. Kat

    HSPU practice. On the box, first from the knees then from the toes. Kind of getting the hang of it.

    5:35 at 135#

  15. Joe

    2 strict HSPU EMOM – one abmat for 8 minutes. Almost ready for no abmat i think.

    5:48 – 225# deads, dragging Phillip and chest to bar.
    Mental block after runs made me go slower than i needed to. I have sub 5 in me at this weight. I’m just a big baby.

    Last August we did this and i got 5:25 @205 Deads and ring rows instead of pull-ups (shoulder)


  16. Carmen

    That was redonks.
    HSPUs were piked on red box, mostly 4 per round, 1 three and a couple of 5s.
    Metcon: 4:04 with 123# and the pullups were really just jumping practice, not a lot of pulling. I was all confuzled. Resistance runs with Kim were HARSH!

    The whole thing was a lot harder due to PTSD from witnessing BenO’s pants-off dance-off WOD style at the 6:30 class.

  17. Jon

    HSPU: 3 on the first 4, 4 on the last 3 and then 12 on number 8. I should have done 5 each round

    Metcon 3:45 RX

    Its been an hour since i finished and Im still light headed…

  18. BC

    HSPU, piked on black box.
    Rounds 1-7…4 per round
    Round 8…3

    5:22….255# DLs, kipping pull ups, combo RR from Alicia and Xian..

    Tweaked lower back during round 2.

  19. lee

    4 hspu’s. I did 10 on my last round, so I might have gone a little conservative on the other rounds.

    4:50 @ 205lbs.

  20. Handstand push-ups from the knees were up and down: some 6s, 7s, 8s and one 10.

    Metcon: 5:18 @143# and jumping pull-ups
    Ditto what Carmen said. Those resistance runs were ridiculous.

  21. ERIC S.

    Hspu 4reps -still a goat of mine. I should be at 5 or 6.
    Opted to go second, then Zuan made sure he put all of his 220lbs. fame to hold me back. I too am still light headed from this wod.

  22. Jenna

    HSPU – pike on shorter black box – 2 per round. Tight hamstrings make it really hard to get head all the way to the floor.

    Metcon 3:57. DL @ 113#. Went lighter than normal cause back is still tweaked from DL’s a few weeks ago. Jumping negative chest to bar pull-ups.

    That was a lung burner

  23. Alicia

    holy hellburgers! that was horrible

    HSPU – 4/rnd piked from box

    5:25 @ 215#, kipping pullups. Thanks to J & Allie for the push, and Allie for the pull 🙂 Slowly getting back to it.

  24. Summer of George

    All over the place with my HSPU. 4-3-3-3-3- then to knees 5-2-2. Really have to get more control of my form here.

    6:50, 225#, kipped chin to bar pullups.

  25. AllisonNYC

    You guys CRUSHED today! Dereck, Jon, Xuan, Ariel & Eroc made QUICK work of that WOD.

    EVERYONE pushed to the brink.. there’s a certain look that people have when you get to “that point” and you guys took it there for sure. Way to give it everything. Team work was awesome!

    Make sure to roll out & stretch after this one.

    Shout out to Gus for demoing how to almost kill me at 8:30. I need my voice back so I can be heard when I’m trying to scream for help!! 😀 hah!

  26. mpacer

    Essentially got my ass handed to me today with those resistance runs (but sort of loved it).

    Hspu-4 per round on the red box

    5:24: 93#, jumping negatives.

    Thanks Allie for yelling at me throughout those runs!

  27. Melissa T.

    Couldn’t make it on time to the WOD so got outside and did a 5 mile run on the east river – kinda nice at night. Threw in 5×5 intermittent sets of burpees just cuz I was thinking of you guys! 🙂

  28. Steve

    Hollow rocks subbed for HSPUs due to lingering shoulder problem, 20 seconds each round
    225# DL, kipping pull ups – 5:10
    Thanks to Eric for the push although I think I should have gone harder

  29. robseda

    HSPU: 7 rounds of 4, last round max out of 10

    Metcon: 6:03- I was gassed
    105#DL – first time since January and they felt good