Monday, June 27th


Monday, June 27th


Back Squat

As always, go as heavy as possible for all five sets.


5 repetitions of the following:

At the bottom of the hill, start a running clock:
Within 30 seconds, complete:
10 Broad Jumps for Distance
Rest in place.

At the 30 second mark:
Complete one all-out hill sprint.
Walk back to the start to recover.

Post all squat loads, and a Yelp review of the 100th St hill to Comments.

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  1. BAston

    Back Squat:

    190-200-210-220-225 (sets 1-4 5 lbs. heavier than last time we did this in April, 5th set was the same). I need to start squatting more, my numbers are way down. Thanks for the tips, Mat.

    Broad jumps / hill sprints: Legs were pretty useless after the squats, but they got done.

  2. sallys

    Chickened out on the broad jumps so did solo sesh at globo gym. 5×5 back squats at 115, focusing on pushing my knees out, which is still a problem for me.

    4×5 static ring dips.

    Some push presses while I was waiting (had to work in with two dudes)

    And yesterday:
    98/103/118 pp/pj/Sj

    118 ties an old PR

    WOD 11:45 rx

  3. dtm

    BS: 195-205-220-235-245

    sprints – check

    3 Rounds: alternating back extensions (12) and handstand walk practice

  4. Matt

    BS: 235-245-255-265-275, 15# PR, been doing 235 across, so that’s a big up
    100th st hill: always a good time. definitely the place to go with a friend

    Cash-Out: Cherry Pie

  5. sassypants

    Matty, that was rhubarb pie!

    15min emom: 1squat clean, 2 FS
    Worked up to 123 (F on 2nd FS)

    Metcon: 750m row, 6c/j @85, 500m, 5c/j @95, 250m, 4c/j @105


  6. Melissa TruHero

    Back squat 5s
    Wu: 45(10)-125(8)-145(5)-165(5)

    5s: 175-180-185-190-155 (pushed a little too hard on the 4th set so dropped down for the 5th)

    Broad/bunny hops + hill sprints no me gusta but I did it

  7. JLee

    Back squats x5 up to 195
    The magical feeling after hip mobility class faded pretty quick 🙁 #consistencyiskey

    10 broad jumps and 4.9 runs up the hill
    Yelp Review – Minus 1 star for each run

  8. Tapout

    Wod from earlier this week

    3 Rounds: 22:58
    Row 750 meters. 3:19, 3:21, 3:17
    Rest 2 minutes. 1:03, 1:00, :58
    Row 250 meters. 1:03, 1:00, :58
    Rest 2 minutes.

    Fun with Katie! She loved this WOD. Wouldn’t stop talking about it.

  9. Katie

    BS 113-133-153-163-168

    750/250 rowing wod from last Friday with Lisa, she was hurt and I didn’t want to leave her alone while we all did hills:)

    750s 3:12, 3:15, 3:23
    250s 1:03, 1:00, 0:56

  10. ERIC S.

    Front squats 185(3) 205(3) 225(3) x 6
    For time
    66 pistols (alternating)
    55 ghd sit-ups
    44 cal row
    9:43 as Rx’d

  11. sloane


    rain sub wod urla – 3 rounds – 300m row – rest while hanging from bar — 20 wb’s @ 20lbs – 10:31