Monday, March 19th


Monday, March 19th



5 rounds for time of:
30 kettlebell swings
30 burpees
45 abmat sit-ups

Men: 2-pood kettlebell
Women: 1.5-pood kettlebell

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42 Responses

  1. BAston

    23:57 (4 rounds, Russian KB w/ 1 1/2 pood, burpees, sit ups)

    18.4 tonight, can’t wait.

    A wide awake and energized 6am Rekas is the best Rekas IMO……

    1. BAston

      18.4: 48 reps rx’d

      That hspu standard is the worst. Disappointed in my performance, but at least I didn’t get injured doing dead’s this year!

  2. Kim

    4 Rounds of:
    30 Russian KBS @ 12KG
    20 burpees
    45 sit ups

    Did the first round with 30 burpees and noped out of that real fast.

  3. txsnowman74

    5 Rounds: 38:43 w/ 20kg KB
    Burpees for breakfast makes for a great Monday morning! (said no one ever)

  4. johanna

    4 weeks postpartum and starting to do some light bodyweight work at home
    2 mile walk followed by:

    3 rounds:
    10 pvc pass throughs
    10 pvc good mornings
    10 pvc OHS
    5 pushups (real ones!)
    various yoga poses

    excited to get back in the gym next week and lift some light weight.

  5. David Perlow

    18.4 re-do: 39 rx (8 HSPUs better than Saturday – full cannon ball kip helped big time)

    4 rounds @ 28kg: 36:58

  6. JLee

    3+29 @ time cap with 2 Pood ????

    Learned the true meaning of hip extension when i couldnt feel my arms anymore

    Good work Josh

  7. dquat

    18.4 84rx. brutal. probably time to forget old standards pr’s and retest benchmarks. I’ve always hated the term “Crossfit slop” and it seems like its slowly resolving itself. if you don’t think you are hitting full ROM or intensity is compromising form entirely, its time to slow down and move better. your ego might not thank you, but your body will.