Monday, May 9th


Monday, May 9th



For time:

1000m row
500ft farmers carry, 32/24
80 sit-ups
400ft farmers carry, 32/24
60 lunges
300ft farmers carry
40 ring dips
200ft farmers carry
20 burpee broad jump over a plate
100ft farmers carry

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  1. Matt

    Regionals Nate
    10 Rounds / 20min Cap
    4 Strict Muscle Up
    7 Strict HSPU
    6 32kg KB Snatch Right Arm
    6 32kg KB Snatch Right Left

    6+15 Rx… welcome to shoulder city

    1. Matt

      Also, today’s WOD with Dale
      17:52 Rx, went hard on the 1K, those burpees were the worst part for me

  2. J Cash

    Regionals Nate what Matt said
    3 rounds RXd. Those strict muscle ups are hard!!!

    Then tried a 20 min Emom of 1 strict muscle up
    Got 13 and failed 7

    Metropolis wod: air squats instead of lunges
    Shoulders and grip are done!!

  3. ERIC S.

    20 min amrap
    4 strict muscle ups
    7 strict handstand push ups
    12 KB snatches @32kg

    5 rounds + 11 reps
    Metropolis wod

  4. ledbelly

    24:41 rx’d

    There would be no crops on my farm – got crushed#howamIsupposedtotouchmyself