Monday, November 6th


Monday, November 6th

Notice: Sorry for the inconvenience, but the schedule for Tuesday and Wednesday is slightly modified with two coaches out of town: Tuesday: 5pm class is cancelled. Wednesday, 8pm Oly is cancelled.

Heads Up! It’s Metropolis’s Birthday! We’re holding our anniversary party this year on Saturday, November 11th… clear your afternoon for beer and limbo!


Complete 6 rounds for time:
1 hill sprint
7 back squats, 225/155
14 kettlebell swings, 32/16kg

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5 x Max Effort Dips

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  1. BAston

    20:35 @ 185# and 0.25 on ass bike (subbed for run).

    Lightened up on the squat weight so I could focus on sitting back and not pitching forward (which I did on every squat last week). It def helped.

    No time for cash out.

  2. Alice

    21:55 (130# BS / 20kg KB)

    Cash-out: 9-9 strict ring dips but shoulders aren’t in good position so back to basics.

  3. cloudon

    19:13 rx. Liked that one. Perfect alternative workout for training for a 5k not that I am… forgot the dip part.

  4. HIll Sprint
    Back Squat @145LBS
    KBS @16kg
    I need to do more BS because that was my limiting factor, could do 4-3 after second round…

  5. dquat

    a. 5min assbike parasympathetic breathing
    b. shoulder thoracic mob
    c. built up to heavyish 5rep ohs
    d. 3rds 15c in 1min assbike, 10ohs @ 135, 10 strict t2b