Monday, May 2nd


Monday, May 2nd


Endurance Club T-Shirts are here! The price estimate was a little low, so they’re going to cost $5 extra… get them from me (Matt) any time you see me at the gym!


10 Minute EMOM
2-10 Strict Ring Dips

Partner WOD:

For time:
60 front squats 135/93
60 burpees over the bar
60 deadlifts, 225/153

Split work as desired between partners. Share two barbells.
While one partner squats, the other must hold the other barbell in the top position of a deadlift.
While one partner deadlifts, the other must hold the other barbell in the front rack.
Both partners may burpee simultaneously.

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  1. Matt

    Empty 6am, what gives? This workout was so fun!

    7am with badass drop-in Haley:
    Ring Dips: 7-7-6-6-6-5-5-5-6-5
    WOD: 9:11Rx, broke up everything in sets of ten… if you and your partner are REALLY strong, go ham for sets of 15

    30-20-10 Reps for Time:
    GHD Sit-Up
    Hip Extension
    L-Sit (Seconds)
    Plank (Seconds)

  2. BAston

    Partner wod with Matt at 6am on a Monday < sleeping in

    Sorry man, the rowing / burpee wod wiped me out yesterday

  3. dtm

    5 strict dips each round

    5 Rounds NFT:
    250M row
    1 minute squat hold

    Cash-out TBD but probably dumplings or ramen.

    1. Jason

      Ring Dips: 8-7-6-4-4-4-4-3-3-3
      – focused on turning my hands out at the top of each one

  4. Partnered with Steph.

    14:09 RX

    Sets of 6 for the front squats
    Sets of 10/5 for the deadlifts.

    Steph was uncertain about the RX Deadlifts, a little partner encouragement brought her to the RX crowd.

    Dips: 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 3, 4, 4, 4
    slight toe assists

  5. steph_N

    Partner wod with Ada
    Split front squats evenly in sets of 6, split burpees evenly,
    Deads: Ada did 3×10, 1×8, I did 2×5 and 2×6

    1. Matt

      This article is full of valuable (and kinda whiny) advice for the CrossFit athlete.
      -have patience
      -trust the process
      -be a student, always listening and learning
      Give it a read. Thanks E.

  6. johanna

    pullups/dips EMOM: 2/2, 2/2, 2/2, rest, 2/1, 1/1, 1/1, 1/1, 1/1, 1/1

    partner wod with meli:
    8:54 Rx
    sets of 15 on FS (split evenly)
    i did 35 burpees and 25 DL
    best partner!

  7. Melissa TruHero

    Strict dips
    3-3-3-2-2-2-1 and done

    Partner WOD with my partner Jo!
    8:54 rx’d
    Went ham on FS
    I did 35 DL and 25 burpees
    Couldn’t be more evenly paired! ????

    Matty’s Cash-Out
    30-20-10 Reps for Time:
    GHD Sit-Up
    Hip Extension
    L-Sit (Seconds)
    Plank (Seconds)
    11:13 mostly rx’d although it was really hard hold my legs up in the l-sit

  8. ledbelly

    Dips – 10-10-10-10-10-10-8-6-6-6
    WOD: 9:45 rx’d with Saladbar (Saladbar carried Burpees)

  9. Kim

    Dips – 5 each round on the box

    Wod with Cal:
    30 FS @ 65#
    30 burpees
    40 deads @ 133#

  10. CalUlmann

    This was my first day at the gym.

    Box Dips 5 each

    WOD with Kim (Kim did all the work)
    30 FS @ 45
    10 deads @ 115 / 10 deadlifts @ 45 pounds

  11. JLee

    10 x 2 ring dips

    WOD Participation Award

    95 lbs / 155 lbs

    Stayed strong till deads. Coach Steph did at least 2x as many as me. Probably 11 minutes or so

  12. stephmil

    super fun late classes tonight!
    Huge high five to newbies Cal, Angela and Patricia who all crushed their first WOD today! Happy to have you guys join the CFM fam!

  13. PlayGurlPattyG

    I just have one questions do burpees ever get easy? I laughed a ton and learned a lot Met Jason and saw our old new friend Cal, felt very welcome. Angela may kill me for picking this as our new Partner In Crime Activity, but we can never make it to a movie on time. All jokes aside, speaking for myself I learned a ton. And we are coming back tomorrow. Right Angela? Thanks, Stephanie, small group but big Cheer!!! Nite Nite and have fun tomorrow Morning CFM Fam and see the rest of you in the evening PG

  14. angela

    First WOD ever!!

    10×3 box dips

    Partnered with Patricia – we were given 40 reps since it was our first time. We split the work straight down the middle 🙂

    20 FS @ 33#
    20 burpees
    20 deads @ 63#

    Special thanks to Steph and Andrew!!