Monday, March 5th


Monday, March 5th


Back squat

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  1. Liz

    Drop in at crossfit Nola
    10 minutes to build to a 3 RM Thruster from the floor 95#

    3 Rounds:
    4 min Clock
    30 KB Swings (53/35)
    30 Wallballs
    Max Burpees
    * No rest between rounds

    1. johanna

      Yes! 1 point is for completing the WOD and submitting your score on the Games website. This can be done anytime, anywhere. The second point is for Spirit by doing the WOD during any of the Friday Night Lights classes or Saturday morning Showdown classes. If your scoring is incorrect, please let me know! I’m doing my best tracking the athletes during the classes but may miss a few.

    2. patrick

      i think you got it right based on that info. I just wasn’t sure. I counted reps on Friday night, but didn’t do the WOD until open gym on Sat.

    3. Kim

      So first off – @Patrick – LOVING the attention to detail. Glad to have you in the tribe!

      Second – I think Andy and I did too good of a job drafting these teams. I don’t know how I’m going to handle three more weeks of a competition this close on top of March Madness. Is Xanax Whole Life Challenge compliant?

    4. johanna

      Also we are loving all the extra spirit and people coming in to cheer/judge extra, but we didn’t explicitly say people would get points for that, so we feel we need to stick to the original guidelines. Everyone is doing so great being a part of this- it’s a lot of fun!


    Back Squat 165-170-175-180-185-190-200!!!

    Reached my 2018 got my BS to 200 now onto the next goal of getting my snatch to 125

    Big win today!!

    1. robseda

      PPM BRU ????????
      100 push-ups mixed in because dtm

  3. patrick


    375 I didn’t attempt. Took it off rack and it felt heavy, so I didn’t attempt it.